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In Soviet times, many collecting badges, emblems, pennants. To get them was not easy. And today, thanks to technology, you can make them yourself. Knowing how to make icon with your own hands, and you can make original gifts to your friends, and make a joke of a medal for the holidays, and to establish their own production of Handicrafts.

Methods of production

How to make icon with your own hands at home? It depends on what skills and materials has a master. The simplest versions – badges made of cardboard. Simple to manufacture and wooden models, but with metal you will have to Tinker – this is one of the most difficult options.

Cardboard, paper, fantasy

Before you make icon with your own hands, you should decide on the theme. For weddings, anniversaries, school competitions and children's parties often made a joke of medals and badges. To create them requires cardboard, pins and imagination.

how to make icon with your own hands

Wedding jewelry for witnesses

Often when preparing the wedding, the young want to be remembered for a long time not only to them but also came to share the joy of the guests. Witness prepared the original icons. It has become fashionable to order them from hand-made masters. But knowing how to make buttons for witnesses with your hands, you can safely get to work.

You'll need the following materials: satin ribbon matching colors, cardboard, scissors, needle, thread, glue (preferably the melt), pins.

how to make icons for witnesses with their own hands

Cardboard cut out 2 circles of desired size (diameter 5-6 cm). To prepare the labels that you can do yourself or print on the printer found on the Internet. The inscription shall conform to the dimensions of the cardboard blank. To stick labels or pictures on one of the cardboard circles.


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The Next stage – the decorating. Here you can give freedom of imagination. The icon can be decorated with satin ribbons into petals in the technique of kanzashi. Or make a frame from lace that will look no less beautiful, but is much easier.

Most Often, witnesses make pins in the shape of a flower or coin. On the second cardboard circle using glue to adhere embellishments. At the end of the middle of a closed circle with the inscription. To the rear is attached a pin. And witness the icons ready. Decorate them with beads, sequins, rhinestones.

Icons from billets

Available In stores for creativity you can find a piece for the icons. With their help, you can do a variety of options. Some just pasted the image, while others require a special press to create the finished product. The purchaser should check with the seller all the nuances.

Having a simple preparation, you can make a simple icon out of cardboard or paper. On the printer print any image corresponding to the size of the workpiece. You can draw it yourself or pick a picture from a magazine. The mass of options.

how to make icon with your own hands at homeTo Glue the picture onto the cardboard, which corresponds to the size of the icon. The surface of the workpiece made of metal, needs a little clean up sandpaper for a better grip, and superglue to glue the image. Everything is ready. For reliability, the image can be laminated or covered with clear varnish. Here is how to make icon with your own hands out of cardboard.

You Can do without blanks. Just on a cardboard or plastic base to stick any picture and attach a pin for a fixation.

More options

Knowing how to make icon with your own hands, can be safely taken for the manufacture of such Souvenirs. After all, maybe these products will become too collectible.

The More complex are the wooden icons. In stores for creativity you can find special pieces that can serve as a basis for future product. Also you can cut a fragment from thin plates with thickness of 0.5-1 cm and polished. They paint a drawing or written inscription. You can use the burner to put the image. The mass of options.

how to make wooden badges with their hands

Those who know the art of carving, can cut and cut awesome shape and beauty of the product. It may be symbols, logos, and charms, and runes. Made in the popular ecological style, these items will be exclusive and stylish decoration. Those who know how to make a wooden badges with their hands, no need to wrestle with gifts for the holidays.

Aluminum and lead – the basis for the work

In Soviet times were popular icons of metal. Now they can be made independently, but this will require some tools and skills to work with them. For the manufacture of a suitable plate of aluminium with a thickness of 2 mm. printed with a image, and then cut and machined form. The finished icon was covered with paint. It is a painstaking effort.

But cast lead icon you can even at home. Lead – metal fusible. In a special container must be folded small pieces of metal, fit and solder,used for soldering electronic components. On the fire to melt metal and pour into mold. It should be heat resistant. There are ready-made options, you can find them in specialized stores. Simple forms can be done in regular sand. Sift the sand, properly compacted it and make a hole of desired size and shape. It should pour molten lead. When the metal has cooled, you need to Polish the product and attach the pin. Further decoration – the taste and discretion of the master.

how to make icon with your own hands out of cardboard

Decorating – a flight of fancy

There are plenty of options how to make icon with your own hands, everyone can choose the most suitable. It could be a simple badge made of paper. But if you want to manufacture exclusive option can go for embroidery, wool for felting, beads and rhinestones, the other the most unusual materials that came to hand while working.

These products are handmade just will not go unnoticed. This is a simple and accessible way of expression in art.

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