How to choose battery for your vehicle? Overview,specifications, manufacturers and ratings for batteries for cars


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A Car battery usually works a 3–6 years. So if you don't plan to buy a new vehicle every 2 years, at some point, you have to buy a new battery. There are more than a dozen brands of batteries for cars, and most of them are sold only in certain retail chains.

Unfortunately, good is not easy to find. It is not enough to know the best manufacturers of batteries for cars, as each of them meets very mediocre products. One reason for this is that batteries of different rulers and even sizes can be produced on different plants. In addition, the brands periodically change manufacturers, so the best batteries for car change every year.

Battery Types

Car batteries basic level is only for starting the engine. Sometimes they are called batteries for “starting, lighting, ignition”. They can provide the necessary power for engine start, but after that they need to charge from the generator. A good battery should always ensure that the start – year after year, in heat and cold. It should have a sufficient reserve charge in case the driver inadvertently leaves the lights on.

Batteries deep cycle, unlike the previous battery type, can provide a steady current over a long period of time. They can be discharged and re-charged without damage and without reducing their useful life. Therefore, these batteries are a good choice if there are custom phonics or other accessories (e.g. winch), which consume a lot of energy, or if the kids love to watch DVD in the car with the engine off. How to choose battery for your vehicle? It is important to first make sure that its capacity is sufficient for a cold start of the engine.


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an everstart Maxx 65

The low-cost model can be attributed to a particular type. Technical characteristics of batteries for cars less than 6 thousand rubles, as a rule, are lagging far behind the more expensive. However, many of them quite reasonable. If the value has a value, while the vehicle is not overloaded, cheap battery can perfectly satisfy all consumers. It is only necessary to ensure that the purchase was from a reputable dealer.

Dimensions and climatic version

In addition to the main categories of battery are distinguished by size. For example, there are the following groups of batteries: 65, 75, 24/24F, 34/78, 35, 51R, 47 (H5), 48 (H6) 49 (H8). Answering the question of how to choose battery for your vehicle, to mention the rating. But not only it is necessary to be guided, we must also ensure that the chosen model fit.

In addition, some batteries are designed for use in certain climatic conditions. Batteries “southern” of the type created to long withstand high temperatures. Automotive battery “Northern” type, provide more cold cranking amperes, which facilitates the engine start in the cold.

the Costco Interstate Battery

Features of the best batteries

  • Long warranty. Most brands of batteries for cars in the event of a malfunction, the manufacturer replaces free for 3 years. But some models have a longer warranty period and a proportional refund if the battery fails within a certain time before it expires.
  • A Good backup battery capacity for the car. This allows the battery to work when plugged the motor driver forgot to turn off the lights.
  • Sufficient power for a cold start. This indicator indicates the battery efficiency in cold conditions. As a rule, most of the current means that the engine will reliably run every frosty morning. However, in professional tests, this metric is not always correlated with better performance.
  • Long life. A good battery will last much longer than the warranty period. You need to read reviews of owners to see what kind of batteries do tend to run long. According to some owners, their battery is 10 years.
  • Design, no maintenance required. This means that the user does not have to fill the battery with distilled water. Some batteries are fully sealed enclosure, which in General can not be opened. Others have a hole through which, if necessary, you can add water, but the owner is not obliged to do so.
  • Carry Handle. The average car battery weighs 18 kg, so the presence knob is very useful especially for those who own will try to put it in a tightly manned engine room.
    Optima YellowTop D51R

Battery Selection

Before making the final decision make the final decision on the purchase of new batteries need to decide a number of questions.

What size battery you need? They are available different. The appropriate marking can be found on the old battery or read the user manual of the car. Most auto shops can also help to make a choicebattery vehicle. In addition, online-tips, the makers of which claim that they can do it too, but experts warn that they are not always accurate.

The climate In which to operate a car? Depends on the battery selection. Batteries for hot climate often marked with the word South or S, and for the cold – North or N. the Latter are characterized by a large current of cold start of the engine (CCA).

Do you Need a high performance battery? Lead-acid batteries are still the most common type. However, new cars are equipped with more advanced AGM batteries that use absorbent glass fiber. They better withstand intense consumption of energy. Additional capabilities relating to security, the availability of sockets for mobile phones and systems fuel economy, providing frequent stopping and starting of the engine, increase the power consumption. So AGM can be a good choice.

How to choose the right battery for your car that goes off road? Some batteries have a fragile plates inside, which can weaken or crack with a strong continuous vibration. Others, such as Optima batteries, are design, which can better withstand such an impact. In addition, they have a fully sealed body, which they are less prone to leak than the battery tube.

Whether you Require installation services? STO, most networks distributors of auto parts and other sellers offer free installation of a battery purchased from them. Others may charge extra, but promise to do it quickly, and others don't do it at all. Some Internet shops can help with a local install purchased from them battery.

You Should only buy a new battery, as in storage, they lose their power. Before you choose a battery for your car, you need to look at his body in search of release dates and make sure that it is not more than 6 months. Date sometimes stamped with the letter representing the month (for example, “And” – January) and the last digit of the year (for example, “8” – 2018).

Battery DieHard Gold 50823

The Best universal batteries

You Can find not so many options with recommendations from a variety of sources. Of the hundreds of models sold less than 75 have undergone professional tests. Those batteries, which demonstrated the best performance, not always appreciated by the levels of sales. DieHard Gold 50823 (about 7 thousand roubles) – the best battery for the car, as he was one of the few that praised both sides. In professional tests, this battery gets the best rating in each category: endurance in hot climates, the performance at -18 °C, duration of work without recharging.

DieHard Gold 50823 – “Northern” battery. This battery for cars, light trucks and vans ideal for cold climates. Produces 725 CCA and 120 minutes ensures reliable and long-lasting cranking power, which corresponds to the capacitance 50 A∙h. This is also supported by a 36-month warranty. If the battery fails within the first three years, you can bring it and the receipt to the seller for replacement.

According to the reviews, 92% of owners recommend this battery, and nearly 75% give it a perfect 5-star rating. According to reviews, the battery is very reliable with a large capacity cold start and the duration of the work.

DieHard Gold 50823 belongs to the group 24/24F (273 x 173 x 229 mm) and is suitable for many Japanese car brands, including Acura, Mitsubishi, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan and Toyota. The manufacturer produces and batteries of other sizes, which are excellent pass professional tests, but owners are not rushing to support these results. These include models 50865 (the best in the rating of batteries for car 60A * h capacity), 50923, and 50947 50948.

If the regular DieHard Gold batteries are standard lead acid, the line uses Advanced Gold AGM technology, which can better withstand repeated cycles of discharge and recharge. However, it does not always provide the best performance. DieHard Advanced Gold 50765 works very well in tests, but in battery operation Gold Advanced yield line DieHard.

Bosch 35-640B

This is a great battery for both trucks and passenger cars, because a very good job with professional testing and gets good user reviews. Provides current 640 CCA and 100-minute reserve (42 A∙h), which is slightly less than the DieHard Gold 50823, as well as a large working time in high temperatures. The owners appreciate the battery for its reliability both in cold and in heat, which is important for battery domestic cars. Although some owners say that the Bosch 35-640B operating for 5 years or more, others complain of loss of ability to hold a charge of about between 2 weeks and 19 months of operation. Luckily, the battery comes with a 3 year guarantee. On the other model Bosch group 48 H6-760B users respond similarly.

Autocraft Gold Battery

Autocraft Gold 49H8

Some Autocraft batteries are also highly appreciated by both experts and owners. The best of these is the Autocraft Gold 49H8. Although Autocraft claims that this battery has an impressive 900 CCA and 160min. reserve capacity (67 And∙h), its actual assessment of both factors when testing very good, but not outstanding. However, the battery is one of the best in the conditions of hot weather. People call it powerful, easy to install and safe. Model 47H5 and Autocraft Gold 51R-2 also receive high marks.

Batteries for deep cycle

How to choose the right battery for the car, equipped with appliances which consumes lot of energy – for example, a powerful stereo system, a DVD player, or electric Windows? It is important to find the battery with a deep cycle, which has good resistance to discharge and re-charging. DieHard batteries or Bosch can meet the needs of the user, but, according to motorists, the real gold standard in this area is the line Optima YellowTop. The manufacturer calls this AGM battery is one of the few available devices dual-purpose, which is able to provide enough power to start the engine and operate all systems of the car. It is composed of a series of spiral cells, which transfer vibration better than plates used in most batteries.

However, this increases the cost of the device. All models in this series are supported by a 3 year guarantee.

Battery Optima D51R YellowTop

Although the Optima YellowTop D51R provides backup power in just 66 minutes (27.5 A∙h), as claimed 450 CCA was not very impressive, the battery is very well suited for testing cold start. Ideal battery for trucks (small) and cars. The model leads the ranking of cycle times charge and discharge.

Most of the users satisfied with the reliability of the YellowTop. Battery works well in hot and cold weather. The owners are happy with light weight and good warranty. Unfortunately, sometimes the battery loses capacity during the first 3 years, and sometimes even a few weeks. However, the model gets high marks for many companies.

The situation is Similar with OptimaYellowTop D34/78. The battery copes well with the tests, and most users call it durable and reliable in any weather. However, as in the case D51R, some complain about the decline in its functionality during the first year of operation, and failures in extremely low temperatures (below -20 °C).

The Best budget model

In the case of car batteries price does not guarantee quality. As a rule, cheap battery worth 6 thousand. RUB. and less do not demonstrate high performance in professional tests, but in practice they are not always worse than expensive models. A quick overview of the batteries for the car allows you to find the device for 5 thousand RUB, which works better models, standing in 2 times more.

Battery Costco Kirkland once enjoyed success from experts and car owners. It was the best batteries possessing overlong service life and long warranty. Unfortunately, the company Costco stopped production. Instead they got Interstate batteries. It is a well respected brand. In professional tests, these batteries consistently at the top of the ratings. Even those who do not differ in their performance, get high marks for their ability to withstand repeated cycles of charging and discharging at high temperature. Their characteristics are generally inferior to Costco, but the warranty period has decreased from 4 years to 36 months.

the Battery is an everstart Maxx-24F

An everstart Maxx

But there is a better alternative to Costco Kirkland. Johnson Controls, which also produces batteries Optima manufactures a line of batteries is an everstart Maxx. They are quite affordable, are made in several sizes and are cheaper than 6 thousand. the Battery is an everstart Maxx inferior to the premium brands, such as DieHard and Interstate, but only slightly. However, not all batteries in this series are the same. Some modifications are at the bottom of the standings. As for car selection of the battery of this brand? It is advisable to always pay attention to the size and climatic conditions.

All models is an everstart Maxx protected with a 5-year warranty. During the first three years the replacement is free of charge, and in the next 2 years – with an additional charge, which depends on age battery. This compared favourably with the standard 3-year warranty offered by the leading brands DieHard, Bosch and Optima.

Among all models is an everstart Maxx best test pass an everstart Maxx - 24 F 750 CCA c stated, greater reserve capacity and long service life after repeated cycles of charging and discharging at high temperatures. The owners appreciate the long-term warranty, high current CCA and low price. The only complaint of users is that the actual cold cranking amperes equal to 750 and 725 A. But this number is equal to the best in the rating of the battery is DieHard Gold 50823.

Another battery this line is an everstart Maxx-65S. She also copes with professional tests, durable, and has good backup power, but mediocre cope with cold start. The stated current is 700 CCA, which is not enough for a device of this size.

Users are moderately evaluate the work of the battery. Despite the long warranty and that the battery lasts longer than 5 years, in some cases, it fails very quickly. This is the “southern” battery, designed forwork in hot conditions, so it doesn't work well in a Northern climate. However, it is unlikely that this influenced the actual lifetime, since at low temperatures the batteries will generally last longer.

Another popular battery is an everstart – Maxx-35N. Her current cold start is equal to 640 A. the Battery refers to the “North” type, and is designed to start the engine in cold days. According to user reviews, the battery is easy enough to cope with the -10 °C, but at lower temperatures the performance is reduced. In addition, as in the case of Maxx-65S, the views of the owners about the total duration of operation of the device diverge. Some say that the battery is more than 6 years, and others – 2 years.

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