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Who doesn't love soup dumplings? All love, after all that, it was made to us by our grandmothers and mothers. Dumplings for soup, it is believed that gnocchi to the soup as the dish, belong to the Jewish kitchen, but significantly, this fact is not installed. However, it does not matter. The soup dumplings definitely tasted each of us. No matter how beaten up this phrase, but this is the case when the taste is familiar from childhood.

So, let's start. The main thing in this dish, of course, dumplings for soup, but we did not start with them. First prepare the broth. Classic version-this broth on the chicken, but with the same success it is prepared and meatballs. You need to prepare minced meat, onions and eggs, salt it and season with spices, then form meatballs and cook the same broth. Minced meat is any good, you can have chicken or veal, or pork, or even mix the latter two types. Meatballs better shape the same size as gnocchi. 3 liters of broth ready, we will need 3-4 large potatoes, medium carrot and a small onion. Remove the skin of potato, cut it into small cubes and throw in the broth. It will cook for 20-25 minutes.Soup dumplings

Next comes the most crucial point in the preparation of our meals – make dumpling for soup. Methods of cooking there are several. This Manne, and custard and even yeast dough. We will go at the standard (classic) way and we'll cook dumplings for soup dumplings akin to test. We need an egg, some flour, ¾ Cup water and salt. You must whip the egg yolk (you can add a bit of butter), then add small portions of water and flour, vimosewa supple dough. The prepared mixture add salt and add the beaten egg white, then knead again.


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Shaping the dumplings is easiest using two dessert spoons. You can also shape the balls by hand, removing from the total mass of the small pieces of dough and to form the shape with your fingers. Do not make too large – the dough in boiling water and without the increase in size. By the way, optional in the dough, you can add a little grated cheese and finely chopped greens, it will make the dish more spicy.

soup dumplingBefore you put our dumplings "sailing", prepare the roast for the soup. For this finely chop onions and three carrots on a medium grater, then fry the vegetables in vegetable oil. Once fried flushed (only so she doesn't start to burn!), pour it in the prepared soup. When the kitchen is filled with the aroma of to end cooking the remaining 5 minutes, we drop the cooked gnocchi into the water and wait for another short time, until they are cooked. Actually, just before turn off the heat, add to the pan finely chopped greens (you may do this directly at the time of filing on the table).

Cooking of the soup dumplings at the end, it is time to pour it on plates and call to the table for hungry guests and relatives. Rest assured, they will appreciate this concoction will remain fat and happy. Bon appetit!

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