Oil consumption in the engine. Six reasons


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It is Hardly possible to find a motorist who would not be worried about the increased oil consumption. It is especially annoying when it happens with another new motor. Here are the most common causes that result in the consumption of oil in the engine.

1. Excessive pressure in the crankcase

For all motors is typical blowby. Due to the high pressure combustion gases are in the piston rings and into the crankcase. If due to wear of valves, piston rings and blowby exceeds the standard rate, in the crankcase of the motor, there is a very high pressure, and the oil has to push through the seals. A good example is the seal of the valve stem experiencing high pressure too much stress. This leads to the fact that the oil flow in the engine is greatly increased.

2. Incorrect Assembly of cylinder head

Incorrect installation of this part may appear skewed elements. As a result, the area of the combustion chamber are formed by the leaks, blocking the way to the oil circuit. To prevent distortion it is necessary to follow the sequence in the procedure of tightening, and the angle of screwing of the bolts.

oil consumption in the engine

3. Poor quality engine oil

If you use unsuitable or defective varieties of oils it is impossible to provide reliable engine performance in all modes. For example, wear of the motor is increased during cold start, high temperature modes of operation, etc. the Oil must exactly match the requirements of the machine manufacturer. And as on the performance characteristics and viscosity.

high consumption of engine oil

4. Wear TNVD (fuel pumps)

In 25% of cases of high consumption of engine oil is due to wear inline injection pump. Lubrication of the pump parts is carried out through a corresponding circuit of the motor. If the elements are worn out fuel pump, during operation of the piston, oil can get into the working area of the pump. Here it is blended with diesel fuel and enter the combustion chamber. To reduce the consumption of engine oil is required to regularly check row injection pump, especially for diesel engines.


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5. Imbalance of cylinders

On the misalignment of the cylinders indicates uneven contact with separate areas of the current dry cylinder liners. If the outer wall of the cylinder barrel are uneven spots, this is a clear sign of its bias. As a consequence – piston rings can't provide the proper seal, and the oil flows into the combustion chamber. In addition, increases the pressure in the crankcase of the motor. Possible causes of misalignment include: the incorrect bolts, contact corrosion, blockage of the cooling system, etc. to Correct the misalignment, and oil consumption in the engine is much reduced.

topping up the oil in the engine

6. Irregular maintenance

Failure to comply With prescribed by the manufacturer of the motor frequency of inspection it will be permanently contaminated oil. Since during operation gradually decreases the additive package, there is a risk of wear. To avoid breakage, requires more frequent topping up of oil in the engine.

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