Rapidly running out of antifreeze? Where does the antifreeze what to do and why?


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With such a problem as leakage of the refrigerant, is encountered by many drivers. Thing this not only that expensive, and even dangerous for the engine. Therefore, if you notice that the fluid level in the reservoir decreases rapidly, that is, leaving anti-freeze, it is urgent to take appropriate action. What could be the reasons of such phenomenon and how to rectify the situation, we consider in this article.

leaves antifreeze

Prevention of engine failure

In order to avoid damaging of the motor due to the loss of coolant, periodically check all parts of the system for potential leaks. Of course, be sure to monitor the level of refrigerant in the tank. When the engine is running it is in any case should not be below the MIN mark. Signs that takes antifreeze, can be the following factors:

  1. The oven doesn't work.
  2. The fluid Level in the reservoir periodically falls.
  3. The engine Overheats or the temperature is not raised to the working.

A Small decrease or increase in the level of antifreeze in the heating or cooling of the engine – the phenomenon is quite normal. If antifreeze is necessary periodically to refill, so have to find the cause of the fault.

Verify the integrity of the nodes of the cooling system

antifreeze goes into the engine

In case of leakage check the system must be carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Inspect the hull surge tank for the presence of cracks.
  2. Inspect the radiator of the engine.
  3. Check the heater core.
  4. Inspect the thermostat housing.
  5. Check all connections, pump and cylinder block. In addition, you should examine the drainage hole of the pump. If leakage is detected, it means that a worn out oil seal.

Possible problems with the radiator

The Reason that takes the antifreeze from the expansion tank, is depressurization system component cooling. The most common problem with the radiator. Damage this element of the design can occur by external physical impacts (for example, in the breakdown of stone). Can also be worn plates, which constantly destroys the ethylene glycol contained in the cooling liquids. Some radiators can be equipped with plastic whiskers. In case of the loss of the antifreeze should also be checked. Over time, plastic begins to crack.


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oil goes in antifreeze

Damage the heater core

You should Also find out where the antifreeze goes. In that case, if in salon there is an unpleasant smell, and under the dashboard constantly spreads a sticky spot, so the cause of the leak is likely the radiator. In this case, the car usually goes white couples. To resolve this problem you need to start immediately. The fact that a couple of toxic antifreeze.

out the antifreeze from the surge tank

The Cause of the leak-leak-pump

In that case, if the oil goes into the antifreeze, the reason may be the oil seal pump. In order to check the serviceability of its work, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection. Pump installed at the bottom of the engine, and if in close proximity to it there are damp patches, so the problem is there.

Thermostat Test

If the antifreeze goes, the causes can be leakage of the thermostat. It also needs to carefully check for leaks. Usually the reason the gasket. In addition, the engine may overheat and a malfunction of this element. To determine how correctly the node, it is easy.

where does the antifreeze

The circulation of the liquid around small and big circles are checking to touch-temperature hose and nozzles. In a healthy cooling system, the thermostat valve is closed until, until the temperature of the antifreeze reaches a certain value (IN LADA Priora - up to 90 Gy). The antifreeze circulates in a small circle. Therefore, the radiator and the bottom hose is colder the thermostat housing. When heated antifreeze to 90 g valve begins to slowly open, and the flow of hot fluid to enter the radiator. As a result gradually heated. Fully the valve opens at a temperature of 102°C. In this case, all the antifreeze will start to flow through the radiator. To the touch the upper part, the bottom will be hot.

The Engine must be left running until unless the electric fan of a radiator. It is necessary to follow the arrow of the temperature gauge. After she will approach the border of the red zone, the fan should turn on. When the cooling fluid it shuts down.

Breakthrough of the hose and damage pipe

Antifreeze can leak through damaged hose or through depressurize the pipe. Most often it is the reason that leaving antifreeze in older cars. The fact that the material of the hose over time begins to age and crack. From the pressure of the liquid it could easily burst. Mount on the compound over time weakens. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, the hoses in domestic cars should be changed at least every 5 years, and foreign cars – once in 10 years. For mounting is to use ribbon clamps, and screw as they are much more reliable.

To Determine what in the leak to blame for hoses, you can, after examining the floor for stains antifreeze. Sometimes the damage may not be too serious and invisible to the eye. To detect such a small leak, the hose must first be carefully wiped clean, and then a little povazovat and stop the engine. Next, make a careful inspection. The problem of loss of coolant may be exacerbated in the cold season. The fact that the lower the temperature, the less its viscosity. And therefore leaves in the winter, the antifreeze faster.

Replacement pipes

Perform this operation only after full cooling of the engine. Otherwise, easy to get a steam burn. The replacement pipe is as follows:

  1. leaves antifreeze causesThe cooling system is drained liquid. While it is best to take a clean dish. Antifreeze is allowed to be used repeatedly.
  2. New clamps promazyvaetsya with the use of a small amount of oil (low-viscosity).
  3. In order to disconnect the pipe, the clamps should be loosened and slide along to the free place.
  4. Then the nozzle is removed from the filler neck. Hot system disconnect is impossible. Because of the neck of the radiator a particular strength do not differ, all operations must be carried out as accurately as possible. Sometimes it happens that the nozzle is not removed. You should first try to crank it. If this does not work, you will have to cut it with a sharp knife along the neck. Worth it in any case cheaper radiator.
  5. On a new tube put on the clamps and move them to the middle.
  6. Next pull on his neck. In that case, if the tube is not worn, it is necessary for some time to lower in hot water. Any oil for this use is not recommended. The fact that they can damage the rubber.
  7. The Pipe is fully bent on the neck, making sure that he was not twisting.
  8. Clamps to move the tabs and tighten.

leaves in winter antifreeze

Breakthrough gaskets or damaged partitions

This case can be described as the most serious. When you damage within the engine antifreeze begins to flow into the oil. To determine the occurrence of such problems is easy. The liquid in the tank begins to bubble and the oil appears whitish mixture. You can also look at the exhaust. In this case, the visible white fumes of antifreeze. If antifreeze gets in the engine, the cause may be damage to the inner walls or the liner or breaking the strip.

How to drain antifreeze

Of Course, before proceeding to the replacement of degraded components of the cooling system, it is necessary to drain the antifreeze. Do it as follows:

  1. First of all is necessary turn the engine off and allow to cool. If this is not done, when opening the lid a couple of antifreeze will come out under pressure, and you will get burned.
  2. After the motor has cooled, shut off the tank lid open.
  3. Dismantle the bottom facing of the compartment.
  4. Under the engine will need to supply a tray for the reception of antifreeze.
  5. Remove the lower radiator water hose.

In four-cylinder engine on the left side you need to remove the thick hose and thin, leading to the heating system. You can then proceed to drain. In castillorom the engine at the bottom of the unit Unscrew the screw plug.

In Any case impossible to drain the antifreeze in the sewer. The fluid is very toxic. Therefore, it is poured into a container and put into the disposal.

Thus, in that case, if you leave the antifreeze, you must conduct a thorough check of all parts and components of the cooling system for leaks. Unusable items are nezamedlyat...

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