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It is Impossible to learn the culture of a particular country, not acquainted with her kitchen. The national dish of Brazil – part of original culture, which largely characterizes the mentality of the locals, their traditions and habits, manner and way of life.

Traditional food of Brazil, its formation

Brazil – the largest country located in South America. Due to its location in the heart of the continent, the traditional cuisine of Brazil emerged from a fiery and zesty combination of several cultures. Here you feel the nature of Portuguese, African traditions and, of course, is a colorful Latin American culture. In fact, the main dishes of Brazil is a harmonious combination of three cuisines-Portuguese, African and Indian.

the national dish of Brazil

Maybe that's why Brazilian cuisine is the most refined and unusual throughout South America. However, to describe more or less clear and accurate picture of Brazilian cuisine is quite difficult – each region has its own characteristics, which are due to history and geographical location.

Features of the traditional cuisine of Brazil

The Rich natural heritage of predetermined features of the traditional cuisine of Brazil. Climatic conditions and favorable geographical position contributed to this diversity of dishes on the menu of the local people.

Brazilians eat in a large number of meat-pork, duck, chicken, and chickens as well as beef. A wide selection of seafood – common on holiday tables from local residents, as well as an integral component of the menu of Brazilian restaurants. Vegetables, fruits and grains – these components are always present in the diet of the residents of Sunny Brazil.


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the national dish of Brazil recipes

Any dish or appetizer served with plenty of spices and seasonings. This can be chili, onion, coriander, black pepper, and more. In addition, traditional food of Brazil has a wide variety of sauces and dressings, which often served to the table.

Cuisine of Brazil – traditional food

From the variety of Latin American cuisine is quite difficult to determine what constitutes the national dish of Brazil. In addition, each region has its culinary peculiarities and preferences. However, in General terms, the culinary tastes of Brazilians to describe is still possible.

  • Savoury Brazilians prefer boiled corn and stuffed olives, various vegetables, salads and canapes, pies, stuffed with various fillings, and fried meatballs with cheese or cod.
  • As meat is very popular throughout the country use the legs of a chicken, often cooked roast pork – “lombo de Porco”. Individual attention, small pieces of beef that are roasted on a metal rod. This dish is called “churrasco”, it is served with slices of tomatoes or sauce.
  • Among the wide variety of seafood particularly popular “itapoa” is a delicious pudding from meat of crayfish and crabs. Very often, Brazilians prepare a dish called “frigideira”, which is a fried dough fish and shellfish, which cook to perfection in a clay pot. Often on the tables you can meet quite a thick soup of seafood, which includes dried shrimp and garlic.
  • Among desserts is to provide primarily the following dishes: “bomb de noses" (with walnuts), “quindim" (with coconut) as well as “böhm-casados” and more.

feijoada the national dish of Brazil

Traditional food Brazil popular food

However, no matter how heterogeneous the cuisine, the national dish of Brazil – is a real gastronomic journey which has a refined taste and delicate aroma. Agree, it is impossible to imagine a country or a state without a capital or main city. Similarly, it is impossible to imagine the national cuisine of a state without a signature dish that can be enjoyed in almost any self-respecting restaurant or cafe.

So, a traditional dish of Brazil-feijoada this, about the wonderful taste which was said by the Brazilian poet Vinicius de Morais. The basis of this dish the beans, which is prepared with small pieces of meat. It is important that the meat was different. Added to this mixture of various spices, herbs and flour of cassava. Feijoada is served with slices of orange or cabbage leaves, sometimes – with rice.

a traditional dish of Brazil

Feijoada-the national dish of Brazil – is always served to the table along with a Caipirinha. This kind of cocktail is based on vodka with the addition of cane sugar and lemon.

History of traditional food of Brazil

Any thing in the world has its own history. Traditional dish of Brazil-feijoada-it was invented long ago, about 300 years ago. It was prepared by slaves. From pieces of pork that they got it from the master's table, and black beans which often fed cattle, workers preparing meals. In fact, this dish has African roots.

But time passed, and it over all has undergone some changes. They touched also the traditional dishes of Brazil. Somewhat later, the Portuguese began to add to the mixture of beans and slices of pork sausage and sausages. Later the Indians made some adjustments and added to the feijoada farofa, which is a mixture of oil and flour from cassava.

a popular dish in Brazil

Whatever it was, feijoada is cooked throughout Brazil. The fact that in each region the national dish of Brazil, recipes which have roots in the distant past, are prepared in different ways. The main differences are in various types of beans and some changes in the ingredients – it all depends on the region and its culinary peculiarities.

Festive and everyday table, the Brazilians

In everyday life, on the tables from the indigenous population to Sunny Brazil often legumes, rice, flour of cassava, poultry, pork and of course seafood. Very often to lunch or dinner in the Brazilian families homegrown vegetables and fruit.

What can we say about Breakfast in this country? It is a little different from the usual European. Traditional set – the famous Brazilian coffee with cream, cheese, bread and butter.

But the holiday table from the Brazilians is much more diverse and richer. A popular dish in Brazil – pieces of beef, roasted on a metal rod, served with sauce or sliced tomatoes. All kinds of soups, seafood, soap, different types of salads and plenty of appetizers, the bulk of which is made by stuffing, – this and more can be found on the tables of Brazilians in the festive season period.

A Traditional drink of Brazil

Speaking about this country, not to mention all the famous Brazilian coffee, which has its own flavor of the same drink. Locals, ironically, drink coffee a little bit, in small portions, which are called demitasses (Cup size). But coffee break – it is frequent in the Brazilian population.

The Coffee industry is booming in this country. Coffee, there are a few dozen types. In addition, on the basis of preparing a variety of cocktails and drinks.

main dishes Brazil

A Selection of alcoholic drinks is not that big. The most popular is "Caipirinha", which is a cocktail of vodka, cane sugar and lemon. Served this drink is usually to a traditional dish.

National dish of Brazil

What is left to say in closing? The kitchen is any country – it is an integral part of the culture of the entire nation, which was formed over many years under the influence of historical events and of various peoples.

The Cuisine of Brazil – burning the mixture of Portuguese, African and Indian cultures, is a combination of spicy Latin American flavor, unusual traditions, and just one of the delicious dishes that deserve special attention.


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