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It is believed that of the entire line of Soviet motorcycles "IZH" truly sporty just one. It is easy to guess that it was "IZH 350 Planeta Sport".

History motorcycle

In 1973 the factory "Izhmash" was made a real breakthrough: the line went down the first motorcycle sporting destination. They found the bike "IZH Planeta Sport". In appearance "IZH PS" was not similar to the rest of the line motorcycles "IZH". Its design, likely to have been borrowed from Japanese colleagues, because the motorcycle "IZH-350 Sport" is reminiscent of some models of Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki.

IZH Planeta sport 350At that time, the motorcycle looked quite modern. No less good was the quality of manufacture of parts and Assembly level to the machine itself. Thanks to this "IZH Planeta Sport" was popular not only in the USSR but also abroad. Export "IZH 350 Planeta Sport" was carried out in nearby countries - the UK, Netherlands, etc.

PS could easily compete with the Czech CZ or Jawa the same category (350 cubic centimeters).

The Value of "PS IZH-350" in the first years of its production was 1050 rubles. At that time it was huge money. A little later the price of the bike dropped by 50 rubles. The release of the motorcycle continued until 1984, he was then discontinued.

It is believed that the first model "IZH Planeta Sport" are high quality production parts and Assembly of the structure itself. This is not surprising because the plant "Izhmash" was necessary to show the high quality of the product to its successful implementation within the country and abroad.


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Specifications "IZH Planeta Sport"

"IZH PS" was produced in two versions which have some differences in the parameters of velocity, mass, etc.IZH 350 sport

The Factory specifications "IZH PS" 1975 the following:

  • Base - 1390 mm;
  • Height - 1150 mm;
  • Length - 2070 mm;
  • Width - 790 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 135 mm.
  • Weight of empty machine is 135 kg.
  • Maximum speed - 140 km/h;
  • Acceleration - 0 to 100 km/h in 11 sec;
  • The power of the motor 32 l/s;
  • Compression - 10-10,5.

These parameters to modify the "planet Sport" in 1983 is as follows:

  • Base - 1440 mm;
  • Height - 1150 mm;
  • Length - 2150 mm;
  • Width - 810 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 135 mm;
  • Weight of empty machine - 155 kg;
  • Maximum speed - 135 km/h;
  • Acceleration - 0 to 100 km/h in 11 sec;
  • Engine capacity - 28 l/s;
  • Compression - 8,7-9,2.

The rest of "IZH Planeta Sport 350" 1975 is no different from the 1983 model year:

  • Single cylinder, two-stroke engine with three-way venting;
  • System of cooling of the air;
  • Carburetor K-62M ("Mikuni");
  • Lubrication system together with the fuel;
  • Four-speed transmission;
  • Clutch system multi-plate in oil bath;
  • Voltage electrical systems - 12 V;
  • Tank capacity - 14 liters.
  • Fuel - AI-93.

Interesting features modifications

The 1974 Model year:

  • Equipped with a Japanese carburetor "Mikuni";Iz 350
  • Chrome-plated turn indicators (like "IZH Jupiter-3" and "IZH Planeta-3");
  • Foreign electrical and lighting;
  • Self-adhesive decals on the sides and glove boxes;
  • The ignition switch Jawa.

Model 1975:

  • The switches on the steering wheel and the ignition switch from Yamaha;
  • Imported indicators.

1978 Model

  • Hard motor mount;
  • Setting the lock function of the rail anchors.


The Release of a production sports bike in the Soviet Union was the real news for citizens who are not indifferent to the automotive industry of the USSR. At the beginning of the production of "IZH Planeta Sport" people were talking about export purpose bike. The first five hundred copies, complete service book with a unique number to order spare parts from the factory.

The Owners claim that the quality of the motorcycle was unusually high, which seemed a little strange for motovational. Those who managed to purchase this bike, was lucky enough to ensure its excellent performance.

In Addition to excellent technical data, speed, safety and comfort - it turned out that "dog" (so it was called by the youth of the time) and still very reliable. The bike could easily go 50,000 miles without significant wear.

Article in other languages:

AR: https://www.tostpost.com/ar/cars/20091-izh-350.html

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JA: https://www.tostpost.com/ja/cars/19727-izh350planeta-frisky.html

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ZH: https://www.tostpost.com/zh/cars/23980-izh350planeta.html

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hello i have 1 IZH Planeta 350 sport and need some informations . Please contact me

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Hello. I also have an izh 350. It is a '75 with 2633 original miles. I have owned it since new. It hasn't been started in nearly 40 years but I plan on doing a complete teardown on it and putting it back on the road. Take care.

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