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What is the generator VAZ 2108 and where it is established, everyone knows the owner of this car. But it is unlikely to be able to say on what principles it works, and also list all the main elements of which it consists. It should be noted that the generator a simple DC motor is very similar in design. Not even just similar, and are identical devices. The only difference is that one generates electricity and the second consumes. But this difference is not over, it is necessary to consider in more detail the generator system to find them all.

The Rotor and its winding

generator VAZ 2108

We Can say that the basis of generator – it's his rotor. There is a coil of copper wire. Rotor winding energized by DC voltage from the battery. The principle of operation of any generator set is that you must have two main components-the movement and constant magnetic field. How to create the latest? Or installing a powerful magnet or winding wire on the magnetic core. The first variant disappears at once, as the cost, for example, nikodimovich magnets that are perfect for this goal is too high. Oscillator circuit 2108 includes a winding on the rotor.

Much cheaper and easier it is to hold a winding on the magnetic core copper cable. The thing is that when voltage is applied to such a coil generated magnetic field. And it is the greater, the higher the field strength. Therefore, if you increase the characteristics of the supply voltage increases and the field. It should be noted that copper wire is many times cheaper nikodimovich magnets, and the lifetime is very high. Electrical damage to cause him to be almost unreal, and mechanical. The latter - except that by careless handling during repair.


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The Stator winding

diagram of the generator VAZ 2108

The Generator VAZ 2108 has a pretty massive stator winding because it uses wire of large cross-section. With the help of the generation of electricity. The wire is wound uniformly over the entire inner surface of the stator in a specially provided for this purpose recesses in the magnetic core. We should also talk about the latter. The middle part, the stator, consists of a set of thin metal plates, firmly pressed against each other. Often outside they boil, to avoid separation.

In fact, of course, the stator winding of the automotive alternator is composed of three equal parts. The reason is a special way of generating electricity is to get the required three-phase alternating voltage, which is subsequently straightened. But this process will be discussed below. In other words, the stator of the automotive alternator is very similar to the same element of the asynchronous engine. Even the connection of the windings is made in the scheme. The connection of the generator VAZ 2108, or rather, its windings, is according to the scheme “star”.

Cover and bearings

connect generator VAZ 2108

In the front and rear lids that are attached to the stator housing, there are bearings. They are necessary to ensure the normal operation of the generator. With their help, the rotor freely rotates, but the most important is the alignment is strictly along the axis of rotation. Consequently, the magnetic circuit of the rotor touches the stator windings during operation. The cover is made of light metal - aluminum, which performs several functions.

First, the aluminum absorbs and gives off heat. And the generator VAZ 2108 gets very hot during operation. Secondly, aluminium has a low weight that allows you to facilitate the entire structure. In addition, the generator at the front, mounted the impeller. During rotation of the rotor it produces a stream of air which enters the housing of the mechanism. This causes additional cooling.


replacing the generator VAZ 2108

For a drive used a belt of the generator VAZ 2108. It should be noted that this model car was produced only with petrol injection system, so the strap on it was mounted a wedge. On newer cars the ninth and tenth of the family, the fuel system where the injector type, put a slightly different belt. It is more like the one driven by the timing mechanism, but instead of teeth on the inner side he streams.

Bridge Rectifier

VAZ 2108 voltage generator

With the help of this device converts the AC voltage to DC. After all, you know that a car has a plus and a minus. And some might even say that the generator VAZ 2108 produces 12 Volts. However, immediately there is someone who can clarify a bit by mentioning that on some cars in the vehicle electrical system 24 Volts. But on the eights, of course, only 12, that is enough. So, in the on-Board network plus and minus, and the output winding of the generator three phase. What do you do?

For this purpose and is used the rectifier. It consists of three pairs of semiconductor diodes. It turns out that two diodes rectify each phase coming from the stator windings. And the output of this device after the transformation, we obtain a constant voltage. Also, the oscillator circuit 2108 includes a capacitor, which produces a cutoff of all alternating current remaining after block of the rectifier. But here's the problem in the other depending on what frequency of rotation of the rotor, there is also a change of the output voltage. How to get rid of it?

Voltage Regulator

belt of the generator VAZ 2108

The Problem posed, it needs to be addressed. And to make it easy, if just to stabilize the voltage which is supplied to the rotor winding of the generator. The thing is that now, no matter what the voltage is at the output of a pair of power sources - generator and battery to the field winding (rotor) is only stable. On cars VAZ 2108 voltage of the generator is about 12,5-13,8 Volt. Consequently, the magnetic field is always the same, regardless of the frequency of rotation of the rotor. And if so, then the stator winding voltage will also be stable.

How to remove the generator

To replace the generator VAZ 2108 took place as quickly as possible, you will need to have a penetrating lubricant. The reason for its necessity lies in the lower mount. The bolt is in the sump of the engine. Unfortunately, not always the car has a splash shield. And even if he is, the moisture and dust will enter the threaded connection. So it should handle plenty of penetrating lubricant, then allow to stand for at least half an hour. This time is sufficient to cause the disintegration of all rust and dirt on the thread.

If you haven't played generator, and better of the same lubricant to handle and top nut. After a little training twisting with the upper stud nut completely. By means of a cap and cap wrench Unscrew the lower bolt. Preferably to the underside of the vehicle so much easier to be. It is possible that the bolt is tight starting out. In order to take him out, you'll need to use the bolt or pin slightly smaller diameter. Note that all these works should be carried out with disconnected battery. All the wires that held the connection of the generator VAZ 2108 is also required to disconnect.

How to install the new generator

setup generator for VAZ 2108

The Installation of a new generator in the reverse sequence. Look closely at the condition of the bottom bolt. If it has damaged threads, it is better to replace it. You also will be easier to subsequently carry out repairs on the generator. Special attention when you install give the belt tension. If he is stretched enough, then your battery will not charge. But if as much to tension the belt, there will be a destruction of the bearing in the front cover. In the end, you will get a nasty whistle when the engine is running. And the reason is the appearance of the backlash in the bearing. The installation of the generator VAZ 2108 should be chosen so as to avoid even the slightest distortions.


In conclusion, I would like to mention that the only timely service will ensure normal and stable operation of the generator set. Replace the voltage regulator, which on the eights combined into a single node with brushes, you need time. It is not necessary to wait for the moment when lost the power rotor windings due to the complete destruction of the brushes. Only under these conditions, the generator VAZ 2108 not let you down and will always give a normal for battery charging.


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