What need for the baptism of girls? Find out!


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In your family has a girl. Parents always a lot of questions. How she is a man? What name is she more fit? What need for the baptism of girls? Try to deal with several of them.

what does baptism girlsName at baptism

Currently shown on TV a lot of TV series and various movies. Some mothers call their daughters after their favorite heroines. What need for the baptism of girls with that name? You need to get it in the calendar. It must be named after the Saint who will protect the baby from all slander. To his patroness, she is going to treat joys and sorrows. To choose the best name for the life of the Holy, feats which most impressed you.


After the ceremony for the baby an important role to play godmother. Therefore, answering the question: "What need for the baptism of girls?", first note that it is the godparents mother and father. Godparents must be Orthodox Christians, respectively, regularly visit the service and to know the prayers. While it may be true that teaching your daughter, they learn something new.

shirts for the baptism of girlsClothing

Now in the shop you can buy everything you need for the baptism of girls, clothes, and the choice is much richer than for boys. Babies put on more diverse and fancy from early childhood. The head girl can wear not only a hat but also a beautiful kerchief. Instead of the shirt can take a special baptismal dress. You will be able to find clothes for the sacrament separately, but you can buy from the ready set. This can take care of godparents. For example, a future Pope can buy little icon and pay a donation to the Church, and my mother to find clothes for sacred ordinances. Shirt for baptism girls – this is one of the most necessary things along with a cross and a towel.


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The Ordinance gives your daughter the opportunity to become a real member of the Christian community on earth, and in the mansions of God - heir of the Kingdom of Heaven. Baptism – a great and joyful event, a celebration that is usually celebrated. Usually open to all family members, close relatives and good friends. The greeting can be a gift from parents, a variety of commemorative Goodies, accompanied by uttering warm words and good wishes. As the offerings can be used clothes, for baby care, books, crib, stroller, dishes, silver spoon, etc. However, choosing a gift, you need to remember the spiritual significance of the ordinances. Useful gifts will be gospel, Children's Bible, a Prayer book. Novokreshenova the girl to put the candle in the Church and enjoy the service. As you know, the Savior was asked not to let kids come to Him. This means that we must do everything possible to rescue the soul of the child.

need for baptism girlsHere are listed the basic of what is needed for the baptism of girls, however in different parishes may have different requirements, so it is better to consult with the priest.

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