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When the vehicle began to fill the road, their popularity began to gain reflective paint. Thanks to this paint, as drivers and pedestrians becomes much easier to avoid accidents in the dark.

Purpose paint

Reflective paint – paint material, which is used for painting surfaces that need to reflect light. The main feature of this paint – this property of rapid drying, even in inappropriate conditions.


This paint has 4 basic types.

The First is a reflective paint. In consists of a special powder and varnish. You can see the paint only when it gets light. A special powder in the composition reflects the rays back a little scattering them.

The Second kind is luminescent (cumulative). This type of paint will not glow, even if it gets the direct rays of light. After accumulating its called not just. This paint nakalyaet a solar light, and then gives into the darkness and will glow for about twelve hours. By the way, artificial light, it also absorbs. Often the ink composition includes phosphorus, so often they greenish hue.

night colors

The Third type of paint – fluorescent. The paint contains special pigments. They do not respond to any light, except for UV rays. Often, this type of paint is used on clothing.

And finally, the fourth kind – a reflective film. It is sold in the form of a self-adhesive film that is covered with a reflective material. It can be cut any shape and stick to the surface.


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So, we have considered four basic types of paint that you can buy in the shops, and some to make yourself, if you have the necessary materials for this.

The Scope of application of paint

Now let's look at the area where applied retro-reflective paint.

Used in many industries because on any surface of paint to go well, ranging from clothes, finishing metal. Quite often, this paint can be seen on clothing in the form of letters and stripes, for example, employees of traffic police. Their form must be reflective strips. Since the road - a dangerous place, and night-time drivers must see the road when the light falls on them headlights.

road paint

For markings on the road uses a special reflective road paint. Due to the fact that marking lights up at night, drivers are much easier to see her in the dark. Pedestrians can cross the road confidently.

Often you may notice that cyclists night wheel reflected light. They use the paint for their own safety, and at night can drive safely, as when hit by headlights of cars on a moving bike person it becomes clearly visible. For painting a bike well suited reflective spray-paint.

bike paint

At the present time the paint is used even at home. At night the room looks fabulous, the walls are illuminated with colorful drawings. But for the room you need to choose non-toxic paint that will not harm your health.

As the night, you notice that the reflective paint is applied to road signs. Due to the reflection of light drivers see them better at night. Also the license plates of vehicles can be painted.


We examined the use of reflective paint, its types and applications. In case you have to deal with the application of paint, encourage you to buy only original and quality products from trusted manufacturers.

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