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Every avtolyubitelnitsa should conduct periodic maintenance of your "iron horse". First of all, it eliminates not yet proven defects which can “out” the most inconvenient time, so to speak, the law of meanness. The second positive effect is the prevention of such faults.oil filter Replacement
Every THEN involves checking the tightening of bolts, especially suspension. But another essential point is the addition or replacement of consumable liquids as well as filter elements. They play a huge role in the life of the car. For example, the replacement of the oil filter contributes to the increase of the pressure in the lubrication system, and thus increase the resource. Fuel filters in the fuel, which is logical, and then it falls into the cylinders, thus the status of the last depends on the condition first.

If the engine will be the smallest abrasive particles, the mirror is scratched, and the scratches that are on other surfaces will not be even visible, leading to loss of compression, which consists of such trifles.fuel filters

Oil filter Replacement can be carried out even without oil change. Many will say that it makes no sense, in fact far from it. Replacement oil filter can be derived from the engine all the impurities that it has accumulated, since the probability of intrusion of such debris between the mating parts of the engine is, although it is small. Here, again, is to remember Murphy's law.


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Of Course, if you replaced the engine oil is required and replace the oil filter because the new oil has a lower viscosity, and it is just able to wash the filter. Automotive filters are installed not only on the engine. They can be used, for example, in gearboxes. As a rule, are automatic and have a high capacity. Momentum in these boxes are just huge, and the torque exceeds five hundred Nm. In this case, contact any of the smallest particles between the gears will result in immediate failure of the shaft to which they are suited. But once they have a big performance, it is logical to assume that the repair will cost you.automotive filters

In addition, replacement of the oil filter allows you to determine the condition of the engine. If his behavior has changed markedly, especially in parallel to the oil change, the engine will still be faithfully to serve his master. If characteristics had remained at the same level, the repair is not far off. Of course, there is a possibility that oil and filters were good condition, but then the replacement is not required. Then we can only rejoice, since in the first case you have a long time would be a good motor, and the second – you are just a caring owner.

Of Course, a universal scheme of action in such a situation, there is a rough plan of action, following which, you can maintain the efficiency of the engine and the whole car overall, for a long time.

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