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In the Russian market of automobile security systems, one of the most popular is the alarm "alligator". The popularity of alarm due to its versatility and affordable cost. Top models are equipped with the autorun option and feedback.

car alarm alligator

Features alarm

Car Alarm alligator with auto it is highly useful in cold and warm season as it allows either to heat or cool the vehicle interior before sending it to the trip.

An Important feature of a security complex "alligator" is the feedback that raises the protection of the car to a whole new level. Its principle of operation is based on continuous exchange of signals with the keychain car alarm "alligator" that allows the driver to monitor the vehicle in real time.

The Advantages of alarm "alligator"

The Developers and marketers of companies produce security systems are enjoying great popularity among motorists. Such a demand is not only affordable prices but also the benefits of alarm "alligator"

  • Savory dialog code.
  • Innovative system encryption.
  • Response Time is less than a second.
  • Eight thousand available radio channels.
  • Three-Kilometer range-range system.

The above advantages characteristic for all models of systems "alligator". Car alarms particular version may have additional advantages.

Popular models of systems

The Lineup of a security complex "alligator" includes 10 theft alarm system with unique features.

car alarm alligator connection

Alarm alligator S 875RS

Car Alarm alligator S 875RS is one of the most popular models among the entire products of the company. Different feedback classic style and a convenient key FOB, the sides of which are arranged the control keys. The operating range of the system is two kilometers.


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The Model S 875RS has the following functions:

  1. The kit includes seven sensors with defined working zones. When you connect a car alarm alligator each sensor is individually adjusted through the internal menu system.
  2. Emergency shutdown of the complex security by entering a pin.
  3. Power outputs on each castle.
  4. Function Anti-Hi-Jack.
  5. Powerful sound notification.
  6. Lock the motor. In the case of unauthorized entry into the vehicle, the alarm automatically disables the engine, making impossible any movement on the machine.
  7. Three channels of communication for signal transmission.

The Duplex sensor sensitivity, is installed in the vehicle, is fixed to the car body effect. In the manual car alarm "alligator" provides a detailed algorithm for the installation and adjustment of the sensitivity of these sensors, in case the reason for the permanent operation of the system is incorrectly configuring their sensitivity.

The value of the alarm alligator S 875RS is 5 thousand rubles, which is quite affordable price for multipurpose security complex.

car alarm alligator manual

Model alligator S250

Security complex this model is installed both on domestic and imported cars. The alarm provides a high level of protection of the vehicle and has good security.

On the housing of the key FOB there are three control keys. The set comes with additional keychain pager with led display and four buttons.

One of the unusual features of car alarm alligator is the call to the driver from the car. In system settings you can set protection against false positives.

The Keyring could work in librariile, so it can everywhere carry, including business meetings and conferences.

Additional benefits of car alarm alligator S250 is the ergonomic form of a keychain, easy and intuitive management and display of the main functions of the system on the display of the remote control in the form of small icons.

car alarm alligator auto

Alligator C-500

One of the top alarms the model line of the company, its minimum cost is 10 thousand rubles. Has a broad functionality, ease of setup and operation.

The condition of the car is monitored with the help of a remote control with five buttons and a large number of sensors. Using the keyfob, you can control almost all functions of the vehicle.

The Exchange of signals between the remote control and the system control unit is carried out at a frequency of 868 MHz. The maximum range of the system is two and a half kilometers, in the absence of third-party interference, the range can increase up to three kilometers.

Increased securityalarm provides protection against code-grabbing. This model of car alarm "alligator" is equipped with an immobilizer, so that in the event of unauthorized engine start of the vehicle is the starter interlock.

Programmable AutoPlay allows you to set this function on a timer, making activation of on-Board systems of a car will happen at a particular time.

keychain car alarm alligator

Manual for car alarm alligator

The Main advantage of car security systems of this brand is the ease and simplicity of operation. Connection of alarm starts at the stage of configuring keychain that is performed in the following sequence of actions:

  1. Activates the ignition of the car.
  2. For three seconds hold down the service button.
  3. There Are three consecutive taps.
  4. After the voiced signal is in the order of each key FOB.
  5. The ignition is switched Off.

In Addition to configuring the key chain, adjusts the sensitivity of the system sensors.


Car alarm systems "alligator" are among the most in demand and popular security complexes responsible for efficient and reliable protection for the vehicle. The main advantages of the system are ease of connection and adjustment, easy operation. Affordable price models of alarm - about 5 thousand rubles - does the system "alligator" indispensable to car owners.

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