The decal is what? Features, advantages and disadvantages.


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One way to create a unique and colorful promotional products is the decal, the application of which may be virtually any solid surface. This method of creating images on various products are quite popular among consumers. For example, it is similarly most often renderout signature dishes, souvenir figurines, and other items.

What is a decal?

Decal — it is actually well-known since childhood decals. They are printed on sheets of special gummed paper and fixed with varnish. If this picture is immersed in hot water, the varnish and the paint layer easily depart, and the picture can be moved on the subject. To strengthen the result of the decorated product is to be placed in a special oven.

decal it

If you decide, for example, be placed the logo of your company on a large number of items, you have to be patient. The fact that the decal is made by hand. Firms that promise you a day to print thousands of copies, most likely, disingenuous — to achieve this in practice is very difficult.

Hot application

The implementation of the hot decal most suitable for logo application on ceramics, porcelain, glass and other materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. Hot decal is applied using inks, it is absolutely harmless to human health, so glassware, branded in this way you can safely eat and drink. Procedure subsequent firing can significantly increase the life of the product, to preserve its attractive appearance.


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Of Course, hot decal a bit more expensive than that which is used for products processed by cold method, but also the quality of workmanship is much higher. Technology application usually consists of three steps:

  • Printing of the image by screen printing;
  • The label image printed on a souvenir or dishes;
  • Baking products with the use of high-temperature equipment.

This method of application has obvious advantages:

  • Durability — baked paint will not be erased and will not scratch, you can destroy it only with the product;
  • Wear resistance — branded product can be washed, wash and scrub, using any household chemicals, the image is not going anywhere;
  • Clarity — the bright colors are not amenable to fading, do not fade even with years of use.

hot decal

When applied to images, this way you can use natural precious metals in piping drawings, to achieve the dullness of the picture or mirror laser engraving.

Cool decal

This kind of application "decals" is used in cases when the product cannot be annealed with various reasons: inability to withstand high temperatures, sizes and dimensions, and other qualities. In this case, cold-applied decal. The picture for the decal are printed on a special paper coated with water soluble glue. After the pattern is printed, it is covered with a special colloidal lacquer and thoroughly dried.

This is the usual sliding picture, which moves the object by normal water. If watering brandermill object can not, then apply the dry decal. Cool decal though, and is much cheaper, but has significant drawbacks. For example, many of the components used in the application are prohibited in the food industry, this means that to decorate in this way a favorite plate or Cup will not work.

decal it

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other method of applying information to objects, the decal has both positive and negative traits. The advantages include the following:

  • Decal — the opportunity to decorate the items of all shapes and sizes;
  • Personality of the decor, the opportunity to order copies from 1 pieces;
  • Use of various forms and methods of printing;
  • Long life branded products;
  • Durability and beauty of the deposited print.

Of Course, the decal — it not only benefits but also some difficulties. For example:

  • For manual labor, likely a large percentage of the marriage;
  • The complexity and the complexity of printing;
  • The possibility of distortion of the selected colors when baking, if the paint used is of inadequate quality;
  • Long prepress.

How to distinguish the decal from hand painted?

Despite the fact that the decal is very practical and beautiful, it is still mass production. Sometimes, however, unscrupulous producers are trying to raise the already considerable cost of the product, giving a pattern for a hand job. How to understand — a decal or hand painted?

decal application

It's not always easy, so you need to be very careful. First of all, the decal is still printing, so the picture is bound to have at least a minimum of graininess. However, sometimes to see it, you will have to use a magnifying glass.

For manual work oftentry to issue a decal with a drawing. This means that the picture is still printed, but some critical details are drawn manually. But what if a magnifying glass is not at hand, and the ornament is very fine and points not visible? In this case, compare between repeating parts of the picture — if they are absolutely identical, then before you decal. No one, even the most skilled wizard is not able with accuracy to the millimeter to repeat once painted motif.

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