Vietnamese rum: Chanh Rhum, Rhum Chauvet, ISC Rum - which is better


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In the world there are countless alcoholic drinks. The population of the different countries and regions prefer “their” drinks. This is because the type of product depends mainly on the climatic conditions and the source of the product.

What is ROM?

Fermented alcoholic beverage from sugarcane juice began in ancient China or India. He is considered the "progenitor" of the Roma. The drink first became sbravati from molasses (byproduct from sugar production) in the seventeenth century Caribbean sugarcane plantations.Vietnamese rum

High taste qualities he did not possess. He had another advantage-the ability to be kept for several years. In long voyages, the water will become rotten and not fit to use. Rum perfectly quenches thirst and does not require special storage conditions.

Strong drink quickly spread around the world. In countries with sugar cane plantations produce the rum, bringing it the production of the local flavor.


Cuban, Thai, Jamaican, Caribbean, Austrian, Indian, Vietnamese Dominican rum – they are divided into the following classes:

  • White or silver. This category includes a transparent light Rums. Light tint is due to the lack of long-term exposure. It is perfect for cocktails, has a delicate fruity aroma and a slight sweetness.
  • Gold, red or amber. This rum is aged for at least 2 years. Your color the drink takes thanks to a special firing of the oak barrels in which it "Matures". In order to emphasize the hue, add the caramel and various spices. Rich color and bright, rich taste attracts the female half of humanity: slightly chilled, with ice cubes, not watered down, easy to drink.
  • Dark or black. The minimum shutter speed – 3 years. Darker shade from the walls of the heavily charred barrels, dense and creamy flavor. Men prefer to drink it neat, with lemon and ice. It is a cane with a high sugar content.
  • Flavored. In rum add a tropical fruit, berries, spices, and juices. Get a sweet drink is not above 40 degrees.40 degree
  • Fortified. Rum is diluted with alcohol, bringing the strength of the drink to 750.
  • Luxury apartments. Very high quality rum, aged for at least five years. Has a rich taste and strong aroma. Drink undiluted
  • Elixir. In fact, the rum liqueur is sickly sweet slightly above 300 fortress. Consumed in its pure form, in cocktails is not used.

There is a General rule of drinking rum. His drink out of the bottle, as did the pirates, and special glass. It has a wide base and tapers upward. This helps the aroma of the beverage concentrate. It gives the first impression of Roma, and only then comes the turn of taste sensations. A bouquet of aroma and taste fully "blooms" of giving unforgettable pleasure.


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Rum in Vietnam

Vietnam has all the conditions for the successful production of rum: a perfect climate for growing sugar cane and hard-working people. The first region was evaluated by the French. The company Slaur Chauvet (France, Le Havre), founded in 1972, has built plants for the production of rum. Vietnam is one of the leaders in the production of cane sugar. The enormous surplus of raw materials helped to quickly establish the production of rum.Chanh Rhum

The Local varieties of the drink are no different aromatic bouquet and a good taste. The French company, with well established technology and modern equipment, were able to start production of high-quality and inexpensive products.

Features of production

Vietnamese rum has its own secret preparation. In new barrels for aging the drink must be added to the remainder of the previous fermentation, special yeast and bacteria. Strict control over temperature, careful repeated distillation, flavoring and as a result – great strong drink.

The type of the distillation determines the grade of the Roma mens – full-bodied, heavy, strong or female – sweet, light, spicy. Numerous additives (mint, citrus, vanilla, cinnamon, anise, etc.) allow to diversify the taste and smell a number of drink.

Popular brands

Chanh Rhum is cheap, a little more than one dollar for a bottle. The taste of the drink – an Amateur, fortress 290. It is produced using different berry and fruit extracts, the choice is very large. It is most commonly used in cocktails, sodas, usually with Coca-Cola or fruit juices. They can only be fresh. Never to the Roma do not add packaged juice.

ISC Rum can be dark or light. He had a kind of bitter aftertaste. In pure form it is preferable to use brown rum, it tastes better and more fragrant. This is the most popular drink in Vietnam. The story of its origin is kept secret.ISC Rum

Rhum Chauvet is all three types: white, red, black. Vary in taste, aroma and use. This variety for gourmets who prefer to drink pure, without any additives.Vietnamese white rum is indispensable in cocktails. Women prefer red and black for such a rich taste that he has not scored even Coca-Cola. All varieties differ in the strength of at least 40 degrees, which makes them very attractive for Russian tourists. The cost of this brand ranges from $ 9-11 per bottle.


Creative producers adds to the drink the most unexpected spices and fruit. Vietnamese rum can be very original. When and who decided to push the drink on different creeping reptiles do not even know themselves Vietnamese. But, this rum uses counter popular. There are two varieties:

  • The Drink is prepared with different liquids snakes that add in the rum. Infused for days and served to the table.
  • For a long time in closed bottle “floats” creeping specimen. This drink is served to the holiday table.Rhum Chauvet

This rum is enjoyed by tourists are the most popular, but not for its taste, but as an unusual souvenir from an exotic country.

What to drink?

Each country has its own peculiarities and secrets of rum production. It is impossible to compare the drinks with very strict criteria. It is incorrect to speak about a particular drink that it's bad.

The Multinational rum makes it different with its own character and style. No exception and Vietnamese rum. What's the best you can argue for a long time. Someone likes Chanh, is not very strong, with a pleasant sweet fruity aroma. Others will prefer ISC – one of the most popular varieties in the country. Bitter aftertaste hard to forget. Fans of European brands prefer French Chauvet.Vietnamese rum which is better

Grown on the southern shores of the Caribbean sea, watered with the sweat of slaves, sugar cane, gave the world a great drink romantics – rum. Diluted pure fruit or cigar, he will never cease to give pleasure to his admirers.

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