How to make the newsletter via Email by yourself?


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The e-mail is considered as a convenient and inexpensive way to attract customers. It is actively used by Internet entrepreneurs and not only. How to make the newsletter via Email as to improve its efficiency, what myths are associated with it – read the article.

Basic mistakes

It is considered that the newsletter – it is easy and simple. Enough to have a database of addresses and regularly send emails with offers to buy this or that. But look in your drawer. How many letters have you sent to spam? How many you delete without even opening? When was the last time you bought something, received a similar letter?

Technical knowledge on how to do a mass mailing Email, clearly not enough was a good result.

First, the base address must be legal, bought subscribers or received from a partner does not justify your expectations. Ideally needs to be collected target audience.

Second, the letters should be interesting and useful information. No less important form of presentation. You need to write so that the letter wanted to read. Extremely important headers, otherwise the newsletter just doesn't open.

An Important plan. You need to know in advance when and what you want to tell your readers.

It follows From this simple conclusion. How to do Email newsletter, you need to learn. To read books, to participate in trainings and, of course, be tested in practice, to seek their own approaches and methods.

how to make the newsletter via email

How to make the newsletter via Email

The purpose of the letters from the company – to sell their goods. But to come to this in different ways.

Maxim Eliahou, author and editor of one of the most interesting newsletters in the Internet (from the company «Megaplan”), identifies three ways.

  1. The First way – the game. It creates a fictional character – the hero of letters. His name tells the story, he can also share their opinions or impressions about something. The objective of these letters, primarily to entertain the reader, but to offer a product too. Game and sales should be separated. As an analogy we can recall an interesting transfer to ad units.
  2. The Following way – informative. Such is the strategy adopted in the newsletter « "Megaplan" ”. Letters – a kind of business magazine, full of useful information. Articles written by authors or reprinted from other sources. This approach formed the loyalty of the audience and the expert image of the company.
  3. A Third option – direct sales. It is considered the most ineffective of all. Such letters often fall into the spam. Even with this approach, only 20% of the information must be selling, and 80% useful. Otherwise the method will fail.

how to make a mass mailing email


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How to create database and avoid becoming a spammer?

Choosing a distribution, you find yourself on a slippery slope. Letters – it's a real invasion of personal space. People don't like it, so I press the button “Spam” and complain. It is important to ensure that the information was interesting and relevant to readers.

How to make the newsletter via Email useful? Do not write about your company or about how good your product is. Take a wider theme that will engage the audience. About success, about life around share running secrets and techniques. Let your writing help people to solve problems, even if they haven't bought anything yet.

The Efficiency of distribution directly related to the quality of the base. Accept the fact that a maximum of 20% of the addresses will be employed, and 80% is boxes-dumps that don't even check. The base will be of higher quality if it will include people who have signed up themselves because they are interested in something. To gather such addresses, you need to treat the newsletter as a serious project that requires an investment of time and effort.

how to make email newsletter


Of Course, that contact with the audience you need to regularly. If you do not expect, it is not worth starting. Most of the letters come once a month or once a week. It is better to send quality stuff, but less often than the poor, but often.

It is believed that the most effective regularity is in the range of from two letters a week to one letter every two weeks. Abuse is perceived as a manifestation of urgency, as if to remind himself too often, you can completely forget.

how to make all email links

Technical issues

So, you have decided on the content of letters and regularity, has collected a database of addresses. What's next? How to make the newsletter via Email?

If the database is small, it is a real challenge - to send letters, not involving paid services. How to make Email newsletter yourself? Very simple.

When you finish a letter, fill in the fields “Whom”, “Copy” and “CC”. Addresses separated by commas. The number of recipients there is a limit. For example, in they can not be more than thirty.

Besides the fact that this method is time-consuming, there is another danger. Spam filters emails with lots of recipients are perceived as undesirable. To bypass this protection, you need to send messages not EN masse, but each sendseparately. With a large base to do this manually is simply impossible. How to make Email newsletter in such a situation? Will have to resort to using special mailing services.

how to make email newsletter

How to do all the emailing to: reference services

The Most popular three: SmartResponder, Subscribe, UniSender. All three – domestic. Because of this they have Russian interface and Russian-speaking technical support, which is very convenient.

They Also provide official documents for services, which is extremely important for businesses.

UniSender and Smart Responder different democratic. If the database is small and the letters a bit, then given the opportunity to use the services free of charge.

In Addition to the electronic, using these services it is possible to make distribution via SMS. It is also very important that there is access to the statistics: how many emails opened, how much was sent in spam, how many people made referrals, etc.

Another advantage of services is that they are actively involved in training their users how to do emailing, unknown to the subscribers effective. You will obtain articles and books the next day after you pass the registration procedure.

Now you not only know how to make a newsletter based Email, but also have information about how to ensure that it was an interesting, effective and help to promote your business.

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