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Today we talk about the movie “the Town”. Actors and roles are presented next. We are talking about a crime drama Ben Affleck. The film is based on the novel “Prince of thieves” Chuck Hogan. The painting was first shown in 2010 at the Venice film festival. American critics have been kind to the tape. This is evidenced by the high rating on the movie website Rotten Tomatoes. The film received the award of the Board of review. Jeremy Renner was nominated for “Oscar”.


First, let's discuss the plot of the film “the Town”. The actors will be presented next. The picture tells the story of four friends, including Doug macray, James Coughlin, albert, Magloan and Desmond Elden. They grew up in Charlestown - one of the crime areas of Boston. Heroes create a gang, which controls the Fergus Colm, a local mafia boss. Bandits, robbing the Cambridge Bank, grab a Claire keesey – Manager. Outside the city, letting her go. From a driver's license, selected by girls, Jam finds out that she lives in the same area. It offers an Arc to follow her.

city of thieves actors

Basic members

Doug macray and James Coughlin – the main characters of the film “the Town”. Actors Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner played these roles. Let's talk more about embodied their characters. Doug McRae — ice hockey player who participated in the NHL team. He failed to settle down in the team because of the nature of the conflict. Began to abuse alcohol and drugs. Realizing the hopelessness of the chosen path, the hero is freed from pernicious passions. However, the chance to become a professional athlete, was missed. As a result, he became a robber and led a band.


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the actors of the movie city of thievesJames Coughlin served for the murder of a nine-year term. It is about tomorrow and not think about squandering the loot in bars, brothels and casinos. He “shoot first, then evaluates”. The hero realizes that at some point his luck will run out, but more in prison, he did not sit down.

Rebecca Hall played Claire keesey. This character is a Bank Manager, a young girl from a good family. She's in her district cares about children and works with them. In addition, a girl in a public garden, tending the plants.

Other characters

Albert Magloan and Desmond Elden – two of the characters of the film “the Town”. Actors George Carroll and Owen Burke performed these roles. Let's talk more about embodied their characters. city of thieves actors and rolesAlbert Magloan - the most experienced driver. He knows the structure of the car and a few seconds can steal practically any car.

Desmond Elden – a young Bank robber. He is a specialist in the field of telecommunications. This man of few words and serious. He is a full member of the group, despite their age.

Jon Hamm embodied the image of the FBI special agent Adam Frawley. This character - a tough and experienced professional. This person does not intend anyone to give. He may have on the informants, the physical effects of pressing on the weaknesses of the suspects and remains indifferent to the circumstances in which he was his ward.

Actors of the movie “the Town” Blake lively and Chris Cooper played the role of Krista Coughlin, and Steven. I must mention two heroes. Dino ciampa and Fergus Colm also appeared in the film “the Town”. Actors Titus Welliver and P. postlethwait performed these roles.

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