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The grip in the car is to connect and disconnect the crankshaft and the transmission, thus transmitting the torque to the wheel or stopping the transmission. In the car with a manual transmission always at the beginning of the movement when shifting and when braking you have to manually turn on or off the clutch, that is to connect or disconnect the crankshaft and transmission.

clutch disc


The disk is friction between them, and each of them is located on its shaft. This occurs because the surface of each disc is uneven. Thus, there is a clutch pressure plate (connects to engine) and clutch disc (connects to transmission).

clutch pressure plate

How does the clutch disk?

With the gradual inclusion under the influence of springs clutch pressure plate is lapped to the slave. The car moves off when both the CD was used, that is, touched and began to revolve in the same direction. The coupling device may be one drive or two; they are called, respectively, single disc and double disc. So, the first are mainly used for passenger transport, a truck with a small load capacity, as well as on commercial vehicles and buses. They have the most simple device and low-cost, reliable and compact, have a high resistance to wear; simply to maintain, disassemble and repair. On most domestic cars set of so-called dry friction clutch. Their device a group of components that performs the inclusion, disconnection and clutch. So, the inclusion is influenced by the action of springs, while the shutdown occurs by overcoming this force when pressing on the pedal. Friction clutch, depending on the type of springs that are different. The main difference is in the springs. In the clutch they may be peripheral, and diaphragm. More common type of clutch in the mechanical transmission installed in modern cars: with diaphragm spring. As for the double disc clutches, they are widespread in trucks, as due to the large mass of the vehicle, it is necessary to increase the area of friction surface, while leaving the outer dimensions of the coupling constant.

clutch plate

Replacement of clutch assemblies:

  1. Disassembling clutch Assembly.
  2. Examines the friction surface of the flywheel, clutch, attention is drawn to the traces of wear, scratches.
  3. In case of detection of wear and tear are replaced by components: the flywheel, clutch disc, clutch enabled.
  4. Set the clutch. The pressure plate should be installed on the flywheel, bolted; to pressure the clutch disc turns its protruding part.
  5. When installed correctly, the clutch should rotate freely. All necessary parts should be greased.

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