The cylinder head: structure and purpose


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Cylinder Head – it is a key item for any modern engine. The cylinder head is absolutely completed all the power plant, be it diesel or petrol car. Of course, there are differences between them - the degree of compression and type of fuel, however, the device and the principle of operation of the head unit this does not change. So today we will examine the General design of this element.head

The mechanism of the Device and principle of operation

Despite its importance in the work of the engine, the cylinder head has a very simple design. This mechanism consists of the following  parts:

  • The valve timing, namely the inlet and outlet;
  • Spark plugs (if petrol) or injector (in the case of a diesel engine);
  • Block of the combustion chamber the fuel-air mixture.

Based on the photos provided in the beginning of the article, we see that the cylinder head is a structural part of the engine (in fact, most aluminum cap) with pressed-valve seats and guides. It should be noted that the axis of these parts must be identical to each other, otherwise, otherwise, the entire crank mechanism fails.cylinder head Gazelle

Head of the engine and the unit structurally connected to each other by means of special refractory teleassistance strip. The latter excludes the possibility of release of gases through the junction of the devices and loss of compression. It should be noted that this strip, despite its primitive design, is very important for the car. In the event of a loss of its sealing properties may deteriorate operation of the engine. First, happens the phenomenon of compression, the motor will lose its power, and then it may stop working. The thrust of the vehicle is terminated because of the unauthorized release of gases from the chamber. And given the fact that inside the engine there is a high degree of compression (about 2 million atmospheres to 100 on diesel and gasoline engines), the power loss can be substantial.


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The cylinder Head (GAZelle 3302) is also included with the crank, so its relationship with the engine is direct.cylinder head VAZ


Every detail, no matter how reliable it may be, sooner or later subjected to wear, in spite of the fact that the cylinder head (VAZ-2110) can last from 200 to 400 thousand kilometers. This does not exclude the possibility of deformation and wear previously. Usually this is due to frequent overheating of the engine, but the cylinder head may break and due to the late replacement of gaskets. Therefore, the head unit lasts as long as possible, first, do not overheat the engine and do not try to cool it with water from the top. Second, regularly change and inspect the gasket. The same applies to the mounting bolts. Then don't forget about seasonal cleaning of valves intake and exhaust, he beat ash. By following these simple tips, your engine will last a long time without any breakdowns.

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