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You too, like many other girls, fascinated by the unrealistic abilities of the little Mermaid to conquer the hearts of men the same natural process, like breathing? Many secretly dream to have super powers. After admiring the “stacks” fans, falling to the tail of this creature, passionately ask: ‘How to become a mermaid right now?”. The matter is quite simple. But for the persistent, the wise virgins, as is, no task insurmountable. Let's make up "work plan" if the desire is so to become a mermaid right now

Step one: why?

You say that the girl, seeking ways to be a mermaid right now, needs no understanding of the purpose? Wrong. This stage is extremely important. Let's start with a simple question: “And what you want to become a mermaid?”. It turns out that a lot of them, they are different. Prefer the forest to hide among the birches and oaks, luring boys into the woods. Water reminiscent of “promoted” image, endowed with a fish tail. That's what you want? In a like spirit becomes sunken virgin. It is endowed with an evil disposition. This interest? It turns out that before you can get the manual on how to become a mermaid right now, you need to know what a girl wants from a magical transformation. We assume that, like wanting to become a little fishtail to start – is a serious matter (and dance?). Therefore, the user write to convert the forest diva.

Step two: exploring negative consequences

In the folk art of paludosum pluribum assigned a place of honor. If you are looking for information on how to become a mermaid right now, you must start with “history”. And in folk tales important moment will be the nature of the magic div. Running one eye several texts, you'll see some of the nastiness of the data entities. The latter term is applied specifically to those interested in girls knew mermaids – not quite human. This is manifested in them is not always clear behavior. Real mermaid capable of murder. How half fish "tickled" of the many legends go. It is necessary to understand the change in personality will be so complete that the questions of life and death you'll be looking at some other angle. In magic, by the way, this transition is not considered a tragedy. The energy of humans (and other creatures) are immortal. Now think for yourself, should you continue to figure out how to be a mermaid right now? Not afraid?how to become a mermaid without a full moon


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Step three: preparing for the ritual

It Should be noted that methods of transformation are many. Only the preparation will have to deal necessarily. The fact that changes of consciousness (acquiring desirable abilities) simple conspiracy is not enough (although it is necessary). The girl recommended “tear” and “throw” all material dreams and requirements. Mermaids do not dream about rings or Mercedes, they don't really care about outfits and manicures. With such a burden you for years to seek ways how to become a mermaid without a full moon or with the sword. The material world must take second place (or further). Do not worry, then after conversion it will be back. All your favorite dreams will remain only during the ceremony they will become an insurmountable wall between you and the target. And, of course, necessary to believe in their abilities. In a privileged position here are girls who have been in the family floaters. Most likely, these daughters of eve there is a special gene, which is required for conversion to a water diva.

how to become a mermaid in the home

Step four: ritual

One of the most famous is the ceremony which is held during the full moon. He was found accidentally in an old manuscript. Of course, those girls who are interested in how to become a mermaid at home, it will not work. But to understand the logic of the process with him is to see. The girl was offered a Nude dive into the pond located in the depths of the forest. Most suitable is lake. In the water need to be more than an hour. Get comfortable, for the body to remain relaxed. Cover your eyes, stop the thoughts, the hair is freely dissolved. Read the plot (all the time): “Aer of kupiti fed unenc elocity abIe Hughes”. This ancient word. They need to learn and not be confused. The voice should sound barely audible, but distinctly. During the ritual the girl was offered fully to identify with the natural environment. That is the substance dissolved in the forest and cool water. After one hour you had to stand up and loudly say: “I am a mermaid!”.

Step four: another option

real mermaidAn Ancient ritual is good for its naturalness and purity. Only modern children urbanization is not particularly suitable. Where the city residents to look for forest lake? And can they swim? There is another way. For example, many people are interested in how to become a mermaid without a full moon. May the employment interfere with the girls to go into the woods at a certain time. Maybe scares a walk in the Bush under a full moon, in the time when creatures of another world to roam among men. Ancient sources so the answer to the question ‘How to become a mermaid without a full moon?”. You needprepare and drink a special magic potion. Be sure to cook it himself, carefully observing the recipe. Drink as soon as it is ready.

Retreat: the ancient recipe of magic potion

You Must prepare the following ingredients: a glass of salty and sea water, fish blood. Still need the heart of a waterfowl (from the same instance). Fish and its products must be fresh. Mix in a can of water with blood and quickly run to the pond. It can be like a lake, and calm river. Quick no welcome source of information about the ceremony. Spread the fire from the forest boughs. While it inflames, cut off a lock of hair. Carefully wrap its heart and burn in hot flames. Collect the ashes and throw in the elixir. Otpeyte three SIPS prepared with potions, quickly pour the rest on top. Now dive into the water. That is the ancient recipe. The only evidence to prove its effectiveness, does not exist. They say that every girl, trying it out, never came home.

How to become a mermaid home

how to become a mermaid houseThe above options are suitable for girls, firmly decided to devote himself to magic, having escaped from society. Not everyone can do it. Yes, and why waste life prospects, if you can perform the ritual is not complete, but partial transformation? This can be done at home, in the quiet of his native bathroom. This method is suitable for those interested in how to become a mermaid without a tail. After the ritual, the girl gains all of the benefits of a water diva, remaining the same as it was (physically). Keep in mind that the world will still change. Therefore, carefully read first the steps described in the article. Performing a ritual on the Trinity. This great feast the girl was recommended to undertake alone. Fill water bath. Pour into it half a kilogram of salt. Arrange the edges of lighted candles (a must from the temple). The mirror should either make the room or carefully closed opaque cloth. This is done that the evil spirits would not hurt your concentration.

The ritual of the house

When everything is ready, you need to be naked, to let your hair down, comb them, softly singing a favorite folk song. Ringtone choose a smooth, slow, causing the feeling of a quiet, serene, joyful peace. Now dive into the water. Feel its softness (don't worry, salt will help!), will make friends with her (mentally). To achieve the result you need its energy without the rest. Dive into the water head first. Imagine the manner in which how to become a mermaid without a tailI wish to reincarnate. Emerge not while you will not feel cold in the legs. You need to create the real feeling of the soft currents around the calf and feet. It must seem cool no matter how hot the water in the bathroom. If you get tired, then take a breath and dive again. It is believed that ritual just starts a process of transformation. Next, you will need to repeat it in any body of water while swimming. Abilities will soon emerge.

More work

The Girls persistent and fearless, it is recommended not to stop the magic ritual. The fact that not everything here depends on magical powers. There is much that the girl was able to do it yourself, by training and self-discipline. Here's what the mermaid is the most attractive (for contenders for their role)? Them unique, magical charm. No guy could resist their charms. Most likely, girls are interested in these abilities when they find the recipes, how to become a mermaid. The methods listed above give only the initial impetus. Until complete transformation must pass a lot of time. Energy cannot change instantly. This alteration will simply kill any person. But you can constantly improve (after the ceremony). For this there are exercises and installation.

Cultivate mermaid

how to become a mermaid waysCharming voice noted by all who met marvelous creature. The girl encouraged to work on their sounds. For this fit a simple affirmation: “I – the mermaid.”. It is necessary to sing slowly and gently, constantly deepening voice. To be clear, try to write this phrase in a calm state, and then in the excited (when you jump for joy want to). Now compare. Immediately hear where the voice is deeper and “bigger” sounds. All the time, try to speak with such characteristics. Next, you need to use affirmations to improve your femininity. Fit a simple phrase: “I am beautiful and desirable!», «I – perfect!” and so on. Still have to work on your moves. After all, mermaids are distinguished by a special grace, languid bliss of gestures. For this fit, dancing or aerobics.

In fact, becoming a mermaid is not very difficult. Some girls pereprobovali all the methods, suggests that the last (optional operation) was the most effective and fast. And most importantly - no need to wait for magical power will help. Herself doing and enjoying the results!

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