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If we are talking about the installation of additional equipment for saloon car, many fancy a change of seat covers, buying all kinds of pockets of fabric and many other devices, thanks to which driving a car becomes even more comfortable. Among the mass of such things it is necessary to allocate a device that increases the level of environmental safety of the driver and his passengers. This cabin filter. VAZ 2110, 2114, and many other domestic cars in recent years has begun at the factory to be completed with this fixture.

cabin filterIs not an element of tuning and no detail of luxury, it is a necessary thing that should exist in every modern car. Today we will talk about what a cabin filter and how it happens.

Why is it needed?

When driving in the vehicle from time to time fall into a variety of substances that certainly not increase the body's immunity. It could be road dust, dirt, harmful gases, exhausts and much more, which greatly affects the fatigue of the person, his mood. according to experts, the salon filter allows to reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide in the air to normal. According to studies, each car owner inhales 2 times more noxious gases than a pedestrian. That is why the pollen filter should be installed in every car. During its period of operation, he for one hundred percent eliminates harmful exhaust fumes and dust were to get inside. In addition, with this device you will not be afraid of dust and dirt, eventually appearing on the dashboard of each car that does not have a cabin filter. “wheels”, “prior", "VAZ Kalina» - this is not a complete list of cars you can install this device.


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cabin filter VAZ 2110 Also worth noting is the fact that with systems of purification of air on the windshield (driver side) does not appear to be muddy stains that reduce visibility.

Device Types

The market Today there are several types of such devices. Notable among them are the dust, and coal types. In the first case, the structure of the filter is a synthetic material with antibacterial substances that work well with dust and small pollen. The second type has the same design, but with activated charcoal, through which at produces carbon dioxide.

Replacement Resource

Often the exact life of the filter manufacturers indicate on the packaging. Usually this figure is around 5-10 thousand kilometers or 6 months of machine operation. However, keep in mind that the resource of replacement is 50 percent dependent on the environmental situation of a particular city.cabin filter Lanos


Based on this, we can safely say that the cabin filter – a device that brings real benefit to the driver. And do not skimp on this unit as defective sale will negatively affect your health, which, as we know, no amount of money can not buy.

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