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Convenience, maneuverability and thoughtful functionality – these qualities are fully possessed by modern urban scooters. Vivid childhood impressions made fans of extreme sports think at the time: what if you take a simple children's scooter and turn it into a reliable "adult" means of transportation? And the French company Oxelo can be considered a pioneer in the implementation of this idea.

oxelo scooter

Specializing in the production of equipment for extreme sports, the company's specialists have completely revised the concept of this type of transport. Each Oxelo scooter is designed for specific operating conditions and has specific design features. The company's product line is quite wide, and it is quite difficult for an inexperienced user to navigate it.

A short overview of the main models will allow you to quickly understand the nuances of each scooter. Conditionally, a division was made into the initial, intermediate and advanced levels of complexity of the Oxelo design.

Entry-level models

For easy movement around the city, it will be enough to purchase an Oxelo Town3 (or 5) scooter. The simple design is easy to carry, the reliable aluminum alloy frame is able to withstand a weight of up to 100 kg. The diameter of the wheels is small (175 mm). This is an ideal solution for traveling short distances - up to 1 km.

oxelo town7 scooter

Shock absorption is provided only on the front wheel. Due to the small diameter of the wheels, their wear occurs quite quickly. To increase the service life, it is recommended to periodically lubricate the bearings and clean the entire scooter after each trip. The basic models are equipped with rear and front mudguards. Attention: These scooters are not intended for stunts and street acrobatics.

For transportation and storage, it is possible to fold the scooter. A small lever located at the front of the platform, when clicked, folds the steering column into a horizontal position. All Oxelo scooters, reviews of which confirm their functionality, are equipped with this mechanism.

Mid-level models

For experienced scooters, there are models characterized by greater reliability and comfort. The best option for long walks in the city is the Oxelo 5 XL scooter. A special feature of the design are wheels with a larger diameter (200 mm) and the use of ABEC-5 bearings. This is where the differences from the simple 5th model end. The model is ideal for urban conditions. Reliable and simple design, the ability to travel long distances and longer wheel life more than compensate for the price (155 CU).

oxelo scooters reviews

Advanced level

And here the Oxelo Town7 scooter is the undisputed leader. It is positioned by manufacturers as a means for outdoor activities and rapid movement in urban environments. A special feature of the Town 7 design is an additional rear shock absorber. Of course, this scooter is not capable of conquering rough terrain, but it is quite suitable for Russian asphalt. Full shock absorption significantly softens impacts on the steering wheel when the wheels hit small potholes. Convenient height adjustment of the steering wheel will allow you to transform the Oxelo scooter into a working one in a matter of seconds from the assembled state. The disadvantage can be considered a relatively large weight – about 5.5 kg. When forcing small obstacles (curbs, speed bumps, etc.), the rear shock absorbers should be protected: they may be damaged.

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