How to treat genital herpes? Useful tips


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Viral infection affecting the genitals are a very common problem. That is why many people wonder how to treat genital herpes. Because this disease is equally susceptible to both men and women.

What is genital herpes

how to treat genital herpes

Before considering the question of how to treat genital herpes, you should learn what is the disease. Immediately it is worth noting that infection most often occurs during sexual intercourse without using protection. Moreover, viral particles are also transmitted during oral and anal intercourse.

In women, the herpes virus mainly affects the vulva and the perineum. Much less frequently observed penetration of the infection into the tissues of the vagina and uterus. In men suffering from herpes, there is skin lesions on the penis and the scrotum.

As a rule, the disease begins with severe itching and burning sensation in the area of the external genitalia. A few days later, the skin appears very characteristic vesicular rash with a transparent fill. If untreated, the tissues appear and other injuries, particularly wounds and cracks.

It is Worth noting that entering the body the virus particles does not guarantee the appearance of the above symptoms. Activation of the infection occurs on the background of local or General low immunity.

How to treat genital herpes?

cure for genital herpes

Immediately it is worth noting that to date there are no tools that can completely get rid of such diseases. Even after the full course of treatment, the virus remains in the body and is activated with the weakening of its protective forces. However, modern medicine can offer tools to help eliminate the main symptoms and even prevent the occurrence of relapse. So how to treat genital herpes?


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To begin with, doctors usually prescribe a special antiviral medication. Cure for genital herpes as active components contain acyclovir, famciclovir, or valacyclovir.

Most commonly used medications in pill form. And today the most effective remedy for genital herpes is acyclovir. The substance is contained in such well-known preparations as “Always”, “Supraviran”, “Acivir”, “Ciclovir” and some others. By the way, it is best to start treatment at the first sign of the disease. If you take antiviral medicine for the itch, you can avoid rashes and other skin lesions.

In some cases, shows the use of antiviral gels and ointments for external use. In particular, is quite popular is the “Root”. These drugs help to get rid of itching and rashes, and to accelerate the healing process of the skin.

the cure for genital herpes

In those cases, if the recurrences of herpes occur too often (more than six times per year), doctors recommend more thorough treatment, which lasts several months. This comprehensive treatment involves not only the use of antiviral drugs, but also receiving immunomodulators. Useful are vitamin-mineral complexes, for example, “Supradyn”. The fact that additional amounts of vitamins and minerals will help to strengthen the immune system.

Of Course, health will positively impact proper, balanced diet, regular exercise, exposure to fresh air. And, of course, do not forget about the means of protection during sexual intercourse.

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