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The Bugatti EB110 is a truly legendary car. It is powerful, extraordinary and is quite “adult”. He appeared in the late 80s And this car was quite similar to other cars of the brand.

bugatti eb110

A Little history

So, has presented a new “Bugatti” world in 1990 in Paris. The name by which he was endowed, was given in honor of significant date. Namely, the 110th anniversary of the birth of the greatest man-Ettore Bugatti, the founder of the company.

The Overall design of this machine has developed Paolo Stanzani, who was at that time technical Director of the company. Design was done by Marcello Gandini. However, the main financier of the project was dissatisfied with the fact that the shape of the car is very similar to the model "Lamborghini". But Gandini has not agreed to revise the design. So he was suspended from this work and appointed the place of injury Bandini.

Technical part

It Should be noted that Bugatti EB110 was designed by a completely new engine. He engaged in the creation Nicola Materazzi. It was a V-shaped 12-cylinder engine, the volume of which is limited 3.5 liters. Interestingly, the same volume was given to the units of cars participating in Formula 1. With four turbines, this engine produces power of 560 “horse”. And the maximum that the machine could reach, was 336 kilometers per hour.

The Engine block was made of aluminum. In General, the designers managed to achieve a low compression ratio. The brakes for the Bugatti EB110 was designed by the company "BOSH". And he carmaker then decided to improve their design. The concern's specialists have equipped the brakes with ABS (vented).


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sports car


All units and components of the Bugatti EB110 strictly tested for reliability and quality. The motors, for example, was tested on a chassis dynamometer. The speed was at 95 percent of the maximum. And so for over 300 (!) hours. After 50 thousand kilometers of testing an aluminum chassis, has lost its rigidity. It decreased by 20 percent. And when it was found, that missile unit called Aerospatiale developed the monocoque carbon fibre. Everyone knows how easy and durable this material is. It is much safer than aluminum, but weighs less.

The Monocoque is designed to carry the all-wheel drive system and gearbox, located in front of the engine and connected by a cardan shaft with Prednisolonum differential. I wonder what transmission were developed together with specialists of the company “Porsche”.

In the tests used twelve prototypes, and the responsibility for the test work was placed on the shoulders of Jean-Philippe Vitacoco and Loris Bicocchi. There's an interesting fact – Michelin produced specifically for the Bugatti EB110 as tires that can withstand more than 300 km/h and winter tires.

 bugatti eb110 ss

Design and other features

Interestingly, this sports car has a body made from aluminium panels over a carbon fiber spaceframe. A type door "guillotine" become a real trademark of this model. The engine was decided to be on display through the glass-lined surface of the hood. In the back you can see the large rear wing, which itself extends, if the vehicle moves at high speed. Although it is possible to activate it by pressing the appropriate button in the cabin.

Special attention should be paid to the driver's seat. It looks like a aircraft cockpit. The chair is so comfortable that one gets the impression that it envelops the driver, which is easy access to all controls.

It is Worth noting the fact that only for this model, the firm Elf Aquitaine has developed a special mechanical lubricant with high lubricating properties and a unique ability to completely decompose. And the development of an advanced multimedia system to the experts Nakamichi. Still to each machine came with a commitment of full support for three years. And this applies not only guarantee. Another car was provided a systematic upgrade of all systems and components, as well as the replacement of consumables.

bugatti eb110 gt

Future production

This machine has become very popular. A sports car with high-arched doors, and luxurious leather-trimmed interior and a walnut tree, could not conquer the hearts of people who appreciate rich model. Inside attracted the attention of not only design, but also impressive size instrument panel with clock, air conditioning, CD stereo and special function electrical programming support surface.

In 1991 the world saw a Bugatti EB110 GT. This machine is a little different from the basic version. Changes were noticeable in the interior. Even the developers have improved the power unit. The engine had all the same volume (3.5 liters), but power increased to 559 HP And even became higher maximum speed. The machine configuration GT could accelerate to 344 miles per hour! This incredible feature made a model of the fastest car in the world produced in series.

 bugatti eb 110 price

Version "Supersport"

In 1992 the world saw a model “Bugatti” in another unique configuration. The car became known as the Bugatti EB110 SS. The last two letters, as you might guess, means "Supersport". Under the hood of this incredible car was 610-HP engine, thanks to which the machine could accelerate to a maximum at 351 km/h! This model was a frequent participant in various sports. And success, of course, she was able to achieve a lot. Interestingly, in 1994 a model bought Michael Schumacher. It was not planned. Just racer ride on this model during the test drive, organized by a German magazine, and she told him so much that he decided to buy it.

The SS Version was the best of the best. However, unfortunately, this sports car had a promising future. Only EB 110 managed to produce in the amount of 150 pieces. And in the mid-nineties the project was doomed, as the demand for cars fell on a monthly basis. And in 1995, as you know, the firm “Bugatti” announced that they are now bankrupt.


And of course, not to say about how much is Bugatti EB 110. The price of this machine can't be little – and it's simple to understand, taking into account characteristics. For example, not so long ago at auction in a town called Scottsdale (USA, Arizona) was sold this car for 775 thousand dollars. And that, at the current rate, approximately 50 of 250 000! However, the car was in perfect condition. Despite a very solid “age” – for 22 years, the mileage, the model accounted for only 8 235 miles. Machine with a 550-horsepower engine was kept in great conditions, so that the price for her asked appropriate.

 bugatti eb 110 specifications

The Collapse of the company

As you can understand, the car Bugatti EB 110 technical specifications are very impressive. And knew that all lovers of cars of the nineties. The success was phenomenal. In 1995, the world learned that Romano Artiolli decided to Supplement the model range of luxury sedans – follower EB 110. This machine would become known as the EB 112. Even Artioli bought Lotus which is known for its engineers. However, the development of new products and the acquisition of the company dragged the group into the swamp of debt. The project was a gamble. That's what was the reason enchanting the bankruptcy of the concern. After that, all production rights and documentation (with a half-made EV 110) bought the company Dauer Racing GmbH. And in the 2000s, as is known, the firm took control of the group "VW", who continued the manufacture of machinery “Bugatti”. By the way, the notorious model "Veyron" (Veyron) took a lot from the legendary EB 110.


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