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“brand” applies to cars 2nd class (budget model). Initially it was produced in a Soviet factory, but later the bulk began to roll off the production line the same, but Ukrainian ZAZ. Exclusive first instance was “parent” for a huge number of different models and their modifications, which were United in a giant series.

ZAZ Tavria 1102

You can easily remember about 40 different cars. It is worth noting that they were very popular among domestic customers. The end of the large-scale release took place in 2007.

History development ZAZ “Tavria-1102”

The Development of a new (at the time) car “brand” began due to the need to replace the 966 Zaporozhets model. To the 70-th years were created two versions of the car available as a sedan and hatchback. But the approval was obtained only after 10 years. After the release of a large batch of the user has changed the task of this machine. It was agreed that the model should have similarity with the leader of European sales (we are talking about “Ford Fiesta”). Experienced designer working at the plant in Zaporozhye, once said that the American “child” has nothing similar to advertising. If bright posters and the videos made of the "Fiesta" perfect machine, in reality it failed to meet many of the stated characteristics. So to bypass it technically was not much complex and time consuming process.

The Soviet car industry is constantly demanded from the manufacturer to improve the “brand”, putting her increasingly difficult tasks and goals. The first production model, dispersed throughout the Union, was the instance, released in November 1987.

Technical characteristics of ZAZ-1102

“brand” has a hatchback with 3 doors. Passengers fit 5 people. Vehicle weight is just over 1100 kg. Length-3700 mm, width-1550 mm, height-1400 mm.

fix ZAZ 1102

Engines have a volume of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 liters. Power is 53, 58 and 63 HP, respectively. The maximum acceleration (speed) – 145, 158 and 165 km/h depending on the unit. To dial 100 km/h from the place it is possible for 15-16 seconds.


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Detailed description car design

  • The Door in the rear of the machine is equipped with a special lock that is installed inside.
  • Grease, or rather its system has the combined type.
  • Ventilation system of the crankcase is closed, and passes through the carburetor and the air cleaner Assembly.
  • Carburetor, mounted on the ZAZ-1102, has emulsion type.
  • The cooling System is the radiator and it turns on automatically when needed. The exact location – cover.
  • Ignition – betaleucine. The candles have the same length screw-in part 18 mm.
  • System of release of gases from the car (muffler) tuned by the manufacturer.
  • The Clutch is of the dry type.
  • Drivetrain – mechanical.
  • Brakes are of different types. Parking – manual type, rear-drum and front – disc.

The figure below shows the schematic of the ZAZ-1102 (we are talking about electrical wiring).

The Lineup “brand”

The Car ZAZ 110240 was started in 1991. Production continued until 1997. In this model, the trunk has advanced amounts. There is a passenger side sofa. Unlike sedan, these instances differ in the capacity. Second time the car rolled off the Assembly line in 1999. Its predecessor ZAZ-1102 already far behind in the development of this model. The new version differed installed engine. Planned large-scale production of sanitary modification, however, desirable not consummated.

ZAZ 1102

Commercial model “brand” was named ZAZ-110260. Passengers were not, except for the seat next to the driver. The car is able to withstand loads up to 300 kg.

The Next interesting model-ZAZ-110260-30. In the roof of this modification it was possible to find small hole for the antenna. The car had a distinctive feature-the presence of auto power-on low speed fan. Bumper installed special plugs.


“turned” went off the Assembly line from 1999 to 2011. It belongs to the category “B”. Installed body type liftbek. The engines, which were equipped with data models 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 l (carbureted), as well as 1.2 and 1.3 l (fuel injected). Development “Slavuta”, which is associated with the ZAZ-1102, began due to the fact that “Given” did not answer modern requirements of drivers, due to which did not use special demand. Almost six months later, petrol engine 1.1 l was replaced by the analogue of 1.2 L. A in 2002, the market showed the most expensive model over the entire period of issue – a car with a fuel-injected engine in the 1.3 l However, the latter option does not fit for sale because of the hardness of environmental regulations. In January 2011 the plant ceased production of “Slavuta”.

diagram ZAZ 1102

The Body has 5 doors, it is made of metal material, has a closed and bearing type. The rear window opens together with the tailgate. Vehicle weight is 800 lbs. tank capacity – 38 L.

The Engines, which were set to «Lada», was developed and produced at Melitopol factory. All units are designed for a 4 cylinder. The exhaust pipe is at the rear of the left. Ignition (ZAZ-1102 is equipped with a similar system) has batereanu the structure and the contactless voltage of 12 Volts.


The Assembly of the car began in 1994. Last copy rolled off the Assembly line in 2010. “Given” – winner of the 5-door body, which has significant differences from the original model. Although it is built on the ZAZ-1102, but the view more than the new car has an original and organic design.

features ZAZ 1102

As standard, the vehicle is able to carry loads up to 200 kg with five passengers in the cabin. With the engine, which was mounted on the model, it was possible to get acquainted, leading to the original “brand”. Originally, “Dan” has planned to equip the unit with a capacity of 60 horsepower, which was calculated on 5 thousand rpm, but due to some reasons in the mass-production car with this engine has not been received.

The Car belongs to the class “B”. It has all-wheel drive. Transmission – mechanical engine – carburetor.


This car is a modification of the original model “Given”. Any buyer could custom set soft or hard-top (optional), which easily makes van trucking in the car. Compartment in which is placed all the Luggage, separated from the driver and passenger seats due to common partition with glass. The release of the "Pickup", which is based on ZAZ “Tavria-1102", began in 1992 and lasted until 2014.

Units that are installed on the machine, had different characteristics with regards to size, from 1.1 to 1.3 L.

ignition ZAZ 1102

Most of the detail was borrowed from “This”. They differ among themselves rear bumper lights the same part of the machine, the window in the partition (in the newer version it appeared grille). "Pickup" received the updated side mirrors and awning, which can be installed on the grating of the cargo Bay and suspension. Fix the model, and repair of ZAZ-1102, will not require a lot of time, effort and money. So this car is enough demand.


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