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Rust – common “disease” metals. These durable, versatile materials around us. They are used to create household appliances, machines, transport and more. All the heavy duty hinges are also created from metal. But here's the problem: over time, many of them susceptible to oxidation-corrosion. The material collapses under the influence of the environment, and the design starts to deteriorate. How to save metal from certain death? What is the remedy rust remover to choose? We will understand in the article.

Removing light pollution

The sooner rust is detected, the easier it is to deal with it. If the damage is not too deeply ingrained in the metal, enough to resort to mechanical cleaning. It is possible to treat the surface with a stiff brush. Sanding will remove a layer of pollution and will save the metal from further spread “infection”.

tool for removing rust

It is Worth noting that the stage of mechanical cleaning is applied to combat the deeply ingrained rust before application of chemicals to achieve the best result. As a hard brush, you can use a large sandpaper.


A Good tool for removing rust – car cleaner metal. The tool is available: it can be purchased at any specialty products for cars shop. Before applying, we recommend cleaning with a stiff brush the surface rusted. Then the area is covered with layer thickness up to 5 mm and leave for a few minutes. Then you need to wash the remnants and wipe the surface dry. If the rust is not completely gone, repeat the procedure.


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phosphoric acid where to buy

Remember that any remedy for removing rust is toxic. Usually it is acid, contact with which causes skin burns. You must work with protective gloves, glasses and respirator. Additionally, it will not be superfluous to carefully read the instructions for use and precautions.

Homemade solution

As a result of people's experiments created a lot of “home” recipes for removing rust. They are based on chemicals that dissolve the oxide of iron formed on the surface of the crumbling metal. Homemade liquid rust remover prepared according to the following recipe:

  • Water – 300 ml;
  • Ammonium – 50 g;
  • 40% formalin – 250 g;
  • Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide – 50 g.

acid rust

Mixing the ingredients, they should be diluted with a liter of water. The solution is to place metal items that are corroded (surface treatment, the tool will not fit). Leave on for 15-40 minutes, occasionally watching the process. Remove items immediately after the disappearance of rust. Then rinse well in hot water and wipe dry. The original appearance and natural metallic luster are guaranteed.

Acid against rust

It is Known that acids are able to dissolve many chemical compounds. Hydrated iron oxide is no exception. For high-quality cleansing should be resorted to strong acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric and phosphoric. However, to use pure solutions not: they are too corrosive. Acid rust remover will work correctly if it is to add inhibitor-substance that slows down a chemical reaction. One of the most accessible is methenamine.

The Recipe is quite simple: you must take any of the above acids and dilute it with water to form 5% solution. Then add the inhibitor at the rate of 0.5 gram per liter of liquid. The surface is treated with the resulting means and leave for some time. With a task easily cope hydrochloric, sulfuric or phosphoric acid. Where to buy inhibitor? If the market and in specialised shops it is not, try this recipe:

  • Potato leaves lay in a glass jar (should fill half of its volume);
  • Pour the acid before the coating of the stems;
  • 20 minutes to actively mix the contents;
  • Drain - cleaner and metal ready.

The Remedy for with phosphoric acid

The Solution is manufactured on the basis of phosphoric acid, combats rust very profitable way. The tool converts the rust layer into a solid coating. In what concentration should be phosphoric acid? Where to buy it? Find acids, including phosphoric, in stores chemicals or industrial departments. To prepare effective solution that converts gidratirovannogo iron oxide in a solid metal coating, it is recommended to use 15% or 30% aqueous solution of phosphoric acid. The resulting product is applied by brush or spray and leave to dry.

metal cleaner

Another effective method of dealing with the ‘how” on the basis of phosphoric acid is this recipe:

  • Butanol-5 ml;
  • Tartaric acid – 15 ml;
  • Phosphoric acid – 1 l

Why is phosphoric acid works on the rust? All is easily explained from the point of view of chemistry: it converts iron oxide into a phosphate, which forms a kind of film on the metal surface, protecting it.

Other methods of chemical exposure

What other substances will be able to successfully bring the rust? Perhaps simpler methods will be tools such as:

  • Mixture of liquid paraffin (or paraffin oil) and lactic acid in the ratio of 2:1;
  • Dissolved in 100 ml of water zinc chloride (5 g) and cream of Tartar (0.5 g);
  • Turpentine or kerosene for minor corrosion.

removing rust from metal

All these methods are good for removing rust on metal cars, and other elements of “non-domestic" metal. For home use there are a few easy, affordable methods for removing red plaque:

  • Fish oil – applied to the rust and leave for a while;
  • Mixture of citric acid and vinegar in equal proportions will prevent corrosion in the bathroom and rust stains on the clothes, the product is applied for 20 minutes, then clean the surface with a hard sponge;
  • Baking soda to make a paste (by adding water) and applied to the metal surface, leave for an hour, then rinse;
  • A solution of oxalic acid: 6 tsp dissolved in 300 ml of water, dipped in the resulting liquid rusted elements for half an hour;
  • Drink “Coca Cola” copes with rust with a phosphoric acid.

Methods of prevention

Removing rust from metal is a long and not an easy process. To avoid corrosion you can use some of the funds that protect the surface from destruction. Give a few healthy recipes that prevent the formation of rust.

  • Paraffin or wax (20 grams) mix with petrol (40 ml), the resulting solution is a great way to protect carpenters ' tools from rusting;
  • Wax or paraffin (10 g) and kerosene (30 ml) will prevent rust on polished metal instruments.

liquid rust remover

To avoid “how”, should be qualitatively material care: avoid excessive moisture, time to clean away the dirt and dust. Developed many anti-corrosion coatings, which can be found in automotive stores.

Tool for removing rust – a caustic solution that dissolves the problem, or converts it to a protective film. It is worth remembering that any tool (homemade or store-bought) is very toxic for humans and for metal. You should strictly follow the application rules and precautions to avoid damage to the skin and metal surfaces.


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