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Oddly enough, the holiday is June 12, Russia Day, is the youngest in our state. Indeed, it is the celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of sovereignty of Russia, which was signed on 12 June 1990.


We All know that in the early 90-ies there was the collapse of the Soviet Union. The thing was bound to happen. At the end of the 80s, it was clear that the Union will not save. Of the Republic fled from the USSR, the Soviet Union lived out their last days.

A Momentous day

Today, the day of Russia attach great importance, but it was not always about the celebration on 12 June Until 1994, no one was particularly remembered.

June 12, what a feast

Officially a holiday, this day was only in 1994, when Boris Yeltsin signed a decree on the appointment on June 12 the Day of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of Russia, then this day became a holiday. The name of the holiday "Day of Russia" - did not take hold immediately. It should be noted that on 12 June 1991 Boris Yeltsin became the first popularly elected President, so he immortalized not only an important date in the history of the state, but the memory of him.

Events on the Day of Russia

The Main joy of the day of Russia for ordinary citizens of the country lies in the extra rest, because this day is a red day calendar. Although a few years ago, not all Russians knew, on 12 June, what holiday they are celebrating. Many prefer to spend time outdoors, especially if the weather is conducive to this. However, if the nature to get failed, you can participate in recreational activities, which every year on this day spend more and more.


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Sporting events

His own day, Russia celebrates June 12. The holiday festivities? As for Moscow, in this day, traditionally held not only entertainment shows and concerts, but also sporting events. For example, on Pushkin square. Cultural events are held in the centers of culture and art, museums, parks, for example, in Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill in Perovsky Park. Participation in the festival is attended by professional athletes, stars of the Russian stage, numerous folk groups. The President of Russia this day is the awarding of the state prizes of the Russian Federation. The event ends with a Grand fireworks on Vasilevsky descent, in the Izmailovo Park, on the Sparrow hills, and other places.

Popular people

Despite the policy of popularization of the holiday, not all Russians know June 12, a holiday. «Levada center» conducted a survey. The opinions of Russians about the fact that celebrated on 12 June in Russia, was divided between Russia day, independence Day, the Day of the Declaration of independence. Some will remember that this day was elected the first Russian President. In General, less than half of Russians know what the holiday 12 June - day of Russia.

Celebration on June 12 the Day of Russia

These data were obtained according to the «Levada center»

47% of respondents chose the correct option - day of Russia;

33% live in the early 2000-ies and voted for the independence Day;

6% - remember the Boris Yeltsin;

8% - did not answer.

4% - said it was not a holiday at all;

2% - proposed options, distracting from the overall list.


The Russians subconsciously draw an analogy between the day of Russia, calling it independence Day, and independence Day in the United States. It is fundamentally not true. If the United States got independence at the same time, since the signing of the Declaration, Russia independent for a long time, and the date of the proclamation of Russia as a state specifically to not be called.

What is celebrated on June 12

However, not only ordinary people do not know, on June 12, what a feast, Difficult to its definition and the summit. As rightly noted by the Deputy Nikolay Pavlov in 2007, the beginning of the Declaration of sovereignty proclaims the Russian part of the Soviet Union. The exact text reads as follows: "Fending off, Alexei Mitrofanov said in General that with the same success, on a par with the national holiday on June 12 may be considered the day the liberal democratic party, because on that day Zhirinovsky in the presidential election took 3rd place, and secured himself an influential place in politics." That's such a mess.

Holiday History

At the state level is, of course, today the most important holiday. This is the date from which began the formation of a new statehood based on the principles of democracy, civil rights, federalism.

Russia Day

At First the people were not before the holidays. June 12 - what a feast! The difficult situation in the country, default for default, crisis after crisis... There is no understanding in the essence of the political situation itself is Yes a family to feed. At the time, was also interviewed and the results were not impressive - at the mention of independence Day people look not light up with patriotism, they did not understand the essence of the holiday. The only thing that pleased the Russians - an extra day off, to rest. Power, of course, wanted to promote the festival, held rallies and demonstrations, but passed it without enthusiasm.

Boris Yeltsin

All the same Boris Yeltsin decided to change the meaning of the holiday, changing the name. In 1998, a proposal was made to rename it the Day of Russia, but the final decision was taken only in 2002.

Today is the day of Russia is a symbol of national unity, homeland, freedom, peace and harmony. The patriotism of the people grows, perhaps it happened and thanks to the successful winter Olympics in Sochi, the annexation of Crimea. May we not yet fully realized the importance of this holiday, but surely, we began to treat it much better. Maybe the whole reason is that life in the country has slightly improved.

What happened to…

Celebrating today, the Day of Russia, June 12, we cannot forget the long history and traditions of the state, because its formation did not happen in 1990, and much earlier. There were times when the glory of the state was burning even brighter. And the fact that today we are independent, not the result of the signing of the Declaration of sovereignty of Russia, and the centuries-old efforts of our ancestors who earned this right with their blood and happiness.

In the history of Russia an event that in its importance comparable to the signing of the Declaration of 1990. This event is the election of the Prince of Rostov and Suzdal Andrei Yurievich Bogolyubsky. It happened June 4, 1157. As a result, North-Eastern Russia became independent in relation to the Kiev, and Andrey Bogolyubsky became the first elected Prince. That's where you have to draw Parallels.

Later the Grand Duchy of Vladimir, in which the rules of Andrey Bogolyubsky became the Grand Duchy of Moscow. And it served as the basis for an independent Russian state. So disintegrated Kievan Rus, the Soviet Union collapsed. Thank God that we managed to preserve the foundations of statehood in that distant time in our past.

As for the date, then, without delving into the details of the difference in the dates according to the Julian and the Gregorian calendars, it can be noted that the election of Andrey Bogolyubsky and Boris Yeltsin occurred with a difference in one day. So this day is to think about the historical origins of the Russian statehood.

What else happened on 12 June

Perhaps not all of today will remember, but the holidays and events on June 12 are not confined to the Day of Russia. On the same day was adopted the Declaration of independence, occurred another important event was banned by censorship. From this day on, the government was permitted freedom of speech. Exactly one year later, in 1991, Leningrad regained its original name - St. Petersburg.

Of the most significant events on this day include the opening of a second front in agreement with Britain and the United States in 1942; the promulgation of the Constitution of USSR in 1936, called “Stalinist". In 1798 this day was created by the Institute for noble maidens, and in 1648 broke the Salt riot. Such is the history of this day.

Celebration on June 12

Note That in addition to the June 12 Russia Day? Many cities celebrate the city Day. As for the global practice, in the countries of the United Nations on 12 June was world day against child labour, which aims to draw attention to the problems of exploitation of child labour, working children. The decision on celebration of this date was adopted in 1997.


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