A very personal vision. What dreams comb?


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The Ordinary objects that we use every day, too flash in the night visions. Let's see what dream comb. It turns out that this thing can tell a lot inquisitive mind. It is only a little to speculate. Let's get acquainted with the interpretations of this image.

Psychological astrology

The Authors of this edition of connect hygiene with personal life. Examining what the dream comb, they offer to remember what she looked like. If the teeth were very thick, so human behavior undergoes harsh criticism from his entourage. It is not necessary to swear with a good look at yourself. Likely, their evil is justified. So to take offense to anything.

what dreams comb

Dream hair comb – people are interested in your life. They think that it is unusual and exciting. Try not to shock them by his behavior. Even more envious retell the events to participate in that and do not dare. The girl choose to store the new crest – to the emergence of the fan. If you bought any hair brush, then the relationship will be long and happy. If are unable to make a choice, the man would find another one, deciding that you are not infatuated. Will be very sad. Break in a dream comb – to the disease. You need to be careful.

Dream interpretation Lofa

The author rightly believes that the subject matter is very personal. Because it binds with certain events that deeply touches the soul. Try to treat them, frivolity is useless. Dream comb, which someone enjoys – will meet with a bright personality. This person may be a close friend or enemy. Definitely, he will leave a deep mark in your life.


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what dream combs for hair

It is Desirable to control their behavior so as not to make enemies, if you saw a broken comb. This sign is not very pleasant events. When in the night the story saw the hair left on the comb to have losses. Most likely, they will occur in the material sphere. Take care of wallet and belongings. Otherwise the thief will profit your property. Do not pander to the vices of the carelessness of other people, it's useless. Dreaming someone else's comb – will become new friends. If it breaks, on the contrary, to quarrel with a loved one. He will leave you forever.

Everyday dream interpretation

The source of the interpretations says that the tool to bring the hair in the right symbolizes the self-esteem of the individual. If he was dirty, so people will have to repent in unseemly behavior toward friends or acquaintances. You need not blame yourself, and talk to the offended. Self-blame to anything. Dream of a broken comb – suffer from slander. However, whether or not to believe those who have not invented anything better than to speak evil? Unless their opinion affects your destiny? Do not take to heart the words of those who are not worthy of respect, recommends the dream interpretation. Let them remain in his evil, and you strive towards happiness, with the support of sincere friends.

what dreams are broken comb

Examining what the dream comb, this source offers to perceive the story as good advice. If the crest was a brand new, expensive, beautiful, so your attitude contributes to success. When the comb was unpresentable or damaged, you need to engage in spiritual development. Taking new heights will feel more confident and more independent.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The Authors of this publication share the interpretation for people of different sexes. If the comb had the woman – an unfavorable sign. Beauty expecting a loss. Most likely, she will not be able to control myself and spend a lot of money on nonsense. And will be more beautiful than a crest in the dream, the greater amount will be spent on unnecessary things. It is necessary to take myself in hand and recall on a reasonable frugality. The man comb is also good portends. After such a dream you must prepare for disappointments in his personal life. If the comb broke in the night story, love will find a new Beau. It will hurt the ego of the dreamer. Try to forgive the cheater in order not to prolong their suffering.

what dreams strange hairbrush

A Young lady combing long tresses – to get married and to go very far from home. To buy a brand new crest – facing a lot of changes. Bad to see the comb immediately after the wedding. If the young wife saw the subject of hygiene, her husband will be very rude and intemperate man. He will be scandals, and even to raise a hand to beautiful. This is a very bad sign.

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