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What boy's Childhood passed without its own railway? Boys and sometimes girls love to ride the miniature trains on the newly constructed father or older brother railroad. So if you want to please the kid, buy him this toy. What to choose? The question is not idle. However, it's not too difficult, because there is manufacturer, well-proven. So, in this article we will talk about the Railways Brio and describe all their advantages.railway Brio

About the manufacturer

The Company Brio “native” from Sweden. Under the same brand 50 years ago for the first time appeared on the shelves of the wooden railway. At that time it was a breakthrough, and now the company producing children's Railways of wood are either subsidiaries of, or are licensed by company Brio. The railroad of this company, however, remains the most popular. Brio positions itself as a company whose products meet the highest environmental standards.Brio railway

Characteristics of the children's railway Brio

So, what is this toy? Any children's railway Brio (and the choice of the company is incredibly wide) made of the best wood without chemical treatment. Items directly the railway is made from solid wood - mostly beech. They are resistant to mechanical stress, withstand high loads. Wooden elements safe for children, they have no chipping, chipping. As sets are used in plastic parts (W/W canvas additional elements). All items are painted with non-toxic child safe paint.children's railway Brio


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Another quality of the railway Brio – it yourself unable to collect even eight month old babies! For a child it is so important to feel no worse than an adult and this railway gives such a chance. In addition, it is noteworthy that the toy is “grows” with the baby. So many plastic counterparts do not involve the extension of the canvas. Feature railroad Brio is that you can always purchase and attach new details, complex junctions, tunnels, elevated structures and more to your old small toy. Mount between cars and trains – on magnets, many models are equipped with hinges for better grip on turns.railroad Brio

Pick of the railway 

Equipment railroad Brio is so diverse that count the exact number of parts for it is difficult. The standard set includes a railway track oval and a locomotive with a wagon. You can get a more “serious” model, which will include the house with a tunnel, train, trolley, crane, mine, hand with a dead-end segment of the path, and more. There is a mountain railway, kolomenskii, city and railroad near farms and roads of the metro. You can also Supplement your set of men, the road signs, trees, a variety of cars and locomotives. Without a doubt, this game will capture not only the child but also the parents!

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