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Suzuki GSX-R 750 is a beautiful Japanese motorcycle that combines the convenience and elegance of city vehicles with the power and rigid behavior present sportbike.

The manufacturer of these bikes has its own slogan that reflects not only the aspirations of the engineers, but the reality. Her motto is "Own the track" and selected it in vain. Due to the high quality of work, brilliant ideas and commitment to excellence, this company has more than a dozen years leading the market of two-wheeled machinery. Power, durability, comfort, elegance of lines - that's what buyers love and appreciate her products, that's what makes it so famous.

Suzuki GSX R 750Suzuki GSX-R 750 first gained fame back in 1985, and was able to maintain popularity to this day. Its distinguishing feature is a compromise between classic urban bikes and sports style.

Suzuki GSX 750 is a 750-cubic model with the technical specifications, is not much inferior to the 1000-CC instances.

So, the engine of this bike inline four-stroke with four cylinders and a Fuel Injection system the fuel injection. As mentioned above, the volume is 750 cubic centimeters.

GSX-R 750 starts with electric start, equipped with an electronic ignition system. The cooling occurs due to the special liquid.

The longevity of the motor due to the reduction of wear and tear due to permanent lubrication carried out by the catheter in an oil bath.

Suzuki GSX 750Drive the model equipped with a chain, the number of gears in the speed box is six.

Brake system consists of three disks (two on the rear wheel and one on the front).

Comfort and softness of the ride even significant roughness is due to the excellent shock absorbers. So, the Suzuki GSX-R 750 front suspension consists of inverted telescopic forks where you can adjust the preload of the spring. In addition, the driver can change the degree of release and compression.


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Rear suspension monoshock swing presented with the opportunity is identical to the previously described adjustments.

GSX R 750The dimensions of the Suzuki GSX-R 750 is quite impressive. So, its length exceeds two meters, the wheelbase is a little less than five feet, and the height of the seat is 80 cm. The weight of various modifications is different, but always equal to or greater than 190 pounds. In fact, for such a large equipment of such weight is considered to be relatively small, which is very convenient for the driver.

Power and speed also vary in different variations, but if we talk about the modifications Suzuki GSX-R 750 2007 release, the torque it reaches 641 rpm, the power is equal to 148 horsepower. The acceleration of a motorcycle to 1.4 mph is done in 10.8 seconds. The maximum speed at which he's capable of, 276 kilometers per hour.

In Addition to impressive technical specifications, bike Suzuki GSX-R 750 has a magnificent appearance. Streamlined shape design, talking about the sporty and aggressive character, tri-color paint and the original wheels make this bike a dream for the ordinary citizen, and athlete who loves the risk and the thrill.

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