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If you want to attract a large number of potential customers, performs booklet products will be simply indispensable! How to make the brochure interesting and readable, how to get people offer services or goods? There is a simple but very effective rules which are used by designers all over the world.

The brochure – brightly colored sheet of paper, often folded in a rectangle or square. An interesting feature is that it is made without the use of fastening elements – staples, firmware, glue.

Now consider some of the steps necessary to ensure that the advertising booklet were really good quality, interesting and readable.

design promotional leafletsStep one: Define the purpose of the booklet

Information leaflets describe any goods or programs.

Selling offer to buy any product, not necessarily explicitly – for example, it may be an offer to go to the promotional website with the aim of obtaining further information.

Image form an opinion about any company to use these services in the future.

Step two: Make the brochure interesting and beautiful


To order the booklet go to the cart and remained for the consumer, you need to write in it something that will be really interesting to read. For example, tips, non-standard use of the product, little known facts.

brochureThe Design of advertising booklets

Much better than text by the human-perceived visual information. Therefore, no matter how interesting your brochure, you need to add a couple of illustrations that complement the text. Then its readability and attractiveness will increase significantly.


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The average Person determines the degree of interestingness of a text is five seconds. Half of this time is spent on reading the title, half – for viewing the images. Therefore, the title of the booklet should if not to slay the man on the spot, then at least motivate him to such an extent that he went on reading.


It is Very important that the target audience was as wide as possible – even to sixty years old retired, picking up the booklet, understand what it is about. In other words – everything has to be painted very simply and with minimal use of technical vocabulary or complicated turns.

how to make advertising brochureContact information

And now came the moment of truth. People read your brochure and imbued with content to such an extent that I decided to buy your product. Now we need to give him the same as simple information on how to get to your office/shop. There is also no need to split hairs – give the person a simple plan of action: call, come, come, ask, read.

Step three: distribute brochure

Please choose the place of distribution of booklets. If there's enough people potentially interested in buying your products or services? It is obvious that to offer services, for example, the notary would be appropriate somewhere closer to the city centre, and not on the market.

So, a good brochure must be colorful, legible, understandable, appropriate. In the absence of at least one of these criteria, the holder of the brochure will likely throw it in the trash, never read.

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