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Russia is a country where people love the military genre, and it's understandable - we were attacked and each time emerged victorious. So why not take about this is a military movie? Russia is bound to see it throughout the country. And, the year 2013 was no exception. After all, our cinema is world famous for their interesting work. Here the world-famous “They fought for the Motherland” and “go To fight some "old"” where “old” is a 20-year-old boys. These films for many years, but they continue to watch different generations of people. Of the latter, more modern, everyone loved the two parts of the tape «Back to the future”, where the main characters were in the past. This is a great war movie! Russia the whole country watched it in theaters.

“Death to spies”. Shock wave

2013 has pleased us a good series. One of them is “Death to spies”. The plot is based on the fact that the Germans in the Soviet rear, was sent spies to steal very important documents. Of course, our need to prevent it. But the portfolio still lost, and fighters do not have much time to get it back. Only the heroic deeds of our boys save the Motherland!

The Film is very addictive, time watching the flies, as the military series - almost favourite genre of Russians. Moreover, the atmosphere here at a high level.

Their roles perfectly executed Alexander Pashutin, Alexey Serebryakov and Nikita Tyunin.

“to Kill Stalin”

We can not say about another good series 2013 - “to Kill Stalin». From the title you can guess what will be discussed. At the beginning of the great Patriotic war is “correspondence confrontation" of the two reconnaissance systems, Soviet and German. The main goal of the Nazis - the death of Stalin. Adolf Hitler personally created this plan, because I was sure that the death of the leader beheaded the Soviet Union. But our fighters will prevent this!


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An Excellent acting job in the film did Mikhail Porechenkov and Alexander Domogarov.


If we take the past year, he is primarily remembered for the work of Fyodor Bondarchuk «Stalingrad».

military movie Russian

Japan. Our time. The team of EMERCOM of Russia carries out the operation to rescue several people remaining under the rubble of a building that collapsed in the earthquake. In order to distract the poor, elderly Russian squad tells the story of his life. And it is this.

The Stalingrad. 1942. The main plot line revolves around the defence of a dwelling house, standing in the way of German troops. To delay for some time the advance of the enemy forces, the house sent the scouts, where they can expect a surprise: the house is still inhabited. More precisely, one girl and was buried there, in the yard, her family and neighbors. Further action of the movie takes place on this small area, bounded two or three houses and the courtyards between them.

Against the background of military action, we observe relationships that develop between soldiers and the only survivor girl Katya.

war movie Russia 2013

In Parallel, we show the enemy camp, located not far from where lingers our razvedgruppa. In the role of antagonist to our scouts acts as the gallant Colonel of the Wehrmacht, studded with awards and enjoying a special honor from the high command of the German troops. Set before him the task to destroy the house to clear the way for the infantry.

New technology

But let us leave aside the plot and refer to the fact that allows us to include this film not only to the category of “Military movie (Russia)" n and submit it to the list of "Military action’.

This refers to shooting in IMAX-3D. We will not go into technical details, let's just say that it's much better than just 3D. To name just a few films shot in this format and you litter. Is the global leader in rental 2011 “Avatar” and“the Hobbit: an Unexpected journey” - leader in rental 2012. On the scale of the work done now you can judge for yourself.

movie war movies Russian

Many people believe that this is the way to do movie. Russia in 2013 is different than 30 or 40 years ago. Now, in order to convey to people the idea of love, the idea of patriotism, you need more than a good script or a good Director.


Russia can be proud of its military movie. In the article presented only some examples. If you dig deeper, it becomes clear how the Russians love war movies. Our three examples - a sure proof!

Our country has a huge potential of this category movie: “war movies". Russia just needs to be famous for such works!

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