The most common diseases of cats


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Like people, Pets can suffer from a large number of diseases that await them in life. Moreover, many of them are similar to human diseases. No one is immune to diseases, so a timely visit to the vet for preventive and therapeutic purposes will extend the life of your pet.

There are a huge number of diseases, so to cover them all in one article is not possible. Let's talk about the most common disease of cats. This can make it easier to navigate changes in the health and behavior of your Pets.

All the bodies of cats both external and internal, may be exposed to diseases. Also like the human disease of cats can be acute or chronic. First of all, this skin diseases and external parasites. The members of the cat are also common diseases associated with the respiratory system (including viral).

A Very dangerous disease of cats belong to the digestive system. Paying attention to animal behavior, it is possible to quickly detect the first signs of defeat of the digestive tract. These include: refusal of food, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Immediately consult a veterinarian if you notice your cat one of these signs.

In the gut of an animal can become infested with worms, and they, in turn, can affect your digestive system. Pay attention to fecal deposits. In the event of a change in color or appearance of foreign objects, and send them for examination to the veterinary laboratory. A competent professional will determine the presence of certain parasite and will help you to choose correct medication.


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Hard to diagnose lesions of the genitourinary system, and their danger lies in the fact that they lead the body to self-poisoning. Older cats often develop stones in the bladder, making it difficult to urinate. Besides, it is very painful and causes suffering of the animal.

Often there are lesions of the eyes, which are a symptom of purulent discharge. Not worth it to engage in self-treatment of the animal eye, it may lead to blindness. To diseases of the ear include: ear mange, sores, ear infections. The ears may swell in the case of an abscess, or when contamination from foreign objects.

Not bypassed Pets and tumors. In cats there are two types: benign and malignant neoplasms. Their causes, as in cats and humans is still unknown. Benign growths often develop gradually, are stationed in one place and easy to remove. Malignant tumors in cats are developing rapidly and characterized by the development of metastases. In this case the animal is practically impossible to save, although at the present time animals spend even chemotherapy.

Found another cancer-that breast cancer in cats. As with other neoplasms, the cause is not known. Pet is spayed before the first estrus, is often not susceptible to this disease. Unlike other Pets, breast cancer in cats develops much less frequently. But, if a cat is diagnosed with mammary cancer, in most cases it was cancer.

Drooling, bad smell, difficulty swallowing can be the result of diseases of the oral cavity. With the disease of the nose, the owner is rarely faced. Cat – being excitable and vulnerable. Monitor the health of the nervous system of the pet. The most common disorders of the nervous system and disease related to it – meningitis, hysteria, cramps and nerve crisis.

Remember, cats the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Take care of our smaller brethren. Worry about their health, and they will give you his love.

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