Why the need for a lineman immobilizer


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The expression “immobilizer bypass" involve a number of technologies which allows you to start the car using the key. All of these technologies together under one word “bypass”.crawler immobilizer

Installation of regular immobilizers on the car abroad was stimulated by certain restrictions when applying for insurance, in our country, this incentive was not there until now. Now the majority of foreign cars in Russia is equipped with a system called “factory anti-theft system”. The meaning of this system is that to start the car only one (“native”) with the key code which is registered in the system. This is done in order to prevent the thief to start the car with a master key or with the help of circuit wires. But in some situations, you need a lineman immobilizer.

When installing the immobilizer may occur the following problems. The first is the emergence of a number of unpleasant difficulties if you lose the key or damage to the device. The second is that, according to the statistics of car theft, it makes no guarantees. The third lies in the incompatibility system immobilizer auto. regular immobilizerSo I had to come up with a lineman immobilizer, if you want him to depend on.

To apply a particular admission “bypass” immobilizer, first you need to know how it works. Regardless of the presence or absence of the key buttons, all without exception have a small chip, which is called transfer. It continuously emits low-power RF–signal. The ignition is reading this signal, the immobilizer antenna, which recognizes it “your” the key, i.e. chip, located on the “native” manner.

Today very popular among owners of expensive foreign cars began to use the alarm system with autostart. But what if there is a desire to combine and auto-start, and immobilizer?immobilizer bypass

Of Course, the key in the ignition to leave it is impossible, but there is a way out. To implement remote start car engine with the immobilizer using the above device under the name “crawler immobilizer”. For its operation it is necessary to install the chip with the spare key of the car or the whole spare key. Sometimes it's easier to make the chip a duplicate, the price of which on the average cost of one hundred dollars, or to order another key from the official dealer of the brand of car you drive.

The Crawler immobilizer set deep in the car, in a certain way connecting it to the alarm systems, and to the device. Information is read from the chip only with the permission of the alarms and only when the engine is started. Thus, the functions of the immobilizer are not violated, and to start the car any possible means is still impossible. But still the work of alarm systems, it has not disturbed the ability to remotely start the engine. This greatly simplifies the operation.

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