How to use the package as advertising?


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Plastic bag – this is the usual thing in the eyes of each person. It is not evident, but it is always in the limelight. Advertising on the media can be a great opportunity to promote their products. Use a few tips in order to become effective.

1. Use only the packages in high pressure (LDPE)

Yes, they have less strength than the low pressure packages, but look much more presentable. To media longer retained its appearance and not stretched, use a thicker polyethylene. It's a little more expensive, but people go to your advertisement for longer. If you want to save, book packages of medium pressure (cap). They are a little cheaper, but stronger. They look cheaper. Packages low pressure can be used for wearing in them heavy weights. Please only those companies that have established a full cycle, they can guarantee Quality bags. Firms that buy polyethylene from a third party, the company will not be able to provide the full range of possibilities.

2. Refrain from aggressive advertising

Remember, the customer will not go with flashy advertising. Most likely, such a product he will put it in the bag. People are willing to use native advertising well-known brands. So if your firm is new, better, place on the wall of the package your logo, without any inscriptions. So it will look like a regular pattern and people will use the package as long as it has a beautiful appearance. Of course, in this case you will need another way to introduce yourself to the buyer. For example – advertising in Newspapers. Association with a pattern will emerge immediately and the reader will pay attention to such ads. The longer you use this method, the more effective advertising.

3. Humor and creativity help

Try to beat the hand holes and pattern. It will appeal to the buyer, he will be more likely to use the package with your logo. In the network there are many variants of the original harping pens and drawing. Think, talk with a designer.

4. Use eco-friendly packages

This is primarily interested advertiser. Advertising that was lying in the trash or on the ground, produces the opposite effect. So use eco-friendly materials. Those that decompose rapidly if placed under the sun or put it in the water.

5. Stretch of time that is deposited in the mind

Remember that in the mind of the buyer, the brand will be memorable not directly, so the longer people are with your packages, the better. Offer free advertising in different locations around the city. But just to give it away on the street do not need. Invite her shopping with the issues.

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