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Have You ever wondered why people like to swing in the swing? All the matter in the emerging associations of childhood. The sickness of the child and baycare on hand gives a sense of calm and relaxation. These are the sensations we feel while the monochromatic shaking. Big swing for the garden in the recreation area will give the opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

What are swing

All kinds of swings do not count, they were plenty. But you can try to combine similar types of groups. The method of placing the body depending on the design may be:

  • Standing;
  • Sessile;
  • Recumbent.

The street of the swing Frame for the garden that you need to stand, should be massive, in most cases it is made from metal pipes. The base can be made from the large rubber tires.

The Swing with the seat in its simplest form is a small plane, hanging on high ropes. In a more robust embodiment, the ropes are replaced by steel cables or metal pipes. The seat can be with protective bumpers for a safe landing young children. Can be in the form of a bag or hammock, as well as a full bed.

Swing on which you can lie down, have become popular recently. Their appearance resembles a full sofa to relax on, and the roof protects from rain. Swing bed sometimes hung in houses and even in normal living spaces. For functionality on the side of the fixed bases you can build a hanging table. Swing bed looks gorgeous, such a design not only help to create a cozy Seating area but also make the interior original and creative.


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According to the method of installation, the swings are divided into:

  • Fixed;
  • Portable;
  • Pendant.

Stationary swings have thick, powerful frame and large dimensions. For this reason, often to accommodate such swings is preparing a special area where you can arrange small sunken Foundation. To transport such swings can only be dismantled.

The Portable option involves the possibility to change the place for a swing. There are models that, if necessary, can be folded up and transported to another place.

Pendant designs - the most primitive and common form of swings for children in the country. Basically, these models are hung on the massive branches of trees, or other suitable for this purpose.

Materials for the manufacture of swing

To make swing you should choose a material that will conform to certain standards of strength and durability. If you are planning a street version of the swing, then make sure that the influence of moisture and temperature changes is not reflected eventually on the condition of the material of the swing.

If you are using wood, then you need to treat it with antiseptic to prevent putrefaction and occurrence of fungi. Antiseptic is applied with a brush, roller or spray. To improve appearance in the form of topcoat you can use varnish or exterior paint.

The Metal frame of the swing can cover rust, which is formed by the interaction of the metal with water. To prevent this, apply a protective coat of varnish, silicoane enamel or water-insoluble paint. Such a surface will not only protect from corrosion but also will decorate and ennoble the appearance of the product.

The Seat of the swing can be performed in the form of wickerwork. In this case, preference should be given to the young growth of willow bushes, as it is more flexible. The workpiece material do while the snow still fell, but cold enough. In the spring to gather material to start the process of SAP flow.

If you are using soft seats, then their covers should be made of waterproof fabric, otherwise when moisture in the packing material can form a colony of fungi, and appear musty smell.

Wooden swings

Below is an example photo of a swing for the garden from the tree.

Swing wood

With the right approach and careful execution of the design of the tree will look like factory. It is recommended to use conifers such as larch or pine. The wood of this variety has a high level of strength. You need to start with a schematic picture of the desired result. After that, determine the size and transfer on paper all the details. If you are planning a large wooden swing for the garden with possibility to accommodate several people, then as support, you should choose the timber with a thickness of 10-15 cm Prepare the necessary instruments from the list:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Drill
  • Hacksaw;
  • Screws, nails, bolts, angles;
  • Level;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Sander (or sanding attachment on the drill).

The Principle of suspension of the swing to give the following: at the sides, and put the rack in the form of the letter "A", which will act as supports, the top point of the connected beam. The very bench can be put together using planed Board 10*2cm Hung from the bench to the vertical beam by means of a chain or rope.

Don't forget about preparing the wood to work. All roughnesses carefully cut down and polished. The surface must be perfectly smooth.

If you wish to construct the shed. In bad weather I'll protect you from rain, but on a hot day you can hide under it from the sun.

Metal swing set


How to make a swing at the cottage with his own hands? The photo option of swing metal. To work with it will need serious tools, and more knowledge. The need to use welding machine which makes this method unavailable to those who do not have experience in this field. If you are a welder, then build a swing on a metal frame for you is very simple. Most importantly, choose material and choose the project. We will need:

  • Welding machine;
  • Pliers.
  • An angle grinder or hacksaw;
  • Vices;
  • Building level;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Iron pipes of different diameters;
  • Screws, bolts, nuts, spring washers.

The Amount of material in the form of metal pipes will depend on the construction, design and size of your swing. Also prepare the paint for the exterior of the finished product.

The design Scheme of the swing similar to the one that was in the case of a tree. But the use of metal gives the additional possibility of creating the original design of the swing. Looks very impressive openwork forging and a combination of metal and wooden elements.

The color of the coating of the metal frame needs to match the color scheme of the landscape design elements on your site. Professionally and looks presentable glossy or matte black coating. This option will fit into almost any design.

Swing for kids

Swing for young children

Swing for the little ones must be equipped with protective barriers that the child accidentally fell out of the seat and not hurt. If the swing is wood, then on the sides of the pitch armrests, and the rear backrest. Front fence it is necessary to perform in holder with open part for the feet.

Street swings to give their hands to do easily. A particularly simple variant designed for kids. Well treat the wood, its surface should be smooth, perfectly polished. Seat tool soft foam cushion, clad in a waterproof case. For more comfort for the same elements can be provided and a backrest with armrests.

It is best to mount the seat on the frame elements to the base, this will make the limitation of motion of the swing. To prevent a child from rocking too hard, at the top of the mounts will prekratite bars, they will not allow moving elements to rise above the horizontal plane and ensure the safety of the baby.

Swing from metal hoops

The Hammock-swing at the dacha with his hands. Photos of braided option.

Swing-hammock out of the wrap

The Swing-Jack - the original decision and a very popular trend in the design of the seats. This style makes the chairs, armchairs and hammocks for relaxing. The appearance of swing from hoops may look different. The Hoop is the frame for fixing the hammock. Let's discuss the most popular types of design of the seat in the form of a nest or hammock:

  1. Hammock with a knit base. For tying the wrap, you should use strong and durable thread or cord. First banded ring, then narrowing the circumference of the resulting bag. It is supposed to be rough and thick binding.
  2. Hammock fabric. Choose a suitable fabric. It should be solid and dense. You can use denim fabric. Cut out two circles with a diameter of 1.5 m. Stitched on the edge and gut-wrenching, make another line for the formation of the tunnel to the Hoop. In four places make the holes for mounting the hanging straps to the Hoop. Threaded ring, tighten the straps, fasten them to the base, which ...

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