What is the most ancient religion on the planet?


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Religion is an integral part of life of almost everyone. The need to worship a higher power is expressed in the spiritual awareness of the world and the belief in the supernatural. Raises an interesting question about what the oldest religion, how it arose and developed.

After reviewing all available data on the Paleolithic period, scientists came to the conclusion that people of this era develop a spiritual relationship, as indicated by the customs of ritual burials of that time, as well as cave paintings. Most likely, our ancestors believed that the world is inhabited by deities, and the different places and objects in nature considered alive. In addition, the burial customs of give us a sense of faith in life after death.

the most ancient religion on earth

But still, what was the most ancient religion? The answers depend on what position is occupied by different authors studying the origin of man. Some argue that religion was created by man, and was not the result of evolutionary development. Thus, according to this view, man and woman knew only one God, who created them, they worship him, bringing the different offerings. Described in the Bible, monotheism and sacrifice, were the first characteristics of religion in its original form. Evidence of this can serve as the most ancient literary monuments of China, Greece, Egypt and the traditions of many peoples.

the ancient religion

But there is another point of view, based on the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin. According to her, required a large time period for the formation and development of religious belief. First, these beliefs were based on worship of the spirits of the men as had the fear of their power. Then Israel reduces the diversity of the gods of various Nations to one tribal God that paved the way for the improvement of religion as such.

Considering what religion is the most ancient, it should be noted that in modern times on Earth there are a large number of religious denominations, so-called spiritual knowledge, which are subdivided into several systems. So, for primary teaching will take Aryan - Vedantism (the secret). It further transformed into Brahmanism and then Buddhism. Aryan traditions adopted Russian prehistoric religion, so there was paganism-the worship of the elements. These beliefs were not completely defeated, and after a few millennia they have developed the religion of ancient Rome and ancient Greece.


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The Culture of Egypt and Babylon became the Foundation for the emergence of knowledge, which are partly transmitted to us in the Bible (therefore, the view that Christianity – the most ancient religion, wrongly). They have developed the philosophy of Plato, which had a great influence on the spiritual development of the whole of Europe. In addition, these exercises formed the basis of the religion of ancient Judea, which in the future will be based Christianity. Knowledge of ancient Egyptian civilization, Jews and Christians partially preserved in Islam.

what religion is the oldest

Black race practiced ceremonial magic, keeping the rituals and customs of African witches. The yellow race gave rise to the teachings of Lao-Tzu (Daoism), as well as shamanism, Zen Buddhism and Shinto.

Thus, it is impossible to say with certainty what the oldest religion on Earth, because since early times all the knowledge, rites, rituals and customs were distributed during the mixing of Nations and migration of tribes. So, the idea of sacrifice first belonged to the civilization of the black race, later it was taken over by the peoples of all continents have existed for millennia on Earth.

Thus, the answer to the question of what the most ancient religion On the planet, is ambiguous and depends on the worldviews and attitudes of historians.

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