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Bluestacks is an emulator of the operating system "Android". As this system is the only open platform, the users no options for running mobile applications on personal computers and laptops. With the emulator you can run your favorite games from your smartphone and enjoy them on the big screen. Application developers can test their software for performance, without leaving your computer and not using the full device on "Android". Let's see how to install Bluestacks and run it.

how to install bluestacks

System requirements

First, you need to check your configuration with the official requirements. Because the emulator recreates a full-fledged operating system, it may require a lot of computer resources. So, to start Bluestacks and comfortable to work with him, you'll need:

  • Operating system Windows 7 or later;
  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM;
  • To install need 4 GB on the hard drive.

These Are the minimum requirements to the computer. Now imagine recommended:

  • Operating system Windows 10 the 64-bit version;
  • 6Gb memory;
  • 4-core processor;
  • SSD for faster operation of the software.

As you can see, most of the performance of the emulator depends on the amount of RAM. If you have less than 4 GB, it is recommended to close all third-party apps and games, so as not to burden the system with unnecessary processes.

If you failed to install Bluestacks, it means that your system does not like under system requirements.

failed to install bluestacks

How to download

For downloading, you must visit the official website of the developers. On the portal you will find all the latest information regarding the emulator, its updates and innovations. To start the download, click on the "Download Bluestacks" on the page. The installer size would be less than 200 MB depending on the version of the program. After that, you can install Bluestacks by using easy to use wizard installation.

How to install

Run the downloaded file to open the installer window emulator. On the first screen you need to confirm the license agreement and click "Continue".

Next, the installer prompts you to select a directory for the program. By default, the application is installed on the system partition of the hard drive in the Program Files folder. You can change this path to any other, however, it is recommended to leave the installation directory unchanged. If you want to install Bluestacks in another folder, then click on the "Browse" button and select directory. At the end click "Next".


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The next window allows manual selection of components. You can mark them as desired or leave the default. For beginners it is recommended the second option. To begin installation click on "Install".

The Installation will take no more than 2-3 minutes depending on the capabilities of your hard drive. Then on the desktop have a shortcut to launch the emulator. After you install Bluestacks on the computer, the app will automatically start at system startup and include related services. This time turning on your PC can significantly increase. Recommend you disable the service at startup and to run the emulator only when needed, especially if you do not have the most powerful computer.

install bluestacks on computer

Running the emulator and setting

Now you need to conduct the initial settings. Turn on Bluestacks and wait for the virtual machine optimization. Next you will see the initial interface of the emulator, repeating screens of the operating system "Android". As usual, this OS can't be used without a Google account. You can register a new account or login with an existing one. For example, you can use your account from your Android-smartphone or account from Google Chrome browser.

Follow the settings of language, timezone and the like. After all the stages you will be taken to the main screen Bluestacks on Windows. Install the app using this emulator is very simple.

install bluestacks on windows

How to use

First, you need to open the tab "My applications". There will be one system folder with apps – go to her. In the folder you will see settings, browser, and other services characteristic of the operating system. We are interested in the Google Play – a full-fledged app store. Mouse clicking on it.

Here you find yourself in a familiar app store. In the search box you must enter the name of the program or game. Then go to the app page and click "Install". After installation you will be able to find this program in the tab "My apps" on the desktop of the emulator.

If you failed to install in the Bluestacks app, then check the Internet connection – without a stable connection you will not be able to download games from the store. If that doesn't work, reinstall the emulator and try to configure it again. Also you can help the settings window. To open it using the icon in the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen.

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