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The Concept of "personal brand" in many ways similar to the term “reputation”. What does it mean? Speaking in simple words, it's how people perceive you as a personality, entrepreneur, representative of a social movement or an organization, media for any purpose. You are the expert? Genius? Whether you can be trusted? What ideas promote? Who can you imagine? What associations and thoughts come to people when pronouncing your name? If you are the owner of the personal brand, then you'll know everything. People know what you offer and what you working on. In this article we will learn how to create a personal brand.

Image. Popularity at any price

Sometimes overcoming unpleasant situations can create you a reputation of a strong man. But in most cases all over the destroyed image. You should always remember that people must take you seriously, and “stained” the reputation will be strongly discouraged. Do not do bad deeds only for the sake of attracting attention. It will not help to make your personal brand successful. If you are in a similar situation, take all necessary measures for its correction. As practice shows, when you blur the effects of bad fame people only gained greater margin of trust.

personal brand

Core values

In the process of creating a personal brand it is important to determine how clients should perceive you. Consider every detail. After all, personal brand human – is a collection of emotions, words and thoughts of other people that form in their minds of your final image. And then it will depend on how you present yourself in society. Well, this process is easy to control. Just select the image and act in accordance with its behavioural patterns. The most basic thing you can say to people – it is a moral value. So you should start with them.

Be the best

If you sell expensive paintings, you need to be those who recognize the right to explain to clients all the nuances of this direction. If you provide design services, it is necessary to present yourself as a talented professional. Any good brand implies professionalism and experience. Thus, the company «Nike» positioning yourself as an expert in the field of creation of fashionable and high quality sportswear. A good example of a personal brand – Jeremy Clarkson (presenter “Top gear”). He knows a lot about cars. Even if you have no plans of promoting and advertising its own services, we still need to create the impression of expertise.

Constantly educate yourself and follow the changes in their chosen field. Especially if you work in the Internet. None of the fields is not growing as fast as this. So if you stop to develop and to take a break for a few months, then your competence you will lose.

promoting your personal brand

Unique look

In fact, personal branding – it sales people self. It is therefore very important to think carefully about how you present yourself. You need to simulate a recognizable image that would be easy to remember even strangers. It is important to its uniqueness. But this does not mean that you need to assemble a team and brainstorm to discuss how to stand out among the crowd. Just be yourself, don't copy others, and all you get automatically, and the promotion of the personal brand will go faster.

Communications with people. Constantly communicate and be open

In our age of high technology is to adopt the social network. Let people look into your life. Even though it will not be the main means of communication. But you will give them the opportunity to be closer to you. Only use everywhere the same name. So people will easier to find you. Well, tell us in detail about your skills and interests.

how to create a personal brand

Personal site

This is a great way to tell people about you and your projects. They will read the biography and assess the quality of the work, looking portfolio. Thus, you will be able to develop a personal brand. So you need to make a presentable website and regularly update it. Make sure that every aspect is thoroughly worked out. Be sure to add a section on recent projects and works, about the services provided and the results achieved.


Some people start creating a personal brand with its opening. Blog – this is one of the most popular ways used in the professional world, to declare itself. It's very easy to configure. There are many free hosting to openblogs and the most popular of them is "WordPress.kom". There are other platforms where you can access your page without investment. For Example, "".

But it is not enough just to own page. To promote the personal brand has progressed rapidly, we need the active participation of readers and offer them different ideas for improvement. This will help in attracting more number of visitors. Well, do active. Offer readers a discussion of new topics and participate in discussions. Your responses should be professional, so that users understand the seriousness and relevance of the blog.

personal brand man

Regularly make friends

Do this every day. Try to meet the greatest possible number of people. It is also worth thinking about what new friends can do for you, and what you can do for them. Only make friends that are actually worth something. And when you need the help of a professional, the right person will already be at hand.

You Need to know about people as much as possible: biographical details, full names, etc. because of this, they will see you as friendly, enthusiastic and serious person. And yet, the more you remember about a certain person, the more make an impression on them in person. Your good friends with whom you have close contact, just talk about you to their friends. Thus it is possible to significantly strengthen your personal brand.

Find “allies”

It may be public people, public figures, stars etc, media persons, which the audience is similar to yours. Need to get into their circle of contacts. Follow the pages of media persons in social networks, comment on publications, and if necessary will offer assistance. If one of them has a blog, write a guest post (but he must be sincere and really good!). These people have a lot to learn. In addition, they can give a great recommendation to you or your product just by making a repost. Thereby you will learn about thousands of people.

But in this case it is important moderation. Don't bother and don't ask for more services if they themselves had little. Do not go too far and make a difference, then “allies” definitely will remember you. But it is necessary to consider the process as a long-term. A couple of weeks, few people can be friends with famous people. Typically, this process takes months, and even years. Communication itself must be non-aggressive. Blogs «allies» should not write things that require a response in the comments. For this is Twitter and email.

example of a personal brand

Communicate without direct contact

If you are not physically able to answer all receive from your audience's messages, it should tell you about it on its main page (with an apology). After all, the surest way to cause people have negative – to disappoint them. Well, if you explained everything and apologized, no reason to be offended they will not. To many times not to answer same questions should have on your website FAQ and give a link to it to all who wrote.

Photo and video

A Person must feel as if he have been familiar with. This is especially true for online business. This impression is created only when people can to see you. This can be realized with the help of videos and photos. Put avatar on your profiles in social networks a good picture. It is useful to hire a professional photographer. Spread video on "YouTube" where you share your future plans or tell you about the nuances of professional activity. Thereby you will enter the personal space of their own spectators.

Success in the long term. Content creation

A Strong personal brand, you cannot use a hundred percent, if not Supplement it with something interesting: a useful app, interesting blog, high-quality services, etc. But to create such content need about the same time as establishing friendship with media persons.

Offer original ideas

In their chosen field you need to be proactive. You need to be innovative, to make any contribution, be constantly changing. If you do not, your personal brand will eventually sink into Oblivion. Find out what you can change in your chosen field in a better way. But here is an important point. It must be that innovation.

promotion personal brand


You Need to use every opportunity to speak publicly. Take the initiative at various meetings and discussions. Feel free to Express their own opinion. Because people want you to seebut to hear. Actively participate in the events that happen in your life and in the world. Thus it is necessary to listen to and respect the opinions of others. Then they will feel connected to your success.

Keep the brand

Hardly any media people want, that people thought it repetitive, boring, disposable and obsolete. No matter how good the content at the moment. If you do not work on quality material, not to add something modern to accept new challenges, audience interest will gradually fade away. It is impossible to use the same idea. Regularly add your new layers.

Aim at long distance

Worth considering building a personal brand as a long-term investment. It is possible that he will live longer his master. While your business projects fade or profitable, personal brand is always there and gives any undertakings added value. If people feel to it involvement, they will always follow your work. That is a personal brand gives a certain guarantee that in the event of a crisis you don't have to start completely from scratch.


To succeed, not necessarily to be the best in everything at once. There are top bloggers and individuals, who have quite weak personal brand (in terms of the number of private audience). The most common causes of this – the arrogant manner of communication and transparency of their motives (Frank desire to capitalize on the audience of the money). On the other hand, there are many people with a strong brand, which several times exceeds their own projects. The audience may be quite small. In this case, the personal brand will be the perfect launching pad for growth and development.

building a personal brand


You Never want to be a hypocrite. Avoid actions that are contrary to the promoted values and contrary to your image. Don't advertise your professional failures. Failures in other fields – this is normal. After all, there you don't pretend to be an expert. And here you should think in advance what kind of failures can be shared and which not. The exception may be a bug, which became public knowledge. If this happens, no need to avoid answering. So it can seem a liar. Best of all to talk honestly of their audience. Let people know about the mistake from you, not from hostile third parties.

During the presentation avoid exaggeration. Don't be obsessive and vain. Remember: you don't have to praise yourself and other people. The promotion of the personal brand should go slowly and steadily. Excessive assertiveness and aggression can make you selfish and not benefit. Between self promotion and bragging is a very fine line that should not cross.

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