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In the literature the authors often uses the technique of antithesis. It consists of contrasting characters as bearers of certain ideas and life philosophies. Often a writer or a poet thus refers to a world view, gently hinting to the reader for their sympathy in relation to a particular character.

Antagonists and protagonists

Modern writers often adhere to a common format, under which every positive character (the protagonist) is a negative mirror reflection in the face of the antagonist. This simplification makes the work more accessible understanding of the General reader, but the schematization has a significant flaw: absolutely nasty or pleasant in all respects people in life are extremely rare, but if you look carefully, then never again. Much more difficult, and therefore more interesting is the case in the novel of I. A. Goncharov. Comparison of Oblomov and Stoltz at first glance, leads to the unequivocal rejection of useless contemplative idleness, but as the opening images all the more encourages the reader to think about the fate and personality of the two characters. And it turns out that things are not so simple.

Oblomov and Stoltz comparison

Stoltz as the representative of progressive capitalism

As is clear by the name, Andrew Stolz was born into a family of Russified Germans. Pointing to it, Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov expressed the common opinion (common, incidentally, to this day) that the role of media technical, philosophical and other progress in our country is played by foreigners, and from Europe.

Oblomov comparison Stolz and Oblomov

Previously, in Russia the Germans called all, regardless of nationality, visitors from the West. But it is clear that the ancestors of the Andrew come from German lands. About his mother, almost nothing is known, except that she was a Russian noblewoman. Since childhood, boys have a different life. Oblomov and Stolz brought up differently. The father of the German tends to grow a decent shift. He wants his son was like him. This is a normal desire of almost all of the fathers, nothing surprising there. He suggests that success is achieved by work. This important principle of life (known, incidentally, not only the Germans) forces you to be tough and demanding. The father just loves his son, he teaches him everything I know. This is commendable, such parent could serve as a universal example, but the fact is that there are objects for the attainment of which the textbooks are not written. And here there are two antipode, Oblomov and Stolz. Comparison of active and lazy German Russian – a favorite topic for jokes, and in both countries. We like to be ironic about its own stupidity, and in Germany, happy to focus on the positive traits of the national character.


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A Comparison of Stolz and Oblomov would not be objective, if not to take into account peculiarities of children's education of the two boys. If Andrew's father constantly kept in suspense and was taught all the things that could, Ilya, by contrast, spent his early years in blissful relaxation. This fact alone deals a serious blow to the theory of a special German efficiency, so our respected “Westerners" of all ages. It is possible that the genetic nature and would have taken the upper hand, but a high probability that, after receiving such education, and he would have grown a quitter. The desire for activity is produced in the problematic conditions, it is known to every psychologist. Therefore, the wise teacher, even in conditions of a cloudless childhood creates a “training” a conflict situation with the aim of developing a strong character among representatives of the younger generation. If everything is fine, that efforts be made to anything, and the will atrophies. Nevertheless, Ilya Ilyich Oblomov also have good traits. He is kind and in his own wise, he is alien to vanity and pride, he has a very clear understanding of their place in life, the correct self-assessment.

comparison of Oblomov and Stolz


There are many oddities in our lives. An illustration of this idea in the novel Goncharova can serve as friendship Stolz and Oblomov. Opposites attract in the physical phenomena and circumstances. Each of the characters of the narrative looking for in your companion something that is lacking to him. Implicitly Ilya Ilyich something I would like to be like Andrei Ivanovich, though not all. And Stoltz cute romantic sentimentality (by the way, one of the German national traits) of his companion. Realist, afraid to dream and think like a straight line, and specifically, often lack the imagination to achieve true success. Besides, succeeding in business, achieving high social status, some people catch themselves thinking that happiness was never found. And it is in the meaning of everyone's life. And happy calving? Compare Stolz and Oblomov suggests that each of the characters have big problems in life, which they themselves don't even think about it.

friendship Stolz and Oblomov


A Man is known when he faced a serious problem. Completely different respond to changes in life circumstances Oblomov and Stolz. Comparison of the behavioral manners of the two companions allows to estimate the degree of paternal care shown by the German Ivan (Johann?) in relation to the son during his upbringing. In the adolescent years the young man received a lot of useful knowledge about the world. But, for all their consistency, they were rather a set of options selectable from the Arsenal like the housekeeper finds the desired key in the bundle. In the age of the events described above, perhaps this approach is justified, because Stoltz has managed to become a successful businessman and succeed. Besides interesting and the nature of relations that were tied Oblomov and Stolz. Their friendship since childhood was based on the recognition of the headship of Andrew.

Oblomov and Stolz feature

As for Oblomov, the algorithm of his behavior was to minimize worry and anxiety. He never wanted to teach, but to learn anything he wanted. As an educated man, he doubted the usefulness of knowledge, believing that when the way of life they him to anything.

Women are heroes

Lying on the couch, it is hard to enjoy success with the ladies. This statement is hardly subject to doubt, but fate gave him a chance and Ilya Ilyich, whose favorite pastime was exactly it. Olga Ilinskaya, young and beautiful, despite the many absurdities of conduct Oblomov (and maybe thanks to them, who understands the female soul?) fell in love with the hapless hero. Young Charmer and liked Andrei Ivanovich, who at first did not attach importance to this rivalry, but he felt its reality, could turn the tide in their favor. Comparison of Oblomov and Stoltz in the context of human decency will not be in favor of the latter, but in love as in war all means are good. So, at least, I think Europeans, especially the French. The hesitation of Ivan Ilyich, as usual, worked against him. Oblomov found happiness with another woman, probably to a greater extent suitable to him, Agatha Pshenitsyna, though not as bright as Olga, but quiet and caring.

the life of Oblomov and Stolz

The Difference and similarity

There is a strong opinion that in the face of Oblomov, I. A. Goncharov denounces the shameful brand of laziness, inertia and the inertia of the Russian nobility. If you follow this logic, then the image of Stolz embodies the progressive aspirations of the emerging national capital (after all, in the end, he, despite the German name, was also a Russian man). However, it appears that Goncharov wanted to tell his novel something more, and he did it. Not such antipodes was Oblomov and Stolz. The characteristic given by Ilya Ilyich "high time” very acrid and apt. He didn't want to sit at the card table, chatting about nothing, to be interested in what all. He was inclined to a contemplative attitude to the world and not stupid. The similarity to Oblomov and Stolz is a desire both to sleep. Just a dream the first one is quite specific, the physical, and the second-moral. Ilya Ilyich realizes the destructiveness of his defect, tells his friend about it, acknowledging his own powerlessness in the struggle with laziness. Andrei Ivanovich of self-criticism is not capable.

Where Oblomov to go?

And the different Oblomov and Stolz? The comparison seems obvious. One always lies, the other in constant motion. Oblomov does not want to even hear the claims of creditors, he wants to write a plan the reconstruction of your own estate, has come into the decline, but each time falls asleep, and do not start this lesson. Stoltz is constantly on the road, mostly overseas. He calls to the same friend, hoping that the atmosphere of distant countries will awaken in that life activity. Ilya Ilyich was not in a hurry to go somewhere, and in his native country well, especially at a time when his personal life starts to change. By the way, the two friends no longer young, they are thirty (for example, “old” Karenina Tolstoy was less than 50 years). May properly not wanted bummer ...

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