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CTR (click through ratio) – is a term that generally is not transferred. It “clicks”. This is very important. In recent years, many wonder, what is CTR. Initially it was used on banners, but when there was the great and Almighty Google, the concept of CTR was transferred to the sphere of contextual advertising. Through a variety of resources you can earn, because it will allow you to place various ads for money on your website. If you want to unwind, then you will have to pay money to your texts, created by all the rules of copywriting have been posted online. With banners similar situation. You need to know the rate of CTR. This is done to advertise using banners and the sale of places under them.what is ctr

What is CTR? How to calculate this figure? 

CTR – the proportion of people who have seen and clicked. For example, the traffic to your site – 1000 people a day. Advertising of them 50 clicks. Now consider 50 divided by 1000. It turns out to be 0.05. Then multiply the 0.05 by 100% and resulted CTR=5%. See for yourself that there is nothing difficult. Page CTR is considered normal if it is 2-2,5%. If less, then advertising is not targeted, i.e., it is not addressed to the target audience. In other words, if you sell advertising and not well put keywords, Title, Description, contributed to the fact that Google have not recognized. For example, the Title “Wonderful life” for a store which sells curtains, very vague and very difficult to get into the search engines. The more accurate you set the keywords in the ad, the higher the chances to enter the site related topics. Of course, a lot depends on the money you're willing to pay.


How to increase CTR and what factors influence it?

1. Website, blog, similar in theme to your ad, – it is 50% of success of a good CTR. This time. Every person understands that the announcement “SEO expert” will be relevant for the promotion of sites, not site for Dating. ctr's
2. Consider what target audience you are addressing (country, gender, age, etc.).
3. Try to objectively assess the specifics of the product or service. Perhaps it is narrowly focused and expensive goods, and even low levels of CTR – this is normal. That's three.
Remember! CTR – it is not yet your customers, and those who are interested in your product or service.

What is the CTR in the eyes of advertisers?
Contextual advertising – a call to action. Ad, you should start with verbs: want? are you looking for? Do not forget about simplicity. If the query that you redeem for a specific advertisement, content network is low frequency, then don't expect much traffic from content in a short time. On the reverse side, purchase low competitive queries – is the ability to optimize the budget. Optimize the website for “darling” in terms of the cost of clicks – it is a way to increase the incomes received from placing of contextual advertising. page ctr
What is CTR the eyes of the webmaster?

CTR for webmasters – is the ability to increase income when you pay for the clicks on the links for some period of time. They are placed within the block of contextual advertising. CTR increases due to the good location of the unit. An effective method of increasing income webmasters with contextual advertising-is filtering of websites which advertise. This can help special resources that define the most frequent requests by users. It's enough to make optimizing website content for them without progress. As a rule, the most successful queries are those that are associated with the theme of the content.

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