Theatrical activity in the middle group of tales: the planning, organization, purpose, objectives, development


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Theatrical activity in the middle group is a beneficial hobby for any child. Every theatrical performance is any guide it reveals something new about the world, about which the child knows so little.

The Middle group is ideal for performances of fairy tales. Being in kindergarten or elementary school, the kids don't know about all the vicissitudes and complexities of this world, and that real life stories are not based on scenarios of fairy tales, they don't care.

So the lesson in theatrical activities in the middle group can benefit both children and theatre. Moreover, this activity teaches children not only “wear” on the image of any character. It also instills the ability not to be afraid of the stage and without fear look in the eyes of the audience. Despite his age, nervous children no less than adults actors, worrying for the fate of his play.

How are classes in the middle group?

Classes in theatrical activities in the middle group are generally two to three times a week. Some of the time it takes to prepare children, wait until they see the seriousness. For many classes the children go to mingle, have fun, discuss something new. Theatre also teaches them that at some point there comes a time to stop and get down to business.

To become a good actor, you need the concentration that no children under a certain age. In a sense, such an activity teaches them discipline as well as the sports section.

But classes in theatrical activities in the middle group should not exceed one hour for children from kindergarten and up to two — for elementary school students. Otherwise it will become tiring for the child.


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Theatrical activity in the middle group

The Most popular topic views set the average group are the stories. They arranged for any occasion: New year, the burning of effigies on Shrove Tuesday, children's Day and many others. Theatrical activity in the middle group of tales suggests that someone becomes a Santa Claus, someone — the snow Maiden. And someone who takes on other roles.

The Planning of theatrical activities in the middle group is consistent with the Director, who will set the tale. This may be part of a great performance, organized by the senior group, and can be a separate display just for children. Preparation for the festival starts well in advance. The script is written for a few months, even six months before the required date.

The Organization of theatrical activities in the middle group — a laborious process that takes not only children, but teachers and Directors.

Where to get a fairy-tale scenario?

A Similar activity, along with the development of fine motor skills, walks and games on the air is considered to be a useful way to occupy the time of children. Among the groups in kindergartens is found, for example, theatrical activity in the middle group. Scenarios of fairy tales find in various books or journals.

In some cases the Director can come up with a story, include details that will evoke the interest of children and parents. Do not be afraid to experiment, after all theatrical activity in the middle group — is the process with which to improvise, change almost everything and to find new solutions.

Of Course, is the concern of the Director, but to assist in writing or editing. Most often they are interesting ideas that look impressive on stage. Children look at the world from a different angle, the adult is no longer available.

The Planning of theatrical activities in the middle group involves the active participation of children.

How to create a view?

In this case, the theatrical activity of the child becomes independent. He is waiting not just a celebration, and the events that can create with my own hands. At such moments children don't even expect expensive gifts and the day will come when the occasion. Every class of theatrical activities in the middle group in the Studio or circle they are in anticipation of events which create themselves, their talent.

the Organization of theatrical activities in the middle group

After the script is ready, the roles are distributed. In most cases, choosing a script, the Director knows which role will get. But it can change over time if the composition of the group change.

How to differentiate between the roles of children?

The Distribution of roles based on the identity of each child. And, of course, depends on the sex. For the rest, complete freedom.

the Planning of theatrical activities in the middle group

If doubts remain, the Director can see how the children play specific roles. For this they are given the text of the script with the correct words or sketchy exercise to see how a child will cope with it.

In theatrical activities, every detail is important: the child's movements, words, tone, turns heads — all this affects the choice of role even if it is a small tale for the holiday.

After roles are chosen, rehearsals begin.

How much time is allotted to prepare for the show?

To put the tale, you need two months — this is the minimum period for the average group.

The Theatrical activities of children in the middle group and even combined with other activities, so often two or three times a week is not recommended. Children begin to get tired, and eventually they will have to choose what is more important to them.

The rehearsals, the children try to imagine their role. At first every move they make is accompanied by a reading of the script or the Director, as amended, which may see a new idea or to change a setting to make the view spectacular. After two or three weeks the children already know the text by heart, remember at what point performance to go on stage, and where to be.

A couple of weeks is the period of finalization of the play, when cleaned out all the inaccuracies. Gradually the play becomes the way and see his audience on stage.

Time for the play is selected beforehand and is known for a few months. Such precision is necessary not only to distribute classes in theatrical activities in the middle group and rehearsals, but clearly organize the work of the wardrobe.

Theatrical activity in the middle group on fairy tales

Rehearsals are held in regular clothes for several reasons: kids can stain your suit, to spoil, clothes might be needed by other actors. But two weeks before the performance the actors should already know what costumes to wear.

What is the purpose of the lessons in the middle group?

In the theatre every actor, be it a child or an adult, watching your time and all the necessary himself. In a special room — the dressing room, which is used by all actors to dressing rooms during a performance, each actor has its own hanger, where it was his stuff and anyone else's.

No one except the parents, no control over the visit, and the child decides whether he needs theatrical activity. The middle group the purpose of training puts a simple possibility to teach the child to come to interesting lessons.

Such measures teach children to monitor their behavior.

Is it Possible to combine the average and high group?

Would be Useful, of course, and joint activities with the senior group. If theatrical activity is conducted in the house of culture, there is and older — teenagers up to 18 years, who have long been attending classes at the theatre.

The Performances produced with the participation and young children, and adolescents become more interesting. And the average group at this point is learning the skill from their elders, knowing that recently they were also the same.

Of Course, can arise and conflicts, and to understand them — the first task of the Director. It may seem strange that in a small group children's theatre can appear some differences, but it is. There are always topics for debate. It is important not to assume that they grew into something more.

The Senior group this activity teaches us not to become conceited, but to help more young ‘colleagues’ to understand the intricacies of theatre arts. Lesson on theatrical activities in the middle group with the involvement of older you can safely spend in the same room.

Theatrical activity standards

Theatrical activity in the middle group on the GEF suggest the goals and values that will have a child. Among them: independence, initiative, activity, ability to find common language with peers and even adults, the knowledge of many rules of the game, positivity, positive attitude, harmony with oneself, the lack of high self-esteem, self-esteem, respect for himself and others.

The Child engaged in theatrical activity, has the imagination and wit that will help him to solve many problems.

What are the specifics of the class?

The Development of theatrical activities in the middle group is welcomed, because thanks to such lessons, children acquire important skills. Theatrical activity is preferred because similar to the game, can easily engage...

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