What should be the sieve for sifting flour?


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At the bakery there are no trifles. A good Baker knows that some of the products before applying you need to prepare in advance. Therefore, in addition to the basic equipment he has to be in the presence of a sieve for sifting flour. This simple device ultimately helps to influence the quality of the finished product.


When it comes to baking, you should pay attention to any little thing. For example, flour, which is the main raw material for its production must go through several processing stages. One of the most important stages of its preparation is considered to be sieving. This operation helps:

  • Get rid of unwanted impurities;
  • To improve the condition of the crumb, making it a gentle and lush.

To Conduct such a procedure will help a sieve for sifting flour.sieve for sifting flour

This is the simplest cooking utensils, that Housewives used in ancient times. For many centuries a fixture repeatedly changed its appearance. But, in fact, it remained the same. Any sieve for sifting flour is a body with a fortified it with a grating, through which must pass product. This seemingly simple design helps to solve very serious questions. Depending on the source material of the body a sieve for sifting flour can be made of metal, plastic or wood, and as a lattice, typically used plastic or hair mesh. During operation, the device must be in motion, to avoid caking and did not score the cell. On an industrial scale for this purpose, the process of rotation, swing, and vibration. And at home for such purposes, usually subject to the normal shake.


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Simple mechanism

For home use in hardware stores sold a simple device-a mug-a sieve for sifting flour. This simple mechanism helps not only to speed up the work, but also allows you to make it more effective.

circle sieve for sifting flour

Externally, the object resembles a conventional metal Cup in which is inserted the bottom of the sieve. This bowl has a handle consisting of two sections, with a built-in spring. The mechanism of action of the device is very simple. First, the product is filled inside. Then by pressing handle is driven sieve. This causes the flour, passing through small cells, to sleep outside. Inside remain foreign objects or compacted clumps, the presence of which is undesirable in the test. This arrangement has some significant advantages:

  • It is very compact and is not bulky like an ordinary sieve.
  • Mug has a pretty stylish design and it is pleasant to hold in hands.
  • Due to the limited exposure of the working place is always clean.
  • Ease of use.

In addition, this mug can be used for processing not only flour, but also cocoa or powdered sugar.

Eco-friendly product

Previously, hostess had no such diversity. They knew only one sieve for sifting of flour – wooden. However, this option is still used in many homes. The subject is an ordinary wooden Hoop, the bottom of which is secured the mesh with small cells.

sieve for sifting flour, wooden

For sifting of the product to the hostess have to make multiple translational motion, moving the device from side to side. In the result small particles are freely falling down. And on the surface of the lattice only remains an unnecessary inclusion. The main advantage of this fixture is its environmental friendliness. Made of natural materials, it does not have adverse effects on the processed product. But the sieve has its negative side. Basically, it refers to its size. Usually, the diameter of the device ranges from 20 to 35 centimeters. So when you work with it the smallest particles of product scatter in different directions, polluting the desktop. Otherwise such an option is in no way inferior to other instances.


Some Housewives prefer a metal sieve for sifting flour. Photo provides a better look at this model. Outwardly, it resembles a sieve ladle on the rim of which is fixed a handle, sometimes equipped with a plastic insert. A distinctive feature of this device is its form. The structure is based on a metal grid which has a special recess. It increases the efficiency of screening as the process takes place virtually on all sides.

sieve for sifting flour photo

In addition, the side of the cell prevent the caking of the product, freeing up the approach to it of fresh air. It also increases oxygen saturation. The metal mesh is easy to clean and also dries quickly. It is very convenient in that case, if you suddenly need extra flour. Using the handle, this saucepan is very easy to hold in hands. This reduces the complexity of the work and makes it possible to speed it up.

Modern version

At home usually use the hand sieve for sifting flour. In addition to the already described embodiments, it may be made entirely of plastic. Moreover, many Housewives choose this option, seeing it as practical. I must say that such a preference can be considered quite reasonable. For example, if you compare this device with wood, you will notice one significant advantage. The plastic sieve can be easily cleaned and for a few seconds to dry. After that it is again ready to work. Wooden model after wet processing is to dry much longer. It will be some time before it becomes usable again. In addition, small particles of the product can linger in the cracks of the rim. Over time, this leads to the fact that wooden kitchen utensils acquires an unpleasant musty smell, which is partially transferred to the new portions of the fresh product.

In principle, any model can be found, both positive and negative sides. Therefore, the final choice is to make the mistress.


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