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Dumplings made from various types of dough. There are many ways from which you can choose the most suitable. Some Housewives are naive to think that this dish is most important – filling. But this is a misconception. Cooking dumplings – is a serious event, in which each stage is crucial. A batter – it is one of the main ingredients. To make it simple enough set of products. Consider the recipes of dough for dumplings with potatoes and other fillings.


This is the easiest dough recipe. You will need only three ingredients that are always in the house. Take 500 grams of good wheat flour, 3 large spoons of vegetable oil and 2 pinches of salt. We will cook the dough on the water, and it will need one glass. For a start, the liquid must be heated to a temperature of about 90 degrees. This will ensure that the dough strength and elasticity. Then add the water, salt and vegetable oil. Mix everything and add flour. Knead a dough and wrapped it in plastic wrap, leave for an hour. During this time you can prepare the filling and begin making dumplings.

Dough with the egg

Recipes of dough for dumplings with potatoes so diverse that the whole list knows not every woman. In another embodiment, in addition to the main components, use a chicken egg. So, you need to take 500 grams of wheat flour, 150 grams of water a pinch of salt and two eggs. Important tip: before you make the dough, the flour should always be sifted, then it will be more tender.Recipes of dough for dumplings with potatoes Ready pour the flour into a bowl and make inside the funnel. It beat eggs, add salt and pour water. Now gently knead the dough on the water. The finished product should not stick to hands. A good dough is smooth and elastic. Now you can shape it into dumplings.


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Add milk

The Above recipes of dough for dumplings with potatoes (on the water) is just great. But there is a more complex version. For the preparation you will need one egg, 400 grams of wheat flour, 100 milliliters of milk and a pinch of salt. For starters, break an egg into a bowl and lightly whisk. Then add milk and salt. In a separate bowl pour the flour and make in the middle deepening. Then pour back the liquid part and gently, first with a fork and then hand - kneaded. The dough for the milk turns elastic. After mixing, you can leave it on the table, covered with a towel, for 20-30 minutes.

Dough on kefir

Today you can buy the products in the store. But, undoubtedly, the home-made dough prepared with your own hands with love is always better. Another good option – the dough on kefir. As you can see, cooking can use any other available products, which are available in the house. Take 400 ml of yogurt, half teaspoon salt, one-third of a small spoon soda, one egg, and 800 grams of flour of good quality. Kefir pour into a suitable container. Dough waterSeparately, lightly whisk the eggs and then add them to the first vessel. In a separate bowl pour a third of the flour and pour into it a mixture of yogurt and eggs. Begin to knead the dough, adding the remaining flour as necessary. The finished product should not stick to hands. Doesn't matter, it's the dough with milk, water or yogurt, it must be stirred very carefully. Now you can start making dumplings.

The Dough on a serum

The Serum is also perfect for test preparation. For this recipe you will need a good kilo of flour, 500 milliliters of serum, half a teaspoon of salt and one egg. Let's start with eggs. It must be broken into a bowl and whisk for a while. Much zeal to make it not worth it. It's not a biscuit, we just need to thoroughly mix the yolk and white. Now add the egg, salt and whey. Again all mix well. In a separate bowl place the flour, which is certainly pre-screened. milk DoughPart of the flour (about 100-200 g) reserve. It will add as needed while kneading. As usual, doing in the middle of the flour slide the deepening and pour into it liquid base. Begin to gently stir the contents with a fork, and when the mass will become more dense, knead the dough with your hands. When it becomes elastic and no longer sticky, need to roll it into a ball, priporoshit flour, cover with a clean kitchen towel and leave for ten minutes. Then proceed to making pierogi, if the filling is ready.

Choux pastry

Recipes of dough for dumplings with potatoes and are original. Take, for example, choux pastry - it has a delicate structure. And it may be cooked with milk, or water, with eggs or without them. Consider the lean dough recipe. To prepare it you'll need two cups flour, two large spoons of vegetable oil, Cup of boiling water and a pinch of salt. Now the process is important. Pour the flour into a bowl and add salt in it and vegetable oil. Now begin to pour into it boiling water (the boiling water). Do this gently, slowly, in a thin stream.How to make dough at the same time it is necessary to knead the mass, making it uniform. After that spread the dough on the table and roll it into a thin cake, from which you will cut out circles for molding dumplings. The test structure is such that it will not stick to the surface, and additional flour will be required. Next, take the cooked stuffing and begin to form the dumplings. In the middle of each circle put a small portion of the filling, turn in half and zasiyaet region.

Choux pastry with eggs

You Can complicate the recipe and add the eggs. This dough will not be lean. For the preparation you will need 2 cups of flour, half Cup water, one-third teaspoon salt, one egg and half a small spoon of sugar. First, mix the egg with salt and sugar.Flour and water Then begin to add to this mixture the boiled hot water. The contents of the bowl need to actively interfere to not curdle the protein. Immediately after that, begin to add the flour in small portions. Knead the dough which should be smooth, elastic and remind good clay. Now start making the dumplings.

Choux pastry with milk

This recipe can be called the most difficult of all, but to prepare the dough this way, even novice mistress. Take 3 cups of flour, three chicken protein, a glass of milk, half a small spoon of sugar, one-third teaspoon of salt and 40 grams of butter. Put on the heat capacity (pot or saucepan) and pour the milk into it. Add the butter, sugar and salt. Do large fire until the mixture boils. Then reduce it, making average. On the surface of the milk should not be foam. Homemade doughNow start adding the milk a Cup of flour. Stir very carefully to not have lumps. Then remove the pan from the heat and let cool slightly. Next you need quickly, not allowing them to coagulate, to drive the whites. Then add the remaining flour and knead the dough. For consistency, it should not differ from the product prepared according to the previous recipes. The dough turns smooth, elastic and delicate. It is possible to prepare delicious dumplings. Step by step you need to perform all of the steps - and then all must succeed.

The Dough in the bread maker

Cooking dumplings can not be called quick. However, the modern hostess can always use the services of technique. Bread – a faithful helper in the kitchen. With its help it is possible not only to bake different varieties of delicious bread, and knead the dough without much hassle. It should be noted that makes this bread maker very high quality. Offer a versatile recipe for vegetable dumplings with any filling. You will need 550 grams of flour, 100 milliliters of water, and 225 milliliters of milk, half a teaspoon slaked soda and half tablespoon of salt. The principle of operation of all hlebopechek same, so you can take this recipe as a basis, changing only the order of bookmarks products. So, let's start.

dumplings step by step

Measure out the required amount of water and milk. In General, you should get the 325 milliliters. Dissolve in the liquid salt and vinegar gashenuyu soda. Pour the flour in the bread machine bucket, and pour liquid on top. For some models, the order of bookmarks another. First, pour in a bowl all the liquid ingredients, then add flour. Read the instructions carefully. Now set the desired program. This can be “pastry” or “the dough for pasta”. Include a bread machine and wait for the end of kneading. The process takes from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the model.

Dough mineral water

Finally, another unusual recipe, how to make dough for dumplings. Take two eggs, 100 ml of cold water, a pinch of salt, tablespoon of vegetable oil and flour. The process of preparation of the standard. Pour the flour into a bowl and make inside the recess. In a separate bowl, mix mineral water, salt, eggs and vegetable oil. Now mix the liquid and dry substance and knead the dough.

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