The connection of Mars-Mars: the influence of the planets


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Mars is a planet is a complex, controversial and dangerous. Below we consider how it affects the destiny of man in combination with other celestial bodies. Always the big questions and disputes creates a connection the Mars-Mars. And this, incidentally, is not surprising.

The Moon is joining Mars

The Combination of these two planets describes an uncompromising, impatient person. Energy brims over, and being too emotional at times turns into anger. Such people get stuck in all conflicts and disputes in the power of emotion can do something stupid and then regret it. Such people often only concerned with his own feelings and desires, often forgets that his partner is also a person and can have feelings and have their desires.

link Mars Mars

Excessive jealousy sometimes turns into cruelty, if something is even the slightest suspicion of infidelity of a loved one. Their lives are filled with vanity and cannot find peace. Persistent rash acts, from time to time changing goals are a significant barrier to the attainment of harmony. It would seem that this man, like a Typhoon, flying at high speed and carries with it countless destruction. This pace of life leads directly to the destruction of health. Only by learning to control your emotions, you can understand how to get their lives back on track and to avoid health problems and not to harm surrounding people.

The Moon and Mars will help players to get rich!

Such a person has great potential to become a very successful person and rich. Incredible courage is the main trait of this man. Getting involved in the conflict, mostly out of them a winner.

connecting the sun Mars

However, by nature, not a conflict person, if it does not concern his family and himself, indifferent and calmly pass by. Is a constant fighter for stability and inner peace. Has a tendency to diseases of the blood. Hates his mother.

Connection to the Mars-Saturn

Born under the sign of these two planets - a man of fierce, bloodthirsty and cruel, often has a propensity for violence. However, remember that this is not a sentence. These people can also be kind and helpful.
We Can say that it inclines man to some harshness, but with otherwise favorable horoscope, the tendency to harshness and despotism can be smoothed or redirected in a favourable direction. For example, it will help to advance your career.


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moon Mars connection a man at work will be organized, motivated and will develop in his nature the self-discipline. It will further help to reach the top and will be an indispensable quality for promotion. Here fully manifest the nature of the mythical God of war, in whose honor and named the Red planet.
These two planets have a completely opposite effect, not as the Union of Mars-Mars. Saturn inhibits the action of the red planet. People exposed to their influence, suffer frequent apathy and laziness.

Quality of the individual wards of Mars and Saturn

Despite the obvious sweetness of these people, they tend to show their selfishness and are reluctant to cross through it to help our neighbor. Very difficult, even almost impossible, to force that person to accept or at least listen to the view, which he does not adhere to and stick is not going to.

Mars in conjunction with VenusThe Difficulties literally surround this man, hence the tendency to bad habits. It causes health problems and requires immediate surroundings, to accumulate new strength. In the history of many cases where people with the qualities of those planets died because of the violence.


What can you say about someone in a horoscope connecting the Sun-Mars? People under the influence of these planets is unbalanced, excitable, passionate. The person is too narcissistic, not noticing anyone around him. Loves risky situations and constantly engaged in them. The danger seems as if stalking his every step.

link Mars Saturn

It is Often difficult with someone to get along with. Everywhere finds some enemies. At work is very diligent and hardworking person. If under the influence of these planets hit the woman, she will be very difficult to find happiness in marriage. Daily working on yourself and trying to change for the better, she has a great chance to redirect those traits in a less dangerous direction, and to ensure that they benefit.

Mars and other planets

Achieve success in medicine, one in the horoscope, in addition to the red planet, is also the mercury. Especially if you dedicate your life to creation of drugs. Also successful for his activities could be wrestling or Boxing. You may become a famous critic. Very eloquent, of those who “his words will not climb”. Their arguments speaks sharply and directly, at times even rude. Getting involved in disputes, the opponent easily prove his innocence and more accurate awareness. Itinnate impulsiveness prevent him to stop in time and can often say the wrong thing. Generally, this person is prone to various kinds of disagreements. Knows exactly what he wants and almost always brings it to life. Unlikely to get rich.


Achieve greater success in science and become a scientist. Win the respect of many people. Most likely that this will be a very rich man. Can become a talented lecturer and sculptor. Has strong leadership qualities. Attracts other people with his cheerfulness and optimistic Outlook on life. Is very popular among the opposite sex. Easily finds the person later enters into a legal marriage, which most likely will be long and happy. The arising health problems will take place gradually because of the huge desire to get better.

What is Venus?

It is worth mentioning that celestial body in the horoscope. A huge capacity for mathematical Sciences that gives wards Mars in conjunction with Venus. Often people born under the influence of these planets become crooks and liars. The man is quite brave, due to this can gain popularity among a wide range of people. Nature is frivolous and carefree. Immoral and unprincipled person. The bond of marriage means nothing to him. During the conflicts in the family, most likely, will get angry and will get violent.

Mars in connection with Mars

And the demand of a sexual nature will satisfy on the side. Becoming a man of the art will be able to achieve success and to direct their instability and impulsivity in the creative direction. It is not recommended to try yourself in the industrial sector or, for example, in the field of logistics. Due to the lack of diligence and uneven, most likely, will suffer losses.

Qualities of the person of the ward Venus

A giddy Person, rather just take my chances in fraud or engage in speculation. In the end, will lose and go into debt. Too much spending money on their entertainment. Health is also not going smoothly. Often there are diseases of the kidneys and bladder. In women, long and painful menstruation, difficult pregnancy, you may experience abnormalities. Birth can occur prematurely and be severe.

Mars and Mars

Connection the Mars-Mars when one of them - Natal, and one in transit, makes a person vigorous, energetic and active. It is literally boiling energy and lust for life. In addition, a person leads an active and rough sex life. That is, if in the horoscope together the positive qualities and aspects. The negative connection of Mars-Mars makes this planet ward conflict, contentious, quarrelsome. He's too stiff and breaks his anger out on others by all available means. That is, Mars in connection with Mars is not the good combination.

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