Pine nuts how to clean this delicacy?


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Favorite treat of my childhood is pine nuts. How to clean and how to get them, we knew from an early age. In the fall, all eagerly waiting for the ripening of the cones, ran into the woods, knocking on wood in hopes that the top will fall at least a few pieces. If the boys managed to climb on the cedar and to collect cones, it was a total joy. Immature pine cones are very durable, resinous, and just clean their hands and get to the nuts is not possible. But we, the forest children, knew how to peel pine nuts. For this you need to build a fire and fry the cones, fresh potatoes in the ashes of a cooling fire. The fire burnt out the resin lump is revealed, and you can eat more dairy and nuts.

But the most delicious pine cones is cooked. Their fragrant smell is the smell of childhood. To make the cones, you need to be an old bucket or pot to put the harvested crops, cover with water, close the top with a layer of fresh green grass. Now we need to build a fire and hang a bucket over the fire. There are very little the water will boil and wash away all the resin, which will foam and soaks the grass, and the buds will turn pink-grey, delicious-smelling, clean. Very tasty, healthy, and nothing that hands and face are resin. Today, coming home, I'd look at grown cedars. Again, like many years ago, we go to the forest to sescurity - to extract pine nuts. How to clean the bumps, we remember very well.

This product has gained popularity not only in our Homeland but throughout the world. Today pine nuts can be purchased in any supermarket. By making a purchase, remember that not all nuts were in store from the Siberian taiga. Large quantities of nuts come from China (Manchurian cedar) and from Italy (nuts Italian pine). Shelled pine nuts in bulk to retailers to sell prohibited, due to the fact that the product contains a large amount of oil and spoils quickly. Packaged products and has a very limited shelf life and by eating rancid with bitterness hard, you can permanently spoil the mood and health.


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Therefore, to protect yourself and loved ones from using a defective product, you must purchase the cones of the crop of the current year or unshelled nuts and feast on a truly useful product. Our ancestors knew how to clean pine nuts - they just need to flip.

Cracking nuts-a natural, zesty enterprise, but dangerous for your teeth. It is only the whites all the fun turns, and we pine nuts, better pour boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then drain the water, and the nuts slightly dry. Now the process will really be fun.

In cooking and In kondinskoe industry widely use pine nuts. How to peel these tasty fruits from the shell? On an industrial scale are used for this purpose special equipment. The nuts are heated by streams of hot air, crushed and purified from the fractions in the separator. Then again, heat up, flake off from the film, is separated, washed in water, dried, carry out the manual sorting and control, and then Packed in the carton with the logo "Pine nuts".

How to clean nuts at home? You'll have to try several methods and choose a more acceptable and convenient. In order to clear a small amount of nuts for cooking or for use in cosmetic and medicinal purposes, you can do a masher garlic or adapt for this other handy tool. To clean better, dry nuts, they are less plastic, and the shell is easily separated from the kernel. The kernel also you want to clear, then it must lightly fried, dry and remove the tape with your hands. You can soak the shelled kernels in boiling water, the film can easily be separated by washing.

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