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In manufacturing, in medicine or in agriculture measurement of ambient temperature or of different materials is needed to ensure high quality products or services. For these manipulations it is necessary to use special thermometers that can provide the necessary information.

Contact Thermometers TK series-5

Contact Thermometer TC-5.06 is used as a device for determining the temperature of various objects, materials, gases, fluids and the external environment. Measurement of temperature characteristics is made by using probes of various kinds and types.

contact thermometer

The Use of devices for various purposes, in particular for temperature control and the measurement of relative humidity

  • In industry of all kinds;
  • Utility and power companies;
  • During the laboratory (scientific) research, etc.

Device and principle of operation

A Contact thermometer of this type has a construction of the housing with an electronic unit and a set of interchangeable probes to be used for measuring the temperature of the surfaces, the environment or material.

contact thermometer TC 5 06

As the thermosensitive element of the thermometer, the probe mounted thermoelectric Converter with NSC. But to measure the humidity of the environment the device is equipped with capacitive humidity sensors. The thermometers of this type have a function that calculates the dew point temperature according to the formula Goff-Gretch.

The electric component of the device converts the signal coming from the entrance of the probe, the rate of which is displayed on the display device.


Contact thermometer TC-5.06 is used in various spheres of life and work:

  • Housing;
  • Thermoelectric power;
  • Agriculture;
  • Oil, gas and coal industries;
  • Food and metallurgical industries;
  • Machine-building sector;
  • Transport and construction industries.

Temperature control in the housing sector is to determine the indicators of the surfaces of pipes, engines, different equipment for measuring temperatures of liquids in plumbing and heating systems. As a rule, the staff housing apply the device for fixing the moisture characteristics of the external environment indoors and outside or air in the ventilation.


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In teploelektroenergetiki industry-contact digital thermometer is used to measure data of different liquids in the water supply systems of all types, and ventilation.

contact thermometer TC

In agriculture, the measurement of temperatures used for measuring temperature and humidity in the grocery stores, and greenhouses of various types to identify indicators of the soil, and also as a controller of the indicators of life modes in the process of growing livestock and poultry on farms.

The petroleum and coal industry used a contact thermometer for determining the temperature of the surfaces of the pipes during welding operations, for monitoring indicators of air mixtures of different liquids and surfaces of the equipment. Also, the use of the thermometer must be in the storage of petroleum products in tankers, in tanks, depots, refueling vehicles, in wells and the extraction of the mines.

In the food industry the measurement of temperatures - the main indicator for quality production of goods. A contact thermometer is used to determine the indices of surfaces, liquids, and air media, granular and viscous materials. The device is also required to perform a temperature control of the dew point, as well as fixing the relative humidity of the environment during the control of technological processes in the production, storage and processing of products.

The Engineering industry requires temperature control during painting work, fabrication of parts and pieces and their further thermal treatment in welding and for monitoring of environmental indicators during climatic testing of products.

In the sphere of construction processes of asphalt, concrete and stroifaza require constant temperature control by contact thermometer.

contact digital thermometer

Melting and dispensing of non-ferrous metals require a temperature control in metallurgy.

In the transport sector use thermometers to control during transportation of various industrial products and food products requiring specific temperature storage. Rail precise control of the temperature of the bearings wheelset rolling stock and rail are necessary to avoid accidents.

Terms of use

Contact thermometer requires certain conditions for its operation. Thus, the value of ambient temperature should not be below -20 degrees Celsius, but should not exceed the value of +50 degrees. The relative humidity must be observed in the range of 80% at a temperature of 35 ° C and atmospheric pressure kPa 86-106.

Features and capabilities

The functionality of the electronic contact thermometer is quite extensive, which is why mercury contact thermometer is used quite rarely. Thus, in electronic thermometer includes a function that indicates the dimension of the measured values, also have temperature measurement from -40 to +200 degrees Celsius and above, measurements of relative humidity, the fixation of minimum and maximum temperature values, the calculation of the "dew point". The display device equipped with backlight and auto power off the camera after 5 minutes of inactivity.


The Main features of contact thermometers is their high accuracy, built-in feature that allows you to measure humidity and temperature calculation of dew points, as well as extended completion with several types of probes. The unit power comes from AA batteries, the device has low power consumption (about 350 hours with one set of batteries). It has high accuracy of indicators and an indicator with large symbols on it.


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