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Honda accord – car, manufactured by the international Corporation in 1976. Today there were 8 generations of these machines, the eighth and last appeared in 2008. Honda accord reviewsIn 2013 it is planned the release of a new, regular versions of these cars. The ninth generation will be presented to the 4-door five-seater sedan and two-door four-seat coupe. However, the novelty presented at the exhibition and not yet received in retail stores, therefore, the most popular eighth generation of these cars.

The length of the model 8-series body type sedan equals 472,6 cm, width -184 cm, and the height does not exceed 144 see boot capacity Honda accord is equal to 464 liters. The model comes with a 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed automatic transmission and engines, 2.0 or 2.4 liters. Depending on the type of engine and gearbox the maximum speed that the car can reach equals 215-227 km/h. The car accelerates to one hundred km/h in 7.9 and 10.8 sec. The car spends about 6.9 to 8.8 liters of fuel on the combined cycle, urban - 9.0 to 12 liters. When driving on a country road gasoline consumption decreases to 5.6 and 7.0 liters.

Honda accord owner reviewsHonda accord. Owner reviews

The first buyers attracted by the appearance of this car: slanted elongated headlights, sleek bodywork. In design there is nothing superfluous, only necessary, however, the car can not be considered trivial or boring. Reliability – another advantage of the car Honda accord. The feedback from the drivers suggests that in the morning, sitting behind the wheel of the car, they are confident that the evening will come home with breakdowns and incidents. Even minor repairs - a rarity for this model. At low temperatures below -30 degrees it starts very easily. Brakes are very responsive and the car stops even with a slight press on the pedal. Honda accord reviews, which indicate that the machine is easily operated, changes the position on the road immediately at the slightest turn of the wheel, even at high speeds. Owners say comfortable saloon car, high quality leather chairs, sturdy plastic. The control panel is user-friendly and informative, the seats come with side panels supporting the back of the driver during long trips. The trunk for the sedan is quite roomy.


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Reviews on Honda accordDespite the large number of positive reviews this model has a number of disadvantages. First, many complain of stiffness. a Shot at hitting a hole or pothole, which are on the road a lot, the driver, sitting in the chair will feel immediately.

Insulation – another weakness of the car Honda accord. Reviews show that the drivers can hear the rattle of stones under the wheel arches, the noise of the suspension, the roar of the engine, not to mention the buzz of the street, however, this problem is typical for all machines of the brand Honda. Inconvenient design of the rear doors-another shortcoming of this model. Reviews on Honda accord show that passengers are almost impossible to get on the seat without contaminating feet on the threshold and not turned at an angle. However, this problem end.

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