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Many companies, in order to emphasize their individuality, would impose a mandatory dress code. Somewhere, this term denotes exclusively the business style of the clothes made in certain colors, somewhere wearing some merchandise like ties, badges, etc., and then go ahead and give employees t-shirts and hoodies. In this situation, the logo on the clothes – a direct need, but a good leader must think not only about how to create the image of the company, but also about how not to spend a lot of money. Let's try to understand how printing on fabric is to find the most suitable.

A Bit about how

Of Course, a logo on the clothes – a process that has long put on stream. Someone draws them by hand using special paint, is a rather laborious method, but it is still the place to be. Others choose embroidery, both hand and machine. Still others use special printers that will put your desired logo not only on fabric but also on ceramic Cup and mouse pad. So it all depends on your budget and of course, creativity. In simplistic logo, you might be able to save the money that would have gone to the application of large-scale colored pattern.

logo clothing

Method one printing pad

Printing on clothing is one of the most well-known and ways to personalize things. There are two types: pad printing and thermal printing. The algorithm, in principle, the same, but the texture will be slightly different. All in good time.


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logo embroidery

Pad printing involves building a stencil, which, after transferred to the cliche. To apply directly image used silicone tampon that, smachivayasi alternately in various colors, draws the image on the basis of clichés. This method is not very fast, it requires the manufacture of printing plates and etching it with an alkali, and the subsequent Assembly of simple mechanisms by which the system still work. In addition, this technology imposes a limit on the size of the image. But one of the advantages is that it is possible not only putting logos on clothing, but also print on different items.

The second Way is print film

Next, consider thermal, or film, printing on clothes. Here things are even simpler. The newly created stencil, which is then transferred to a special film of a certain color or, if desired, to another material, like velvet. This will allow you to create convex and pleasant to the touch image. Here, however, problems may arise with the choice of colors, but usually such problems are resolved very quickly.

And then under the influence of temperature figure from media, let us call it so, are literally imprinted into the fabric. Any colors and any sizes in this situation, no restrictions. In addition, this method is one of the most affordable. There are also disadvantages. Not the fact that the image will last quite a long time and will not be erased by external forces, although, in theory, this risk is minimal.

a logo of uniforms

The third Way - silk screening

The Word "silkscreen" we associate with something Oriental, refined, beautiful. And seldom people think about what it can be used to indicate another way of printing on clothes. Generally, silkscreen logo makes a bright, noticeable, eye-catching and very affordable.

The advantages include the ability to create images on almost any surface while preserving all the original brightness. Forget your Association with misty Chinese mountains and green tea, this method implies that the obvious logo on the clothes with paint. Is made a number of stencils (one for each color), then using them to apply the image itself.

print on garment

Method fourth - embroidery

Go to the last way – logo embroidery. Yes, it will be the most expensive, but the image will never fade, will not be erased and will remain intact all the time, that thing will be worn. Of course, do not use ordinary household thread, used only a special resistant materials that will ensure the perfect execution of the design. Is, of course, on special equipment, but it is really worth it.

What affects the price?

The Price for a logo on clothing depends on many different factors. Plays a role directly to the method of transfer of image: it is clear that paint would be cheaper than a special yarn. Moreover, the printing process is much less time consuming than embroidery, so it makes sense that it will be cheaper. Depends on many things and the size and color of the image: the picture brighter and bigger, the greater the number of stencils have to produce, that is, the cost of production has increased. And, of course, circulation. To stamp the same image many times is much easier than trying to make a number of stencils, that is, the cost per copy decreases as the total price of the order increases due to the increase in the number of copies. And,of course, as in any business, you will have to pay for urgency.

screen printing logo


No matter you stop on the silkscreen or on one of the types of printing, maybe you will attract a long service life embroidery logo on clothing, in any case, the creation of the image of the company without specific attribution impossible. You cannot forget that your employees-it's your face, and if with symbols like branded pens, cups and business cards it's not that hard, because there are not so many options of drawing, the clothes will have trouble.

It is Unlikely that an employee in a t-shirt, where half of the logo fell down, and the other is noticeably rubbed, will make a favorable impression. Therefore, it is better not to spare money on something that subsequently can significantly affect your profit. The image consists of many small parts, each of which must work perfectly in combination with other. Who believe in high quality services for improper appearance of the staff? The choice is yours.

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