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Powerful, large and sapolsky snowmobile for the avid angler or hunter, of course, a good purchase. But does anyone of fans of winter fishing it is necessary such a vehicle to get through the huge drifts for many miles from civilization to your sacred hole?

snowmobile rybinka

Snowmobile “Rybinka”

Fans of winter fishing can rejoice — now they have the opportunity to buy a novelty - a compact, inexpensive and at the same time, a light winter vehicle – mini-snowmobile “Rybinka" created on a sufficiently well-known enterprises of Rybinsk. This small-sized transformer disassembled easily and transported even in the trunk of simple car, and the Assembly and disassembly of this model of snowmobile takes no more than 10-15 minutes and requires no special tools and skills. Snowmobile “Rybinka” is a real boon for fans of winter fishing.

Description snowmobile “Rybinka”

Despite the relatively modest technical parameters, snowmobile “Rybinka” can be safely attributed to the full snowmobile, at the wheel which you are standing, not lying down, but sitting, and comfort. The transmission apparatus has the simple – a dry centrifugal clutch and drive shaft of the caterpillar chain. Control devices, such models do not exist, even the fuel gauge is not. But this vehicle is equipped with a full headlight and electric start. Snowmobile “Rybinka” has unique characteristics, since it is a snowmobile-transformer!


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mini snowmobile rybinka


Snowmobile “Rybinka 2" weighs 110 kg, in the design scheme has 1 track and 2 skis, equipped with single-cylinder 4-stroke engine manufactured by KOHLER (USA), capacity of 7 HP in this snowmobile has one seat. In addition, it is equipped with a hitch, which allows you to tow a trailer weight up to 150 kg, and this further makes it attractive.

Mounting caterpillar track rollers, but due to the size of the truck, having a length of 2070 mm, width 280 mm, height lug - 25 mm, provided with good enough performance. Ahead, a pair of skis on “telescope”. The motor is on the stern.

The carrying Capacity of the snowmobile is 150 kg. the Speed at which the maximum can reach “Rybinka 2», — 18–20 km/h. The apparatus has electric engine start, windscreen, a heated steering wheel. Snowmobile “Rybinka 2” great moves on loose snow, the road, and if necessary, even on ice or plain ground — a roller suspension of a caterpillar is able to withstand such tests. However, the snowmobile in deep snow we'll have to help. Despite this, their responsibilities, he handles all that quickly and comfortably takes you to the fishing spot for tens of kilometers.

snowmobile rybinka 2


  • Model snowmobile “Rybinka”.
  • - utility.
  • Manufacturer is “Russkaya Mekhanika”.
  • Overall dimensions: length - 1950 mm without skis, width - 910 mm with skis, height - 850 mm with glass.
  • Weight of a snowmobile - 110 kg.
  • The Engine in this model - 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, volume - 211 cm3 , power of 7.0 BHP
  • Package - electric start, trunk under seat, heated grips, rear trunk.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 3.6 L.
  • Cooling air.
  • Brake system - mechanical.
  • Fuel - AI-92.
  • Fuel Consumption - 10 l/km.


“Rybinka” is simple, inexpensive and compact, but at the same time, a very powerful and reliable snowmobile, designed for the carriage of one person and cargo in the trailer up to 150 kg. It compares favorably with the reliability of factory manufacturing and some design elements. Its main advantage - it is quickly disassembled and can be transported in the trunk of the car.

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