Arc on the roof of the car (roof rails): types, installation


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Travelling long distances by car, often accompanied by a large variety of bulky Luggage. Luggage is not a problem when you have a trailer. However, it is not at all, besides not everyone wants to bother with registration. Also not everyone has a huge SUV, in which the trunk will fit “the elephant and her little elephant”, because most people are becoming more Ford cars. The owners of these small cars will help the arc on the car roof or roof rails, as they are called. Let's talk about how to choose them, what they are, discuss features of their installation.

What is rails?

This is a special design that is designed to hold various loads on the car roof. They can be used to load and transport a lot of useful – dimensional construction materials, various bulky items, boats and bicycles. arc on the roof of the carRails - is it arcing on the roof of the car, which often set on the wagon, off-road and urban machines (well, a minivan, of course). In some car models, both imported and domestic they can go in the kit, but most often they have to be purchased and installed separately.

Externally, these details are reminiscent of the design on the basis of a metal pipe. Its ends secured with a plastic tip with different types of attachment. It is believed that initially, the makers used these tubes to increase the stiffness characteristics of the body, but later they were used for fastening boots.


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Tasks that they perform

The roof rails on the roof are selected for various reasons. For someone it is very important to install roof racks that will securely. Someone with their help solves the problem of fasteners of different baskets or platforms, which can carry the load. Fans of extreme relaxation use these items to transport bikes and other sports equipment – this is very useful especially when to bike trails far. roof roofArc on top of the car used by skiers and snowboarders. For these purposes, the roof rack can be equipped with mechanical or magnetic fixings.


The Advantage of these products to the capabilities they provide. So, one of the significant advantages of – they are suitable for all types of bodies, fixing them is very simple and reliable. Installed the roof rails on the roof are classified according to certain characteristics.

According to the materials of these devices, they are divided into metal (usually steel or aluminum) and plastic. There are also details on the constructive characteristics: they can be a model or universal. The first are distinguished by the fact that only a certain range of vehicles from a specific manufacturer. Universal arc on the roof of the car fit any make and model.

On the specifics of installation of the product are classified as longitudinal and transverse. Most motorists calls these tubes differently – rails or sleepers. Both have the same functions, they can be easily purchased from the market.

They Also vary in diameter, length and design. Very popular today models black color made of steel. There are also chrome steel jewelry, black or gray plastic. In addition, all of these parts differ in form.

Types of roof racks

As already noted, the rails are used to secure cargo on the roof of the car. aerodynamic arc on the roof of the carThis is Also the basis for mounting rack. The main fixture for mounting any of the goods serve as a set of cross arcs to the roof of the car. These items represent two or more beams, which can be fixed on the roof rails. This is the car trunk.

Aerodynamic and rectangular arc

There are two versions of these systems – it is a traditional rectangular profile or a beam with an aerodynamic cross section. The first option in most cases is a metal profile in a shell of plastic.

Aerodynamic arc on the roof of the car are made of anodized aluminum. Among the benefits of such solutions - a special profile, which practically does not create noise at high speeds. In addition, such a trunk more beautiful but also more expensive. And that's a disadvantage.

The Arc profile which the usual rectangular, different the most common design. Minus – is the noise when driving at speed. At high speeds it may increase, will also increase fuel consumption. If the installation of this product is performed incorrectly, it is possible to hear the whistle. longitudinal arc on the roof of the carAmong the advantages of this solution – price, which is much lower than the cost of the airfoil, and a great discharge this product functions. By using rectangular cross arc can secure the goods or aeropoxy on the roof of the car.

Depending on the car model and the type of the roof cross member can have a different type of mount. According to this feature, you can split all car racks for several types.

Luggage compartment for vehicles with longitudinal roof rails

Based on a longitudinal arc on the roof of the car mount. They are fixed cross bars. It is a special fence with locks. These systems can be regulated under a different profile.

The Trunk for cars with the standard seats for installation

Most new car manufacturers have already prepared the regular places under the trunk. transverse arc on the roof of the carThey Often represent the factory holes for mounting model arcs. These openings can be found at 2 Ford Focus, Citroen C4 and many other cars. Arc for such machines have special supports that must be screwed into the holes. Supports for the rails can be fixed using a special adapter that fully fit the standard mounts for specific cars.

The Trunk for cars with smooth roof-stop solution

These products are those universal solutions, which have already been mentioned above. As generalists, where the factory roof rails are not installed, these devices are mounted on the roof of the car on the doorway. This item has a special mounting bracket.

Support such transverse arcs characterized by large area of the base – this is done in order not to cause the paint of the roof damage. The support is fixed with a special bracket, which clings to the upper edge of the doorway. arc on the car roof thuleManufacturers of cheap models Luggage carriers and arcs release universal mounting solutions that are suitable for several car models. This is not the best choice. The fact that on one car the trunk will hold well and securely, and at the other – bad. Manufacturers of the more expensive options often complement the fixture with special brackets for each model. This achieves the required reliability of fastening.

Arc on the car roof with gutters

Do Not think that such trunks exist only for cars. a generic arc to the roof of the carFor domestic cars also, there are arcs. They are installed on the gutters. The supports have clamps of various designs. The simplest solutions are the bolts or nuts, and decisions more complicated – quick-release mounting. There are models with locks.

These devices fully meet all the necessary requirements. In the production they undergo a lot of checks on the aerodynamic characteristics, which they carry out crash tests and research in laboratories.

Arc on the car roof Thule

The Modern market is full of different proposals to purchase the roof rack, but not everywhere is really a quality product. Thule offers a reliable and time-tested solutions. For each brand and model of car there is a separate model, which takes into account all the nuances of the installation. Offers of this brand and comprehensive solutions.

a generic arc to the roof of the carArcs and pillars provide strength and reliability. The product comes with a special set, which will facilitate installation. The company's products were designed to be as durable and comfortable. For their arcs this manufacturer also offers additional options – it can be locks, straps, locking devices. With the Thule racks for the roof of the car is fully ready for any adventure, whether a trip to the country or a great vacation with friends or family.


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